Trolls Movie Logo, Voice Cast and Characters

Update – By the way, Trolls 2 is under works!

Not only the logo of Trolls, the upcoming animated movie adaptation by Dreamworks Animation, has been unveiled:

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Trolls Movie Logo

Plot synopsis:
“DreamWorks Animation’s TROLLS is an irreverent comedy extravaganza with incredible music! From the genius creators of SHREK, TROLLS stars Anna Kendrick as Poppy, the optimistic leader of the Trolls, and her polar opposite, Branch, played by Justin Timberlake. Together, this unlikely pair of Trolls must embark on an adventure that takes them far beyond the only world they’ve ever known.”

But the voice cast of Trolls and its main characters have been also been revealed, take a look below:

– Anna Kendrick is Poppy:

Anna Kendrick in Trollspoppy

Princess Poppy is a relentlessly upbeat, if slightly naĂŻve, Troll who inherits her crown on the very day her people face the first challenge that can’t be solved with a song or a hug.

– Justin Timberlake is Branch:

Justin timberlake in Trollsbranch

Branch is a drably colored, grumpy survivalist Troll, extremely cynical about the over-the-top positive philosophy that defines the rest of his kind.

– Russell brand is Creek:

Russell Brand in Trollscreek

Creek is the uber Troll – a perpetually positive, supportive attitude with a Zen-like personality that makes him beloved by all.

– Gwen Stefani is DJ Suki:

Gwen Stefani in Trollsdj

DJ Suki lays down the beats of all impromptu musical moments. If the lives of Trolls are a constant party, she provides the soundtrack.

– James Corden is Biggie:

James Corden in Trollsbiggie

The biggest Troll with an even bigger heart, Biggie has a pet worm named Mr. Dinkles and takes him everywhere, usually dressed in adorable outfits.

-Ron Funches is Cooper:

Ron Funches in Trollscooper

Cooper is a rare, fuzzy giraffe-like Troll creature with a permanent smile plastered on his face. He may be a little strange, but what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in enthusiasm.

– Kunal Nayyar is Guy Diamond:

Kunal Nayyar in Trollsguy_diamond

Guy Diamond is the resident naked glitter Troll – with heaps of body confidence. He’s a party on two feet!

– ICONA POP are Satin & Chenille:

Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt in Trolls

Satin and Chenille are twin Trolls (joined at the hair) who are experts on all things fashion, from haute couture runways to the latest street style.

– Glozell is Grandma Rosiepuff:

GloZell voices Grandma Rosiepuff in trollsgrandma_rosiepuff

– Med DeAngelis is Moxie:

Meg DeAngelis voices Moxie in Trollsmoxie

The movie Trolls is directed by Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn based on a script by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. It will hit theaters on November 4, 2016.

The Trolls

Update – A list of all the characters and their profiles:


POPPY is our lead, a relentlessly upbeat — if slightly naive — Troll whose father King Peppy saved his subjects from the Troll-hungry Bergens. As she and her group of nine friends, the Snack Pack, face their biggest challenge ever, Poppy is faced for the first time in her life with a problem that apparently can’t be solved with a song, a dance and a hug.
But after some hilarious attempts at saving the day, Poppy discovers that being true to yourself is always the best answer.
Fun facts:
– Loves to sing
– Eternally optimistic
– Befriends all manner of little critters
– Hugs her friends every hour, on the hour
– Cherishes scrapbooking and crafting invitations
– Knows everything sounds better with a cowbell
– Brings everyone together, Troll or otherwise


BRANCH is the over-cautious paranoid survivalist in Troll Village, who lives in fear of invasion from the Bergens. The only Troll in the village who doesn’t sing, dance or hug, Branch lives a disgruntled existence, constantly trying to prepare for the worst. He’s constantly flummoxed by the over-the-top positivity of the other Trolls — is he the only sane one in this crowd of exuberantly happy Trolls?
Over the course of the film, Branch will be challenged to embrace his inner Troll, even if it includes a dreaded burst of singing and dancing. Will he learn to find inner happiness with Poppy at his side?
Fun facts:
– Always prepared
– Practical
– On the lookout for danger
– Overly cautious
– Determined
– NOT a fan of Hug Time

Hero Trolls Creek

CREEK is the most positive, supportive, reassuring Troll in all of Troll Village, approaching everything with Zen like wisdom. He’s calm, collected and capable.
Fun facts:
– Always knows what to say to cheer up others
– His freckles are made of glitter
– When he sings, other Trolls listen
– Somehow always manages to steal the spotlight & be the center of attention

But being beloved by everyone sometimes has its drawbacks, and literally lands Creek in hot water.

