Twilight 2 Twilight New Moon Sequel Is In The Air

Twilight 2 aka Twilight New Moon

The movie Twilight, adapted from Stephenie Meyer’s novel of the same name, is not yet out in theaters that Summit Entertainment, the production company behind the Twilight movie, is anticipating a sequel according to Deadline Hollywood Daily (here)! We may suppose that this Twilight movie sequel would follow New Moon the second book of the Twilight series. Check the second book at:

–> New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2))

I bet most Twilighters are glad to hear about this sequel.

The expectations will be as high as for the first movie: better for Summit Entertainment to deliver something fans may like otherwise Twilight fans will bear an eternal grudge against the production company… But I think Stephenie Meyer will oversee any sequel and is a guaranty of Twilightesque quality!


Much more details about the movie new moon at:

–> New Moon Trailer


What title would be the best for this Twilight sequel according to you? Twilight New Moon or more simply Twilight 2?

182 Responses - “Twilight 2 Twilight New Moon Sequel Is In The Air”

  1. Amanda

    i totally think that the new one should be called just new moon then a side not of it being twilights sequel. i cant wait for it.

    New moon the anticipated sequel to twilight

  2. Jamie

    I agree…simply New Moon. Just because that’s the way the books are titled and so the movie titles should match. It could be advertised as a sequel to Twilight but not titled as such!

  3. Miranda21

    Why would they call it Twilight 2? Silly people. They are probably doing it for less eccentric fans. I agree just New Moon. The way Stephenie titled it :)

  4. Andrea Isabella

    i want it to be New Moon !! its way better than twilight 2.. it sounds childish in a way to even ask.. not saying it in a mean way=]
    anywayz thats a nice title… just like Eclipse should be Eclipse… and Breaking Dawn should be Breaking Dawn!

  5. Amanda

    I am sooo excited for twilight!!! I think the 2nd should def. be called New Moon!!!! That is the way it has gotta BE! Us fans wouldnt have any other way!

  6. Katie

    guys they cant name it that cuz a movie already has that title which is really dumb…i totally agree that it sould b calld newmoon!!!

  7. alicia

    A SEQUEL!! Awesome! For the title, it should be called New moon but since i’m french canadian i don’t really care: the first movie’s name is Twilight: la fascination (or the fascination) so I bet the second one will be Twilight: la tentation (or the temptation). Anyway… no matter what will be the title, the movie’s gonna be a great hit (according to the internet, it already is).

    I can’t wait til november 21th!!!!!

  8. kim

    they have to call it new moon
    you think there will be a movie for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn?

  9. Genna

    what about the possibility of composing new moon and eclipse into the same film, just in an effort to make a better movie because many twilight fans LOVE Edward, and not having him in much of the film could possibly hurt it. so why not put both of them together one SICKK movie?

  10. sydney

    omg new moon and eclipse wouldnt be able to go together. that simply cannot happen. thats so lame, like seriously. dont even say that, ever again… i just might have to punch a wall.

  11. brianna

    they should definitely just call the second movie, new moon.
    it wouldnt make sense to call it twilight 2 and then have it based on the book new moon. i cant wait for twilight to come outtt! :].

    p.s. new moon and eclipse can not and will not go together.
    its not possible. theyd lose a lot of viewers that way.

  12. Samantha

    I think it should be called New Moon.

  13. Samantha

    Or Twilight 2 New Moon.

  14. Jacqui85

    New Moon of course! We didnt call the Harry Potter movies 123 and 4. Because they all bear different names.

  15. Abbey

    I agree. It should definitely be New Moon. New Moon is a completely different story than Twilight, with events that change the course of the whole storyline. It doesn’t make sense to call it Twilight 2 when it’s a story of its own…Plus, Stephenie named it New Moon, not Twilight 2, so it just makes sense to follow her path. :]

  16. rilla

    i just hope you make it and as for a name new moon please

  17. cierra

    The second movie should definitely be called New Moon, no doubt about it!

  18. laura

    i thought that most be named new moon just like the book because it have the scence

  19. Sarah

    I think they shood call it New Moon and then put twilight 2 in fine print

  20. stacy

    i totally think they should call it new moon like the books because it would be much much better then just twilight 2!

  21. CIM

    so long as they make the second movie asap I will be happy

  22. zhazha

    I agree with combining New Moon and Eclipse… New Moon is short and depressing, I mean don’t get me wrong, I adore Jacob, but honestly cannot wait for another 2 years to complete watching the SAGA! They could call it NEW ECLIPSE!

  23. ChooChoo

    uhm, Its probably going to be called Twilight: New Moon?

  24. kitty

    I saw twilight yesterday and I’m really hoping that they go with the books and call it new moon I mean fans will know it’s the sequel to twilight

    I can’t wait to hear more on it!

