Trailer of Street Dance 2

StreetDance 2 MovieLet’s watch this new movie trailer of StreetDance 2, the movie sequel to StreetDance 3D, the European copy-cat of Step Up:

Street Dance 2 Trailer


To beat the world’s best crew,
he must get the world’s best dancers.

London 2 Rome
Ibiza 2 Berlin
Amsterdam 2 Paris

Experience the hottest event of 2012!

“Street dancer Ash is humiliated by the American crew Invincible when they laugh him off the stage at a competition. Vowing revenge, he sets about tracking down the best dancers from around the world, for the ultimate global dance off. In the process he finds sexy Salsa dancer Eva and finds he is interested in more than her fancy footwork.”

What’s your favorite Dance movie franchise: Step Up or Street Dance? Anyway, don’t forget to dance with your heart!

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