Trailer and Poster of Jamie Marks is Dead

Check out the official trailer of Jamie Marks is Dead, the upcoming fantasy horror drama movie written and directed by Carter Smith:

In life no one really knew him.

In death they would never forget him.

How far would you go to be remembered?

“In a wintry small town, the body of a teenager named Jamie Marks (Noah Silver) is found by the river. Adam (Cameron Monaghan), the star of his cross-country team, becomes fascinated with Jamie —a boy nobody really knew or interacted with, except occasionally to bully him. When Jamie’s ghost begins to appear both to Adam and Gracie (Morgan Saylor), the classmate who discovered the body, Adam is caught between two worlds. He has a budding romance with Gracie, but he also feels a deep connection to Jamie, who brings him closer to the world of the undead.”

Looks like a really creepy story… I must admit that am a bit scared, not sure I want to see it… Unfortunately my wife is fond of those horror movies…

Anyway, there’s also a brand new poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

The film is starring Cameron Monaghan, Noah Silver, Morgan Saylor, Madisen Beaty,Judy Greer and Liv Tyler.

The release date of Jamie Marks is Dead is set to August 29, 2014.

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