  25. Emilia

    I think they should either just call it New Moon because all twilighters know the books. So by just calling it new moon it still has its originality. And those who’ve seen twilight will know that new moon is a sequel because all they need to put on the previews is like …last year the lion fell in love with the lamb but this year everything changes. that way people know it is the sequel in case they didn’t get the memo earlier. plus i think it should open in theaters on November 21st, 2009. like a reunion type thing. same for eclipse (Nov. 21st, 2010) and Breaking Dawn (Nov. 21st, 2011)

  26. Allison

    I think it should definitely think it should be call just New Moon, because if you want to see the movie you should know what it is a sequel to.

  27. Lauren

    I think it should just be called New Moon it would make more sense. Also that’s the order it’s supposed to go in. By the way when is new moon supposed to come out?

  28. Kindra

    I believe New Moon and Eclipse should be joined to form a better movie. Maybe something like New Moon in Eclipse.

  29. Amanda

    I agree that it should be called New Moon. I believe that anyone who has not read the book should not be allowed to watch the movie, same goes for the future movie. If you have read New moon, then you won’t have to worry about not knowing that New Moon (the movie) is, no doubt, the sequel to Twilight. Plus, it was Stephenie’s brilliant and creative mind who brought us this enchanting series. Why can’t we leave it the way she intended it to be?

  30. alivia

    i think that the next movie should be called New Moon but advertised as the sequel to Twilight. i also think that putting New Moon and Eclispe together is i dont know. i am kind of on the fence about that becasue New Moon wouldnt have that much of Edward in it, But then again there is alot of detail in these books that need to be seen in the movies. i just hope they come out with the movie for all of them including Midnight Sun.

  31. ursala s

    oh my gosh people! you’re crazy! you can’t put NEW MOON and ECLIPSE together! no disrespect to all of you that think that they think they should be together but in new moon Edward and Bella learn very important things, Edward learns that he can’t stay away from Bella the love of his existence! and Bella learned that Edward was more than the man she was in love with, but that Edward is her. he completes her in sooo many ways and she can never live without him! ever! plus Jacob the sexy werewolf is in new moon! its his time to shine people!
    oooh and you have to name it NEW MOON, its like against the TWILIGHT law that you change the name! its just not possible! stay with just NEW MOON!

  32. Teaser Trailer

    Hi there,

    Robert Pattinson is playing the role of the surrealist painter Dali in –> his new movie Little Ashes.

    Have you ever thought that Robert Pattinson could actually be gay? Even his Twilight character Edward could be gay actually: he spent 107 years as a virgin and the tension between him and Jacob is suspicious, almost the closet kind of tension…

  33. ursala s

    Robert Pattinson is not gay, I wont believe it even if he tells me in person!

  34. Alex

    I love twilight!

  35. mj

    I think you’re all are crazy. new moon is not eclipse keep it new moon the only bad part about new moon is that there’s hardly any Edward in it and he like leaves Bella. But I’m mad because I saw a clip of new moon and Jacob and Bella were making that is not in the book! But I kind of feel bad for Jacob because he likes Bella but she doesn’t like him back only as a friend. but Jacob would be a better match because he’s human well most of the time and Edward is a vampire and he’s going to hell and Bella still choose hell over heaven Edward over god which is the bad part so I kind of want her to like Jacob but I still want her to like Edward this is so frustrating.

  36. jxy

    What a movie and a book series, i can’t ask for more!!!!!
    the best….whoooh….churva

  37. luminita

    The books are very very good… I love it…
    I’m waiting the movie… I hope it will be the same… Like the first one… a good one…

  38. Jacob Coomer

    Twilight was an incredible movie. I had never read the books before i saw the movie (mistake) but now i’m going to read them all! I can’t wait for the next movie.

  39. Annie

    Of course it should be New Moon – that’s the title of Book 2. While I loved the books and Twilight, I am waiting with bated breath for Eclipse to come out – that’s my favorite.

    I want to see those hot boys fight for Bella’s love. Its just a shame that she chooses Edward so quickly. I knew she would, but geeeezzz, Jacob’s character fights so hard and finally gets her to admit she loves them both – and his love is a much more manly, “I want you now” kind of love as opposed to a “let’s wait” kind of love. I’m sorry she passed up holy hotness for the pretty boy.

    Don’t get me wrong – I do find Edward incredibly sexy, he was just a little more metrosexual kiind of way than the base Jacob.

  40. Crysta

    What title would be the best for this Twilight sequel according to you? Twilight New Moon or more simply Twilight 2?