Hero Trolls Dj

DJ SUKI can always be counted on to lay down some beats for an impromptu musical moment — of which there are many in Troll Village.
Her DJ equipment is all natural, consisting of crickets, beetles and other little bugs that she scratches and mixes with to create a totally unique sound.
Fun facts:
– Troll Town’s resident mash-up expert
– Wears headphones made of yarn
– Drops a needle-scratch noise during awkward moments
– Her playlist is always upbeat and up-tempo

Hero Trolls Biggie

BIGGIE is the biggest member of the Snack Pack, with the biggest heart. Underneath his imposing exterior he’s actually a huge softie, constantly bursting into tears at touching moments, or even at the sight of a particularly picturesque sunset.
He carries around a pet worm named Mr. Dinkles with him everywhere he goes, and occasionally dresses Mr. Dinkles up in adorable little outfits for impromptu photo shoots.
Fun facts:
Unafraid to cry happy tears
Big advocate of the short vest/no shirt look
Loves to dress up Mr. Dinkles in adorable little outfits for the photo shoots and/or flash mob dances
Favorite snack: the cupcakes Mr. Dinkles makes after drinking happy tears

Hero Trolls Cooper

COOPER is a rarity in Troll Village: a fuzzy giraffe-like Troll creature, with a goofy grin plastered permanently on his face.
He’s the strangest member of the Snack Pack, but whatever he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in enthusiasm.
Fun facts:
– Crazy dance moves
– Wicked harmonica skills
– Always upbeat
– Full coat of Troll hair makes him especially magical

Hero Trolls Guy

GUY DIAMOND is our resident “naked glitter Troll,” with heaps of body confidence and a unique idea of personal space. He is a party on two feet.
Fun facts:
– Popular, but not pompous
– Shakes off clouds of glitter when he dances
– Speaks in an auto-tune voice
– Is the living disco ball at any party

Hero Trolls Satin & Chenille

SATIN AND CHENILLE, or “The Fashion Twins,” are the most fashion-forward members of the Snack Pack, and their fashion knowledge is extensive, covering everything from haute couture runways to the latest street fashions. They’re also conjoined twins—connected in a loop by their brightly colored hair!
Satin and Chenille are instrumental in putting together all of Poppy’s various dresses and outfits.
Fun facts:
– Satin is the pink one; Chenille’s the blue one
– They’re total BFFFs — Best Fashion Friends Forever
– Four hands means quick costume changes during big Troll Town events
– These conjoined twins are all about independence: They never, ever wear the same outfit at the same time!

Hero Trolls King Peppy

KING PEPPY, as the brave leader of the Trolls, led his people on a torch-lit escape to freedom from Bergen Town. His heroism and valor were the stuff of Troll legend. Quick with inspirational words of wisdom, King Peppy ushered in a new era of happiness and security in Troll Village. Now it’s 20 years later, and King Peppy has become a grandfatherly elder statesman to the Trolls.
A tad dottier and forgetful than he was as a young man, King Peppy brings some unintentional humor to the Trolls, but is still beloved by everyone in Troll Village, and his legacy lives on in his daughter Poppy.
Fun facts:
– ​Led the great Troll escape from the Bergens 20 years ago
– Never leaves a Troll behind
– King Peppy’s a bit absent-minded — but if he ever misplaces anything, it’s usually stuck in his hair!
– King Peppy won’t let anything stop him from protecting his trolls… not even his underwear

Hero Trolls Grandma

Grandma Rosiepuff keeps young trolls safe so they can learn to let their true colors shine!
Fun facts:
– Possibly the most patient troll ever
– Surprisingly strong and fast from chasing after crawling troll babies
– Her soothing songs can lull even the fussiest troll into a calming nap

Hero Trolls Moxie

Moxie busts a move at any troll dance and always leaves the crowd chanting: “Moxie rocks!”
Fun facts:
– Invented the dance craze known as the Razzle Dazzle
– Frequently participates in dance-offs with Guy Diamond
– Performs interpretive dances to Cybil’s spoken word poetry

Hero Trolls Mandy

MANDY SPARKLEDUST is the maker troll who designs and repairs all of Troll Town’s treasures – including the Hug Time friendship bracelets.
Fun facts:
– Mandy comes from a long line of troll artisans, learning the trade from her mom, Tandy Stardust, and her grandma, Candy Stardust
– Mandy’s special ingredient? The magic Hug Time blooms come from the magical troll hair she uses to weave each and every friendship bracelet.
– Mandy grooms that magical hair for the Hug Time bracelets from a breed of special troll llamas who are related to Cooper on his mother’s side!

