Trailer and Poster of Angelica starring Jena Malone, Janet McTeer, and Ed Stoppard

I’ve just spotted this new full-length trailer of Angelica, the upcoming drama horror thriller movie directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein and starring Jena Malone, Janet McTeer, and Ed Stoppard:


From Mitchell Lichtenstein

Plot synopsis:
“In Victorian England, innocent shopgirl Constance (Jena Malone) falls in love with Dr. Joseph Barton (Ed Stoppard), a medical researcher. They soon marry, but their intense passion is cut short. After the life-threatening birth of daughter Angelica, puritanical doctors order abstinence, condemning Constance for lascivious appetites. Sexual repression opens a rift between the young couple. Frustration leads to obsession and Constance becomes more and more protective of Angelica. Joseph’s secrets fuel the growing conflicts. Then, late at night, the household begins to be disrupted by what appears to be a paranormal predator. The eerie nocturnal visits multiply, evermore menacing and vividly evoking Constance’s deepest fears. With the help of staunch maid Nora, Constance reaches out to a spiritualist to cleanse the home of its terrors. But the arrival of charismatic Anne Montague (Janet McTeer) brings even more complexities to the deteriorating Barton household. Constance places her deepest trust in Anne, and, together, they fight against a force that may be more sinisterly human than supernatural…”

Hysteria or evil force at work? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

There’s also a new poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


A Gothic tale of sex, love, and madness.

And a few pictures from the film:

(Click on a picture to enlarge.)

The film is directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein (who helmed the horror movie Teeth).

There’s no official release date yet.

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