    To simply answer this…. NEW MOOON DUH. That’s what the book is called why change it? We didn’t call Return of the kind LOR 3 did we… NO

    Movie title should be New Moon, then the next Eclipse, then Breaking dawn *Which I hope is about 3 hours long and doesn’t skip out on anything!*

  41. Beth

    I also Agree. Why would people do that and change the book? It’s just not right. I hope that it’s that long or longer because it wouldn’t take anything out of the book. But we have to wait until 2011 to see the next one! That’s going to suck to wait that long!

  42. Ayerim

    I think that you should call it Twilight New Moon because it is the sequel of Twilight part one so you should show that its part two.

  43. mariah

    The first one was the BEST MOVIE EVER! I can’t wait till the second one NEW MOON!

  44. Nicole

    I honestly thought Twilight was the best book ever written, until I read New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. I can’t wait for New Moon to come out and I think it should be called New Moon, not Twilight 2. I wish almost everyday for the love that Bella and Edward has. I read the books and they send chills down my spine. Stephanie out did herself. I only hope that the other movies will be just a good and up tp story as Twilight the movie.

  45. Viviana

    i hope they call it Twilight 2: New moon

  46. kelcy

    omg. this book made me cry! (new moon) it was so sad. me and my friends read every night! omg I can’t wait till the movie! OMG!

  47. lucy

    I loved the movie Twilight. It was fantastic. I am now reading the third book and I hope they will come out for a movie with that book (Eclipse). I am very excited to see the new movie

  48. lucy

    That book made me cry too.

  49. Lindsey

    I hope they call new moon. new moon that book was off the hook.

  50. Kim

    Can someone pleasee tell me why Edward leaves Bella? I don’t have any time to run to the bookstore and get the book

  51. Kim

    Because he’s afraid he’ll hurt her

  52. Lauren

    New Moon all the way, why change the name of such a great sequel and make it something less.

  53. veronica

    Already pre-booked my twilight tickets and can’t wait for new Moon. Stephenie Meyer is such a legend, and just an interesting fact: Rob Pattinson doesn’t wash his hair! Well… only sometimes anyway.

  54. Zuri

    I’m a real big romantic and twilight delivered that romance you thirst for and I have read the sequel and can not wait for it.

  55. Ordinary Teenager

    I think the next ‘Twilight’ sequel should be titled “Twilight 2:New Moon” since all movies have the same first title sequel with a number added. But I won’t be dissapointed if the 2nd ‘Twilight’ sequel will have a different title. But I would diffinetly be dissapointed if Catherine Hardwicke won’t be directing the sequel.
    Yeah, I’m really excited for the next ‘Twilight’ sequel. One more thing(:D), I would be REALLY,REALLY,REALLY happy if they would film the movie in 2009 not 2010. :D:D:D

  56. Novella

    I just really hope they make a movie for each book and take the time to do it justice.

  57. Elaine

    i liked breaking dawn but im pissed that jasper and alice left the culen family. what happened to them anyway?

  58. LIZZY

    I think they should leave it called new moon! I’m so sicked for the next movie I wish the movies will come out already! omg i think when all 4 books are over they should make a TV show thing that plays regularly!
    please let me know how that idea sound I haven’t read eclipse or breaking dawn yet! I mean yet! so i don’t know how stupid it sounds but someone give there opinion that has read all of them, preferably some one who’s read up to breaking down.

  59. Alyssa

    I love the twilight seriously they are so good to read that I’m reading them for the third time and the last breaking dawn is my favorite of them all.

  60. jennifer

    I think she should write the 5th book! & should follow her books, as “new moon”.

  61. Ordinary Teenager

    Then again, maybe it should be titled “Twilight:New Moon”. :D

  62. Ordinary Teenager

    Oh, & It would be nice if they filmed ‘New Moon’ & ‘Eclipse’ in 2009. ‘ Because I went to ‘Edward Cullen’ on Wikipedia & it said Robert Pattinson signed for ‘New Moon’ & ‘Eclipse’.

  63. Lindzey Wheeler

    I Think it should be called Twilight 2 New Moon. A lot of people just went to see the movie and didnt read the books so they wont know that book 2 is called new moon and wont see the point in calling it that, but it should be in the title since it is the name of the book.

    I hope New moon and the others come out soon. I am really looking forwarad to them!!!!

    I <3 twilight

  64. zai

    twilight 2 : NEW MOON would i think get a catchy feely to many people becoz not people read novels but many of them watched twilight and they are expecting for a sequel having the same artists!

  65. aly

    I think new moon is the title for it! and idk bout the 2nd one and 3rd one being together. Because Bella learns a lot in new moon and so does Edward. So why not leave it the way it is made right? but love twilight Bella is amazing and very pretty!

  66. jessica

    omg I love twilight I love Edward he is so hot but I think you should call the movie twilight new moon. But it doesn’t really matter just as long as you do the second twilight! I don’t care: I love it!

