Transformers 5 in 2016

We already knew Paramount was planning to develop Transformers 5, a sequel to Transformers 4 Age of Extinction. It was initially slated for a 2017 release. But now it sounds like the studio execs want to speed things up, Paramount indeed announced at a Cinema convention in Europe that they’re actually eyeing a release in 2016 for Transformers 5.

Transformers 5 Movie Trailer

That’s till two years ahead of us, but hey, better than having to wait three years, nope?

Since the dinobots have been introduced in the fourth film, I hope the fith film will introduce the Mini-Cons (a race of small, roughly human-sized Transformers capable of combining with a larger Transformer to impart extra abilities or greatly increase their strength).

Anyway, who do you think will be the villain this time around? Do you think Director Michael Bay will stay on board? Share your thoughts below!

23 Responses - “Transformers 5 in 2016”

  1. Milly

    Bring back Shia L. .. him and Bubblebee are the best team ever

  2. jennifer

    if they bring it sam back that would be good

  3. Nithyananthan

    I want Optimus full team back

  4. Clyde

    You should bring back Devastator and make the Dinobots into combiners, They would look so awesome if they were combiners, and you should add a Brachiosaurus, and he should be called
    Ironback, and if you could, pls bring back the Twins (Skids & Mudflap), Jazz, & Ironhide. i think Jazz died a little too soon. :(.

  5. Clyde

    Jennifer, i agree, the normal sam would be Better

  6. Rob

    I miss the badass ironhide! If sentinal had not have shot him in the back he would have kicked his ass! And said class dismissed Sentinal punk! Lol… And since they can make them now they should bring them all back.

  7. Leticia

    I want back Rachet, Sam, all the first team and the two litle autobots…

  8. Vjay

    I Want Alive Optimus Prime…

  9. David Hood

    Rachet ironhide dead, sideswipe vanished, sam gone, no megan fox, and a foggy optimus: they can keep it…

  10. Allan Ramos

    I want Shia and Megan back and exciting for Dwayne Johnson is Gotta joining the transformers film Franchise. because I like he character in the G.I Joe he gonna be amazing in the transformers film franchise

  11. eric sanders

    i love transformers i seen four transformers movies im happy to see the fifth transformers movie im a big fan but when they debut ultra magnus then unitron if paramount will do the final chapter of the sixth or seventh transformers movies because i want megan fox to come back as mikaela banes with new autobots and new decepticons transformers lives not dies long lives the transformers forever

  12. Cristen

    I want back Optimus prime,Skid,Mudflap,Ratchet,BummbleBee,Iorn Hide,Sideswipe,Crosshairs,Autobot Drift,Hound,Jazz,Jetfire and the dinobots all in the 5th movie,And Shila Lablouf,and Megan Fox

  13. Cristen

    Man bring back every single autobot from G1 into the 5th movie

  14. Glenn

    I want see a lot more combiner teams. The airealbots form Superion,
    The stunticons form Menasaur,
    The combaticons form Bruticus,
    The technobots form Computron,
    The Seacons form Piranacon,
    The Horrorcons form Monstrous,
    The Protectibots form Defensor,
    The predacons form Predaking,
    Then of course the return of Devastator back on line again.
    Introduce Ultra Magnus and Omega Supreme.
    Tryptacon and Metroplex the HUGE city-sized transformers!
    And of course UNICRON has the new main villain.
    But this should be done has trilogy. The planet-sized Unicron is much TOO big a character to be handled over and done with in just one movie. He’s a bigger status icon characterof the whole Transformer than Thanos is to the Marvel Universe.

  15. Cristen

    How about if there was something called the spark that when used by a prime it can summon any transformer no matter who it is and then when Optimus uses it he can bring back his whole team,what do ya’ll think?

  16. Cristen

    Put in Unicron,Because if you put him in the movie it would look beast to see Optimus Prime to battle him.

  17. Cristen

    How about For Optimus primes battle with the creators he uses ninja fighting skills like Autobot Drift does.

  18. cristen

    Make optimus say to galvitron IT ENDS NOW!

  19. cristen

    I love the transformers! Bring on the fifth film!

  20. Jatan Maan

    Please I want Optimus Prime full team

  21. Cristen

    Put in predaking

  22. cristen

    Put in every single robot from every generation in the new movie.

  23. cristen

    Put in the allspark again