Trailer and Poster of Hostile starring Brittany Ashworth

Hostile Film - Brittany AshworthNot only there’s a new US trailer for Hostile, the latest post-apocalyptic horror drama movie written and directed by Mathieu Turi:


Alone. Preyed on. Unprotected.

Plot synopsis:
“A worldwide epidemic has killed most of the planet’s population. The few survivors struggle to find food and shelter. But they are not alone…On her way back from a scavenging mission, Juliette (Brittany Ashworth) has a terrible accident. Stuck in her car, with a broken leg, in the middle of an unforgiving desert, she must survive the perils of the post-apocalypse, while a strange creature prowls around…”

But there’s also a new poster, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Hostile New Film Poster

She may have survived the apocalypse but don’t think she’s lucky… This nightmarish post-apocalyptic world is indeed filled with deadly monsters…

The US release date of the movie Hostile is set to September 4, 2018 (on VOD, Digital HD, and DVD).

Stay tuned for updates.

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