Trailer Predators

Predators MovieYou may watch below the real trailer of Predators the upcoming Predator sequel directed by Nimrod Antal and produced by Robert Rodriguez:

Predators Trailer


Those Predators want to torment earthlings again so they abduct a few. But those earthlings are determined to survive, they won’t be an easy game, and may even become the real hunters. The Predators shall recognize Mankind’s superiority!

2 Responses - “Trailer Predators”

  1. dutch

    oh my dear god! that is so horrible! This is AvP:R all over again, utter crap!

  2. Danish

    I agree 110%. The first time i saw this trailer I lowered my head in a numbed form of disappointment and couldn’t stop shaking. I almost tossed my room to bring back some sort of feeling. AvP:R^2. Does anybody actually read these scripts? Lawrence fishburne and Brody signed up for this crap? Are they really having that much of a tough time looking for work?

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