Trailer of The Thinning starring Logan Paul and Peyton List

The Thinning Movie October 2016There’s a new full-length trailer for The Thinning, the upcoming science-fiction thriller movie directed by Michael J. Gallagher based on a script he co-wrote with Steve Greene and starring Logan Paul and Peyton List:


A nation drained of natural resources.
The only option: decrease the population size.
A single standardized est determines who survives.
Students who fail will be eliminated.

Plot synopsis:
โ€œThe film takes place in a dying world where population control is dictated by an aptitude test in high school. When two students (Logan Paul and Peyton List) discover the test is all smoke and mirrors hiding a larger conspiracy, they must go against the system to expose it and take it down. Stars Paul and List have a combined total of over 38 million social media followers.โ€

I’d rather live (or die) in the world of The Thinning than live in the world of of Idiocracy… And you?

Anyway, there’s also a new poster, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


Only the smartest will survive.

Release date: October 12, 2016.

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