Trailer of Tulip Fever starring Alicia Vikander, Dane DeHaan, and Christoph Waltz

Tulip Fever 2017Check out this new red-band trailer of Tulip Fever, the upcoming period drama movie directed by Justin Chadwick:

Plot synopsis:
“In 17th Century Amsterdam, an orphaned girl (Alicia Vikander) is forcibly married to a rich and powerful merchant (Christoph Waltz) – an unhappy “arrangement” that saves her from poverty. After her husband commissions a portrait, she begins a passionate affair with the painter (Dane DeHaan), a struggling young artist. Seeking to escape the merchant’s ever-reaching grasp, the lovers risk everything and enter the frenzied tulip bulb market, with the hope that the right bulb will make a fortune and buy their freedom.”

Back in the day they had tulips, nowadays we have cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum… Anyway, this movie isn’t about tulips, it’s about two people lustfully crazy in love ready to do anything to be together…

Release date: September 1, 2017.

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