Trailer of Hellion starring Aaron Paul

Thanks to IFC Films we may watch the official trailer of Hellion, an upcoming drama movie written and directed by Kat Candler and starring Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis, and Josh Wiggins:

“Aaron Paul (from the TV series Breaking Bad) stars in this riveting drama about a family under siege. Hard-drinking Texas single dad Hollis (Aaron Paul) struggles to raise his two boys, including rebellious teenager Jacob (Josh Wiggins). Seething with anger, Jacob finds release in the high-risk, white-knuckle world of motocross—but his increasingly reckless behavior threatens to spin out of control. Academy Award nominee Juliette Lewis co-stars in this thrilling saga of fathers and sons that builds towards a heart-stopping climax, all set to an electrifying heavy metal soundtrack.”

Well I do see some good acting here, but am just not hooked by the plot…

Anyway, what do you think of Aaron Paul’s performance in the movie Hellion? Are you impatient to see the film? Share your thoughts below!

The release date of Hellion is set to June 13, 2014.

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