Trailer of The Lady starring Michelle Yeoh

There’s a brand new international trailer for The Lady, the upcoming drama biopic directed by French Filmmaker Luc Besson:

The Lady Trailer

“The film focuses on pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi who sacrificed her happiness and that of her family for a higher cause in her struggle against a dangerously hostile oppressive military regime, during which she was placed under house arrest in Burma for over a decade for her non-violent battle for human rights. Her husband Michael Aris, diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer, was unable to enter the country despite pleas from UN secretary general and Pope John Paul II, and by the time Suu Kyi was released he had passed away, the two having been unable to see each other for the last three years of his life. Despite this tragedy, Suu Kyi has continued to fight for democracy in her country and still does so in the present day.”

It’s an incredible love story against the background of political turmoil in Burma aka Myanmar.

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