Trailer of The Devil Inside

Devil Inside MovieThe Devil Inside is an upcoming supernatural horror movie directed and co-written by William Brent Bell. It’s a documentary-style film about a woman who becomes involved in a series of exorcisms during her quest to determine what happened to her mother, a woman who murdered three people as a result of being possessed by a demon. Here’s the official red band trailer of The Devil Inside:

“On October 30, 1989, Maria Rossi (Suzan Crowley) committed 3 murders during an exorcism performed on her. She has since been in a psychiatric hospital in the Holy Church in Rome.
In 2009, twenty years later, her daughter Isabelle (Fernanda Andrade) and a film crew try to find a pastor/scientist to help Maria. Isabelle starts to question whether she herself will one day be possessed. Maria’s possession proves to be unlike anything in the history of Christianity. It goes horribly wrong, and the only piece of evidence is the footage caught by the film crew.”

Don’t mess with the devil or he will mess with you for sure!

The Devil Inside will hit theaters on January 6, 2012.

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  1. xino

    they would rather make movies about devil and demons, but when it comes to God and Jesus is a no.
    I hope this is evident enough that this world is controlled by evil people working for the devil and Jesus is real.