Trailer of Nightingale starring David Oyelowo

Check out the official trailer of Nightingale, the upcoming drama movie from the Cable network HBO

“A provocative drama that probes the darkest corners of a disturbed mind, as a war veteran begins to unravel thread by thread. This searing story of solitude and isolation offers a poignant look at how life has failed one man.”

Well, I guess I am curious to see more, it does look quite crazy after all, but am not sure I will like this film… And you?

The film is directed by Elliott Lester and is starring David Oyelowo (who played the role of Martin Luther King Jr. in the movie “Selma”.

The release date of Nightingale is set to May 29, 2015 (on HBO).

One Response - “Trailer of Nightingale starring David Oyelowo”

  1. Tony hill

    In the movie nightingale did he kill his mother or how did his mother die??