  67. Leslie

    I think Twilight is the best because its romantic and scary! Edward is so hot in the movie. I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON

  68. Anonna_Miss

    New Moon. Nuff said.

  69. erie

    I loved the movie it was so intense, but at parts it got kinda boring… I still loved it!

  70. makaila

    Hey, I love twilight and new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn. I can’t live without the face of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) running through my head. I love it love it, love it, I can’t live without it.

  71. makaila

    I love twilight so much I’m crazy about it and Edward.

  72. Nancy

    I really don’t care what they call it. I just hope it’s as good as the first one. so love TWILIGHT! ;)

  73. azy

    i am enchanted with twilight saga i love it

  74. azy

    i want to now when new moon comes to the cinemas?????

  75. Abbey

    Of course it should be called new moon it wouldn’t make any sense to call it twilight 2, why change the name? My opinion for
    Ive read these books numerous times and i dont get tired of them.
    All the times ive read new moon ive cried. The twilight series are great books hopefully all of them will be made into movies.
    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart they are great actors/actress but, I imagine them diffrent in the books because the books have much more detail than the movie. After seeing the twilight movie i wasnt dissapointed because it was the best movie ive ever seen.

  76. jess n her twilight fran fans

    why change the name? that is retarded because people who have actually read the book would be like wtf it’s already called new moon.
    Yeah i think so too. but people are so eager for new moon they’ll put it out earlier and it won’t be as good. ditto. It should just be called new moon. twilight was good. It really annoys me when people say twilight was amazing when they didn’t read the book!

  77. Sarah

    I definitely think it should be called new moon. They wanna base it off of the book so why not start out with the real title.
    I am so exited for new moon. It’s a shame Catherine Hardwicke can’t do it but as long as new moon is gonna be on the big screen, that’s fine with me.
    I also hope that they do eclipse and breaking dawn. Breaking Dawn was my personal favorite so we’ll just have to see if it ever gets to that time.
    Whoever is a true fan will agree with me! The twilight saga is the best thing ever made!!! :) <3

  78. twilight girl

    hey, my favorite character is Nessie Cullen.

  79. nick

    they should call it Twilight 2 The New Moon

  80. Sarah

    Awh! I love nessie! She sounds so cute! :)

  81. Roxy

    I love you Robert Pattinson you are a great actor!

  82. Nostalgic

    All the characters done there job brilliantly, the main cast was excellent, the director did what she can, I hope they do the second part much interesting than the first one. Best of luck.
    And I suggest to the sequel according to the movie: they should use twilight 2 New moon, as many of peoples from different countries have not read the book saga.

  83. charlotte

    i cant wait for the second film to come out I don’t read the book but the film is the best film I’ve seen for ages and Edward is gorgeous!

  84. Johnnie

    I Loved the movie bella has a sexy body like my girlfriend

  85. alex

    I don’t know how they are planning to shoot breaking dawn,
    I mean there are so many sex scenes and the way they make Nessie out is way to exaggerated for a normal human child to portray in a movie.
    and I think Kristen Stewart is a terrible actor, she only has one facial expression and it’s always depressed.
    on the other hand Robert it’s always gorgeous but in some scenes looks totally retarded lol.

  86. derick

    Awesome film! As for the next one I’ve never read the books but why would you call it new moon? As the guy said they didn’t name Harry Potter 1, 2, 3 ok yes they didn’t but they did keep the Harry Potter part so keep the twilight part and just add new moon because people like me, who don’t know the series, would get confused about it being related to twilight and might not want to watch as much as I would of had it had the name Twilight: New Moon. . .

  87. Jessica

    They so need to recast Jacob, personally, he does not fit the bill of him, and he looks kind of Hawaiian, which is really weird. He doesn’t even look like an American Indian! And Alice was perfect! so right! Beautiful and spunky! Keep everybody in the movie but Jacob Black, please recast!

  88. dominique

    i think the sequel should be titled Twilight 2:New Moon and maybe they should combine eclipse and new moon because maybe it would be better cause not seeing edward in it much until the third movie comes ou in god knows when that’s happening may disappoint fans. plus with the Harry Potter series they had to keep the Harry Potter in because all the books start out with that name and i think that stephenie should write a 5th book were they cullens over throw the volturi. That would be a good book. And people who didn’t read the series don’t know who NESSIE CULLEN is and it’s not NESSIE CULLEN it’s Renesme Cullen. Duh. Just cause Jacob gave her that name means nothing. Jacob’s a pain. TEAM CULLEN!!!! And Alice and Jasper left the cullens for a reason. read the book first!!

