Trailer of I Am Here starring Kim Basinger

Let’s watch the first official trailer of I Am Here, the upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Anders Morgenthaler and starring Kim Basinger, Peter Stormare, Jordan Prentice, and Sebastian Schipper:

“Maria, a successful business executive, is struggling to fulfill her greatest wish of all: to bring a child to the world. After suffering yet another miscarriage, a doctor informs Maria that she’s too old to carry a child and her whole world comes crashing down. Devastated and unable to accept her fate, Maria sets out on a desperate and perilous quest to realize her dream of motherhood.”

I doubt the story will end well for this woman… Instead of going mad and embarking on a desperate journey, she should let it go and become a cougar: a young stallion could indeed be the solution to make her dream come true, lol!

The film has yet to get an official release date.

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