Trailer of Reclaim starring John Cusack, Ryan Phillippe, and Rachelle Lefevre

Let’s watch the official trailer of Reclaim, the upcoming thriller drama movie directed by Alan White and starring Ryan Phillippe, Rachelle Lefevre, John Cusack, Briana Roy, Veronica Faye Foo, Luis Guzman, and Jacki Weaver:


More than a vacation. more than a coincidence.
More than a crime.
More than they ever imagined!

“After their newly adopted daughter goes missing in a small town, Steven (Ryan Phillippe) and Shannon (Rachelle Lefevre) will stop at nothing to uncover the truth behind her disappearance and the dangerous secret behind the adoption agency they trusted. Risking their own lives, they will discover just what being a parent means and how far they will go to get their child back.”

Actor John Cusack makes for a convincing villain (love his black cap!). But Ryan Phillippe and and Rachelle Lefevre don’t really look like a couple ready for adoption… Anyway, willing to give the film a try.

The release date of Reclaim is set to September 19, 2014.

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