  89. dominique

    And people who like the twilight series but haven’t read the Harry Potter series should cause i think that people who read twilight will like harry potter. Plus Robert Pattingson is in the 4th Harry Potter movie. ;-)

  90. Amanda

    Okay as I said before, it should be called New moon as Stephenie wrote it. Look at the book and rice put out “interview with a vampire” (sorry to bring her up it is sensitive between some fans of Stephenie and Anne) and “Queen of the damned”. “Queen of the damned” was not called Interview with a vampire too because it would make sense. Twilight does not make sense for new moon. It is two separate key symbolisms for the storys. If you name the sequel new moon, the title will have meaning and depth, if you call it twilight 2 your are taking away from great literary work.

  91. Hilary

    It should definitely be New Moon. I agree that maybe it would be good advertised as the Twilight series but it needs to be just New Moon. And I don’t think they should combine the 2nd and 3rd movies unless you are going to make it like 4 hours long. Although I do agree the 2nd book wasn’t as good there was still a lot of stuff that you don’t want to miss out on and if they combine the 2 you will miss a lot of stuff because they will have to cut a lot out to make it big screen compatible. But I highly doubt Stephenie Meyer would let them do that anyways.

  92. Nick

    Twilight was great….however, i think that the new movie should be Twilight
    The New Moon

    Just like that :)

  93. Diana

    I love the Twilight movie though it should have more of the book in it like Edward’s cute lines like “Do I dazzle you?” lol. Fans want to have something that is familiar to them from the book. It seems like Bella falls in love with Edward way too quick. Over all I still love the movie to bits haha I’ve watched it like 9 times hahaha. (utterly am in love with it)

  94. Diana

    And yeah I agree with the New Moon as the second movie name because that was its original name in the book

  95. Sarah

    I love all 4 books of The Twilight saga and I absolutely HATE Jacob Black. The books wouldn’t be as good as they are without him but still… I hate him. And I can’t believe he imprinted on Renesmee! She sounds like a cute little girl! :) Edward and Bella and Renesmee Cullen are the perfect family and it was the best happy ending ever! Twilight is amazing and I just absolutely love the Cullen Family! TEAM EDWARD! <3

  96. kahlea

    the new moon movie has to be called new moon i can’t wait for it to come out

  97. Javier

    Well the title should be NEW MOON and nothing else because that is how my #1 author named her book so if they’re doing new moon the sequel of twilight then it should be named NEW MOON OK

  98. Kieran Fecowycz

    Well for me i disagree with most of the names for a sequel put there, for everyone saying it should be called “New Moon” and nothing else thats just bland and un-attractive the new one should include its (original title) but go with new moon also, putting a number in the title again does make it un-attractive and will lose veiwers. So for me to attract veiwers hence get more sales and go with an equally real good name i would have to go with Twiglight (The) New Moon.

    Hope you all enjoy this title it really is 9.5/10

  99. Yessenia

    I think that they should call it New Moon because they should follow the books because that’s how we know about them. :)

  100. Yessenia

    I hope that they make the second movie the first one was good I wonder what it will be like

  101. hayleyy

    I definitely think that the new movie should be called new moon because that is what the book is called it makes sense. Plus I don’t like the sound of twilight 2. I think thy should keep taylor as jacob because it would be weird if there was a different person as jacob. And they SHOULD MAKE A MOVIE ON BREAKING DAWN! they have to finish the series!!
    Team EDward!!

  102. hayleyy

    they should not make the two movies together!!! it would suck!! i do agree with one of the people on this site saying that they fell in love to fast and i believe they keft out a lot of important parts!! but i love the movie no matter what! and they should put more cute sayings from edward ! it makes it so much cuter!!
    Team EDward
    o i hate Jacob 2 hehe but i kind off like him heheh

  103. Sarah

    I think that TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, ECLIPSE AND BREAKING DAWN are all MAD! I’ve seen twilight at the movies, I cant wait to see the rest at the movies… but they should make them come out one year after the other, not bring them out every 2 years….. LOVE ‘EM!!!!

  104. mrs bridget cullen

    I agree it should be called new moon but if they disagree on that then it should be called twilight the new moon as someone above suggested.

    Can’t wait! I love you Edward and Rob!

  105. Cherllani

    I really like “New Moon” but Twilight: The New Moon would work also! Umm… I don’t know if fans were paying attention to Robert Pattinson’s interviews… but he mentioned that he signed on for the TWILIGHT MOVIE TRILOGY. So tell me how are Stephanie Meyer & Summit going to figure a 4-Book Saga into a “TRILOGY” ? I wish I heard Robert say he signed on for 4 Movies instead!

  106. Teaser Trailer

    There is a site dedicated to the movie New Moon by now:

    –> New Moon

  107. Twitch

    Dude. I want to see the movie! >< I wanna see if it is better or worse then the book!

    I think the title should be kept New Moon. I think it would be a bit of a waste to call it other than what it was originated for.

  108. AllyCat

    I think it should be called “The New Moon” because the movie will be based on that book. This is an individualized book which belongs to the Twilight series.

