Transformers The Fallen

Here a picture of the Fallen, the one who’s hell-bent on revenge in Transformers 2 aka Transformers Revenge of The Fallen:

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The Fallen - Transformers 2 Movie

One may recognize the glowing red eyes from the previous Transformers 2 movie poster:

The Fallen movie Poster

The Fallen is one of the thirteen original Transformers. Both Transformers and Decepticons are afraid of his incredible power. Are they going to join forces to defeat this dangerous robotic relic?

A few shots from the movie sets of Transformers have leaked online thourgh LiningUpTV. The scene would take place in a museum, where the Fallen would have been hidden for centuries inside some Antic construct before being inadvertently awaken:

And for the kid that’s still in you, here a shot of the toy:

The fallen Toy

We had a glimpse of the Fallen in the latest Transformers 2 movie trailer:

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The Fallen

How are they going to get rid of such a robotic abomination? Shall know by going to your theater starting June 24, 2009 to enjoy Transformers 2!

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