Trailer and Poster of The Beach Bum

The Beach Bum 2019There’s a brand new trailer for The Beach Bum, the upcoming comedy movie starring Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Zac Efron, Jimmy Buffett, Martin Lawrence and Jonah Hill:

Plot synopsis:
“The film follows the outrageous misadventures of Moondog (Matthew McConaughey), a rebellious burnout who only knows how to live life by his own rules.”

There’s also a new poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

The Beach Bum New Film Poster

You gotta go low to get high.

The new comedy from Harmony Korine.

Well, a colorful poster for a colorful character!

Release date: March 29, 2019 (in theaters).

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