Trailer of Drive Hard starring John Cusack

Here’s the trailer of Drive Hard, an upcoming action comedy movie written and directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring John Cusack and Thomas Jane:

An ex-racer turned instructor is about to commit a crime, a crime he didn’t want to commit.

The problem with robbing a bank is everyone wants a piece of the action

Hold tight and get ready for one hell of a ride!

“American thief, Simon Keller (John Cusack), arrives in a foreign country in need of a getaway driver. Rather than recruit one from the underworld, he takes a driving lesson from ex F-1 champion, Peter Roberts (Thomas Jane), now working as a driving instructor. After Keller robs a bank during the lesson, Roberts has no choice, but to use his driving talent to get away from pursuing police and mobsters”

Well it does look like a funny movie. And since it’s starring John Cusack, one can but give it a try!

The film should be released sometime in 2014.

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