Trailer of Closet Monster starring Connor Jessup

We’ve got our hands on a new extended trailer of Closet Monster, the upcoming drama movie starring Connor Jessup, Aaron Abrams, Joanne Kelly, Aliocha Schneider, Sofia Banzhaf, Jack Fulton, Mary Walsh, and Isabella Rossellini:

Plot synopsis:
“A fresh take on the coming-of-age story, this surreal tale follows the artistically driven Oscar (Connor Jessup) hovering on the brink of adulthood. Struggling to find his place in the world after a rough childhood and haunted by images of a tragic incident, Oscar dreams of escaping his small town. After he meets a mysterious and attractive new co-worker, Oscar follows the guidance of his pet hamster Buffy (voiced by Isabella Rossellini) and faces his demons to find the life he wants.”

Life can be tough at times, but it gets better, or so I heard…

Anyway, great film ahead!

The release date of the movie Closet Monster is set to August 19, 2016.

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