Trailer Green Hornet

Green Hornet movieYou may watch below a new international trailer of the Green Hornet:

Green Hornet Trailer

Let’s focus on the good points: Jay Chou doesn’t look bad as Kato, Cameron Diaz looks as sweet as usual, and the Green Hornet car is awesome! But Seth Rogen in the lead role is such a let down…

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  1. deshawn

    Stop with the Rogen bashing! he’s doing great and he’s even said that this was just o get normal people in and that it’s a serious action film most the time.honestly! green hornets a f list superhero the poor mans batman and hasn’t been popular sine his old tv show which has been forgotten and lives on a tiny bit with Bruce Lee fans. Maybe Seth Rogen can give hornet some actual real success whether you like it or not he’s the only one who can actually make this crappy hero cool.

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