Transformers 2 Clip

Transformers 2 Movie - Transformers Revenge of the Fallen with Shia Labeouf and Megan FoxDirector Michael Bay is sharing with us the Transformers 2 clip shown at Showest. So quite good Transformers 2 footage in it, enjoy:


Once again I shall ask God to bless Michael Bay! God knows this Transformers movie Sequel looks awesome. This clip of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen just makes my day, actually, I can even tell the clip makes my week-end!!

3 Responses - “Transformers 2 Clip”

  1. ChaosLacky

    Cool! Maybe Bumble Bee’ll get his voice back sooner or later. Though who are the fallen?

  2. tnt92

    I am so sick for this movie… haven’t been this way in a long long time. I agree with the previous person, God bless Michael Bay… You Rock Michael : ) Transformers 1 has to be the best movie of all time… See you at the Imax folks… The fallen are listed on the IMDB website, I think alot of the transformers are returning… They’re transformers, they can be fixed…

  3. Debby Ann

    This wonderful stellar video is what brought me here. Bumblebee was so emotional and the Fallen was joking around. The point is that I have com here to see this video to feel refreshed and empowered. I feel something each time, a sooting feeling that last a while. You know that you’ve gotten away with this video being on the web this long without Mr. Bay being aware of it. I’ve loved the first movie, and will soon see the next movie of Transformers. This video is Soo Special, you have No Idea. You should be proud of it and have it as a reminder of the true meaning of Transformers. :)