  109. Sezzie

    I think the new movie should TOTALLY be called Twilight 2 – New Moon. Because I think there is already a movie called New Moon and plus everyone will then know it is from Twilight. I loved the first one and I hope the new one will be just as great =D

  110. Sezzie

    I also TOTALLY loved the book and the first Twilight Film was GREAT!

  111. twilightfan

    OMG I’m so happy that the second one is on the making!
    I thought I had to wait until 2010 :p
    But no, it’s in 2009!

    So happy!

  112. Jill Wollman

    I LOVE that New Moon is becoming a movie! I’m the biggest fan of the Twilight series. I really hope that all the actors and actresses from Twilight stay the same, especially Talyor Lautner as Jacob Black. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE MOVIE COMES OUT!

  113. A.M

    I think twilight 2 new moon

  114. az-heart

    I totally love the movie. I can’t wait for the next sequel… Overall, I love to see Bella and Edward..

  115. sara

    I believe twilight is this year’s most interesting and stirring movie. I think twilight sequel more likely to be twilight 2 New Moon, showing a connection to the previous part…. I truly admire casting Pattinson as Edward Cullen because he actually stole the light by his looks and presence ,however Bella appearance was also commendable.

  116. Ms.cullen

    Ok yeah new moon for the title. But production is already beginning and the movie will come out November 20th 2009!! Yeah only a year to wait! The real important issue is getting Taylor to stay in the sequel!

  117. ariana

    I think twilight the movie and also the book were AMAZING. I can’t wait to see New Moon when it comes out. I think the Cullens are great and Jacob Black too. They all played a good role in the movie. I could watch the movie over and over again. When they come out in the movies and also on DVD, I am going to get the collection. I am a huge Twilight fan. I am on the third book, Eclipse already. then all I have left is Breaking Dawn and another book will be coming out in February it is called Midnight Sun. LOVE IT A LOT. LOL!

  118. Andrea

    i love twilight, but is twilight 2: New Moon
    The same characters?

  119. Andrea

    BTW I Love Edward Cullens…. he’s SUPER HOT!

  120. Alex

    I have read every single book and watched the film Twilight as soon as it came out! I LOVE this whole vampire odyssey and IT HAS TO BE called ‘NEW MOON’! Edward is so HOT… and also the actor who plays him was perfectly chosen for Edward’s role. It’s the intensity in his eyes. He was the only man who could do it as well as he did it. And this sequel needs to be released in Nov 2009… PLEASE>>> and so I can go to the premiere :)

  121. paola

    I read all the books and love Edward Cullen… I think the second movie should be called New Moon and I really hope it comes out in 2009. Not 2010: that’s way too long for me to wait I love twilight and why did they fired the director of the first one! Please please please hire her back… And OMG I can’t believe Bella kisses Jacob in the third one, can’t wait for that movie either… Don’t forget twilight always rules because of vamps are cool! Bye, love twilight forever!

  122. Teaser Trailer

    About Catherine Hardwicke being replaced by Chris Weitz:

    –> New Moon Movie directed by Chris Weitz

  123. ashley

    Who would vote for Jacob? He is an idiot: he is trying to steal Bella when she is with Edward…

    BTW… I am in love with Edward Cullen: he is so hot!

  124. jhanisze

    …just make another great one…

  125. lizz-e

    Why wouldn’t anyone vote fore Jasper? I mean he is awesome! Without him they wouldn’t have known what to do about James and Victloria, and they wouldn’t know some things about the “non veggie vampires”. Look at Jasper’s face in the movie, funny. He plays the part so well. I don’t really like Bella, I mean is there any girl that really does? We, meaning most girls, are jealous of a fictional character that has now been brought to life in a fake Hollywood set! No offense but Edward is cool and all but Jasper is the one for me! :) Movie was great, hated how it cut out so much though. Bye. Actors were great!

  126. Switzerland

    The new moon movie has to be called new moon. It’s ridiculous that someone even thought of changing the movie name from the book name. The movie that follows any book is naturally going to be different than the book. It just happens. But changing the name is too much change. By the way, how screwed up is it that they are even thinking of replacing Taylor Lautner?! If they didn’t think he would be able to pull off being Jacob for all four movies, then they should have thought about that before they put him in Twilight. Now it’s too late to just replace him. AND it’s also ridiculous that people want to cut the part of the movie that’s just Jacob and Bella short just so Edward comes back sooner. Jacob needs his spotlight too because you know, for those of you that have read the books, that the events that happen during that time have an effect on Bella and Jacob’s relationship in the following books. sure it’s sad when Edward leaves but it also shows how close Bella and Jacob become and helps the reader kinda understand how hard it was for Bella to choose between Jacob and Edward.
    -Team Switzerland ; P

  127. Arizona

    I think it is best for new moon. Keep it simple

  128. IwishIwasBella

    I say “New Moon” is a keeper title. I can’t wait for the movie.