Hero Trolls Aspen

From an early age, ASPEN HEITZ has lived up to his name by climbing to the highest peaks of the trees throughout Troll Town.
Always on the move, he’s often spotted skitterboarding through the foliage – unless he’s taking a break for hug time!
Fun facts:
– Close friends with all of the caterbugs who live on top of trees
– Knows the fastest tree-chute shortcuts around Troll Town
– Invented the skitterboard trick known as “the double rainbow”

Hero Trolls Fuzzbert

FUZZBERT, an enigma wrapped in a riddle, he is a Troll that’s made entirely of hair — only his two feet are visible beneath a tuft of bright green Troll hair.
He communicates with the other Trolls using guttural noises (which they all seem to be able to understand just fine.)
Fun facts:
– Really hard to hear under all of that hair
– Hair shakes when Fuzzbert laughs
– Nicknamed “Twinkle Toes” when dancing
– Uses entire body to tickle other Trolls

Hero Trolls Smidge

SMIDGE is a teeny-tiny Troll with a shockingly deep baritone voice. Her hobbies include: weightlifting, listening to heavy metal, and crocheting.
Fun facts:
– Little body with a big, deep voice
– Incredibly disciplined when it comes to fitness and nutrition
– Likes to fit in a quick workout during any dance number
– Jumps rope with her own long hair

The Bergens

Hero Bergens Prince

PRINCE GRISTLE is the surly twenty-something King of the Bergen Monsters. He inherited the crown at a young age when his father was dethroned by his angry subjects. (His royal screw up: allowing everyone’s favorite delicacy — Trolls — to escape Bergen town.)
Mortified by his father’s blunder and desperate to make his subjects love him, Prince Gristle vows to put Trolls back on the menu, and bring happiness back to Bergen Town.
Fun facts:
– ​Actually pretty good at busting rhymes
– Roller-skating is his secret talent
– His idea of a fancy date is going to Bergentown’s premier all-you-can-eat pizza buffet
Will never sit down to a meal without a freshly-pressed bib

Hero Bergens Kingsr

KING GRISTLE SR. has dual responsibilities: leading the fickle, easily distracted Bergens and raising his only son, Gristle Junior, whose primary mission in life is to get his first taste of a Troll.
Fun facts:
– ​Old King Gristle still holds the Bergen Town record for most orange soda swallowed in one sitting — 27 liters!

Hero Bergens Bridget

BRIDGET is the sweetest, most kind-hearted Bergen in all of Bergen Town. Bridget is the dishwasher and scullery maid to Chef, who is in charge of capturing and preparing the Trolls for the great Trollstice Feast. She’s sensitive and soft-spoken —a rarity amongst the Bergens. She speaks so quietly and delicately that it’s almost like there’s a little angel sleeping on her tongue. Through a song (a heartfelt rendition of “Hello” by Lionel Richie), we find out that Bridget has a secret crush on the Bergen King (Prince Gristle), but she lacks the confidence to speak out, since she is kept firmly under the thumb of her mean-spirited and overbearing boss, Chef.
However, when Bridget meets Poppy and the Snack Pack, they hatch a plan to give Bridget the confidence she needs to act like a total babe, so she can catch the eye of the King.
Fun facts:
– ​Believes in herself, but unsure how to communicate that to others
– Treats everyone with respect, even if she doesn’t get any
– Secretly romantic
– Wants to find happiness in a way that’s different from other Bergens

Hero Bergens Chef

CHEF never was the same after the Trolls escaped Bergen Town. She had it all: a sterling reputation, throngs of admirers, and a coveted spot in the Royal Kitchen. But everything she had built crumbled in an instant the day the Trolls fled in tunnels under the Troll Tree. Chef was utterly humiliated. Now, after 20 years spent wandering the forest in exile, Chef hears something in the distance… A celebration!
Could it be the thing she’s been vowing to find all these years? Will Chef finally discover the Trolls’ hiding spot, and put Troll Cuisine back on the menu in Bergen Town?
Fun facts:
– ​Impatient and gruff
– Loves to whack underlings with her ladle
– Has many Troll recipes, like Troll-loaf and Egg-Trolls
– Secretly holds the power in Bergentown


Cloudguy, a really relax cloud (voiced by Walt Dohrn).


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    I loved the movie my favourites are Poppy and Guy Diamand. Please make another movie soon!

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    I love this movie especially the songs/music.

    I love Justin’s version of True Colors. I cried when he was singing it. It was magical I felt the 80s were back in my life. Thank you Justin! And for the record, I named my son after you and not after Bieber.

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