Twilight 2 Photos

More photos of Twilight, aka New Moon, the twilight movie sequel directed by Chris Weitz, have popped up:

New Moon Movie

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Edward the vampire and Bella - Twilight 2

Jacob Black Naked in New Moon Dr Carlisle helping Bella Swan

I wouldn’t dare to bug Taylor Lautner who plays the role of Jacob Black the werewolf: he’s just a teenager but he could knock me out with just a blow! He really worked a lot to keep his role in the movie Twilight 2 aka New Moon, impressive!


5 Responses - “Twilight 2 Photos”

  1. joyce

    i thought bella and laurant were in the meadow and when he attacks bella the wolves come out, not when they’re at that house he jumps the fence and turns into the wolf

  2. dena

    you rock Edward and you’re hot.
    will you marry me?

  3. jenny

    JOYCE : they where in meadow and five wolves turn up not just jacob!

    i hope this isn’t a let down either!

  4. fks

    when Jacob phases in front of Bella it’s when he’s about to get it wit Paul. he doesn’t phase when they’re outside his cribor wen laurant’s there. at least that’s not how it is in the book. i have a feeling they f**ked around wit it alot and i think that they’re gonna switch the scene up from where the pack first meets up with jacob and bella in that one place by the woods to near jacob’s house.

  5. Asty Latuconsina

    i love edward and bella… when they are talking each other…