  129. abraham

    well i like the twilight film and well never read one of those books so I’m waiting for the second film! Hurry up!

  130. sara

    I think it should totally be called new moon. But I really don’t care as long as they keep Taylor as Jacob!

  131. jenne

    I so agree that they should stick with the original titles of the novels as well as the same actors who starred in twilight… truly awesome by far!

  132. katrina P.

    For me, the name of the next sequel should just be NEW MOON because fans would like to watch something from the book they read..
    The title should be New Moon because it represents the second book of Stephanie Meyer which is New Moon..
    it’s redundant to watch something that is based on a book having a different title in the movie..
    the actors should stay the same..
    Specially Robert Pattinson because many will not watch the next movie if it’s not going to be him who will play the part of Edward Cullen!

  133. Team Philippines

    The title should be New Moon!

  134. Lauren

    I think it should be twilight 2 new moon just because fo people who has not read the books and will not know what it is.

  135. Janexie R.

    Yeah i probably will agree with Twilight 2 New moon. or if anything New moon. so people will know what the movie is based on, if people haven’t really heard of the other books.

  136. Ivory

    Are people in love with the actor, or fictional character? For example, Edward Cullen and Robert Pattinson (two opposite people).
    Robert Pattinson is not the exact Edward Cullen. He is only the actor who plays his part.
    Don’t get me wrong, he is extremely attractive.
    Why is he all the sudden famous? He wasn’t famous after Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire. Was he? He’s wasn’t until Twilight.

  137. chloe

    I saw twilight in the cinema a few days ago and I can’t describe how it made me feel… The last 3 days I’ve been thinking about it all the time… I want to know what’s going to happen next… because you leave it on a cliffhanger…. everything about it is so mysterious… I’m forever going on and on about it… my family are getting annoyed with me! Im going to see it again anyway! I dunno why i love it so much. Please bring the second one twilight movie out as soon as possible! I know that it’s hard getting movies out quick but… with the first twilight you left us on a cliffhanger… you can’t expect fans and people to wait a whole year to see what happens next!

  138. Agustin

    the reason Robert didn’t get famous after being in Harry Potter is because he wasn’t a main character… in twilight it was all about him and his relationship with Bella.

  139. Reagz

    Yeah I agree that it should be called Twilight New Moon, its sounds better.

  140. alanna

    I think it should be twilight 2 new moon because it is the TWILIGHT series. It just happend that Stephenie Meyer named the first book of the series TWILIGHT. Also, the title of the first movie would have sounded really stupid if summit called it twilight 1 : twilight or something like that… but its just my opinion ;D

  141. erica

    Ya, I think the next movie should be called. NEW MOON – THE TWILIGHT SAGA!

  142. coco

    i don’t like twilight at all…

  143. Candace

    I agree that it should be called New Moon they probably want to name it Twilight 2 so non-twilighters won’t get confuse. But I really think it’s stupid. And even though the Saga is name Twilight each book has a different name, and each name has a different meaning that represents each story or else Stephanie would’ve named them Twilight 1,2,3,4 right? NEW MOON ALL THE WAY..xD!

  144. Isabella/Bella

    New Moon the Book is very boring all they are talking about when Edward moves and Bella falls in love with Jacob which he is a werewolf and it’s all about Jacob who is very boring then Edward tries to kill himself because he thinks Bella is dead.

    Book four [Breaking Dawn] Bella has a baby girl and turns in to a vampire just to let you know.

  145. isobaella

    I love twilight, eclipse and breaking dawn. But I don’t like New Moon because without edward it’s boring. I don’t like Jacob he’s so annoying! I like Breaking dawn the best because it’s so exciting bella get’s married, has a baby and names in Renesmee, and she becomes a vampire!

  146. Misty

    I loved the movie…I think that it should have the same characters in it for the sequel (Edward and Bella) they made the movie what it is, and for someone else to play them or just take them out of the movie or even only have one of them would be crazy

  147. # 1 Fanpire girl :)

    In my opinion the sequel to the hit movie and novel ‘Twilight’ should be called ‘New Moon,’ because that is the original title of the book. Calling it ‘Twilight 2’ is for anyone who didn’t bother to read the book, just to go see a movie. I loved each book of this series. Having Edward as the hot vampire madly in love with Bella makes it better than any other Romeo and Juliet story. ‘Twilight’ is all about action and non-stop romance. Love it, love it, love it! My favorite book out of all four would either be ‘Eclipse’ or ‘Breaking Dawn’.But hopefully if they make all three sequels to ‘Twilight,’ they should just be called their original book titles. Can’t wait to see ‘New Moon,’ the highly anticipated sequel to ‘Twilight,’ which is supposed to hit theaters in November 2009! Yay!

