Tron 3 Movie

Tron Legacy Sequel - Tron 3 MovieThe way Tron Legacy ended, it’s clear that Disney wanted to leave the door open for a sequel. Besides the film performed quite well in theaters, cashing in $331 million worldwide for a production budget estimated at $170 million. So I’m not so surprised to hear about the movie Tron 3 is likely under way. Well, still nothing official yet, but according to the online rumor, we may expect the upcoming DVD of Tron Legacy to feature a first teaser trailer of Tron 3.

Tron 3 Trailer

Descriptions of three scenes from the teaser of Tron 3 have also emerged via AICN:
– a first scene would involve Bruce Boxleitner as Alan and Dan Shor as Ram
– a second scene with Quora (Olivia Wilde) who’s cornered by the press
– and another scene with only text screens, involving the Dilingers, father and son

I previously heard that Cillian Murphy did sign up to reprise his role as Edward Dillinger in a sequel to Tron Legacy.

Well, can’t wait to see this first trailer of Tron 3 the sequel to Tron Legacy.

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  1. Javier G.Castillo

    We’d like to see more movies. Bring on Tron 3!