  148. Lindsey

    Hey yall Midnight sun is coming out this year on January 23 so do not miss it. If nobody knows midnight sun is Edward’s version of twilight. Just like twilight is Bella’s version. Who thinks the author of the twilight series should write about what would have happened to Bella if she went with Jacob instead of Edward? Even though I can’t even imagine it…

  149. lola

    OMG! I am so pumped for New Moon the movie!

  150. jamie

    I think that both the people for Bella and Edward should be replaced for the second movie New Moon. Neither of them fit the role for the movie, and in my opinion Kristina, or whoever it is, is the worst possible choice you could have for that part… >.<

  151. Jacob lover!

    WOW! after reading everyone of these comments, i am kind of sad. I mean come on why is it always the cool guy, the cute guy that is the most popular. I mean Jacob come on what is you problem! With out him there wouldn’t have been all of the other books. It would just be Edward and Bella and his fight to keep her human. NO FUN! you need that adventure that jealsoy between two characters. The rival of who is going to get the girl and who isn’t. The other boks would be BORING with out JACOB i mean look another coven of vampires has come! Wow. the same as the other book. YOu need jacob for the books. I LOVE Jacob! i cant belive people could be so blind not to see that. I mean come on at least he is human! Atleast he is fun! They (Bella and Jacob) can do a lot more then what bella could do with edward. Come on the second book was not boring. Bella had the time of her life. Something that she could not have done with of if her precious edward was there.!

  152. Shaylee

    Holy NEVER ENDING comments! geese! But anyway… New Moon all the way!! twilight 2 would be dumb haha and i agree with jacob lover :) jacob is pretty hot!! and Edward should have never left Bella. that was sad and i cried! but it actually gives you something to look forward to because you know Edward has to come back sometime! i mean stephenie isn’t stupid or something! then it wouldn’t be twilight anymore. it would be edward (the love of bella’s life) left but now she is with jacob and will never be as happy as she was with edward! and she has a stupid hole in her heart the rest of her life because of stupid edward. now that’s a dumb title for a book!!

  153. briana noriega

    omg!!!! you seriously can not put new moon and eclipse together!!! new moon is all about bella missing edward and becoming jacob’s best friend. and eclipse is all about them (bella and edward) reuniting and facing victoria with jacob’s help.. As for the title NEW MOON is the only chose do not even think about changing it
    I am a die hard fan of Twilight and if you change it that chandes everything do not change a thing STEPHANIE MEYER created

  154. Bella Cullen

    What the crap is Bella thinking you cannot fall in love with a vampire. She is going to get herself killed! This is the stupidest book that i have ever read in my entire life. Stupid vampires!

  155. Nessie Cullen

    I am so excited for New Moon! I hope it comes out this summer!! I have O.C.D (Obsessive Cullen Disorder) lol. Anyway, if you have any info on New Moon post it right away!

    If they put New Moon and Eclipse together I am going to scream! I am going to die! NO! So, if you know anyone working in Twilight, tell them to not do it!! I love Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, And Breaking Dawn, they better not ruin it!

  156. Nicole

    I really hope that they will keep Kristen Stewart for the rest of the movies! I heard that Dakota Fanning might replace Kristen! That would totaly ruin the movie!!!! I hope they dont replace her!! If anyone knows for sure please write something about on this website I will check for it!!! Please if you know tell us…Just dont replace Kristen! I mean hello Dakota Fanning not right for Rob Pattinson!!!

  157. Brittany

    First-the title IS New Moon just like the auther wanted it to be thank god

    Second- Dakota Fanning is NOT replacing Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning is going to play JANE


    lastly-They better not mess up the movie by puting more of edward in it just becase all these 13 year olds want him in the movie more stick to the BOOKS it makes for a much better movie and makes you want the 3rd movie to come out even more so that you will finaly get to see edward like you want so puting New moon and Eclipse together would just be a mistake on there part

    sorry that is my opinion

  158. KatieDoo

    i dont think they are going to be able to create the scene in italy like it was described in the book


  159. ReginaCullen(:

    as much as i love this series i really didn’t like the second one (new moon)
    however, i’m interested to see hot this move plays out in the end, who knows, maybe it wont be as bad,
    i cant wait for the last movie(breaking dawn)
    but there were some rumors going around that they might not be able to make that into a movie because Renesmee changes so rapidly they would have a difficult time finding actresses to play her,,
    jee, that would REALLY suck.

  160. bon

    for me…

    i like to call the next twilight movie…


    so that the viewers will not be confused…

  161. Emily

    twilight totally rocks but it should be called
    new moon or twilight new moon
    simply because it has the name
    but i would much rather prefer
    twilight new moon because at least people will no it is another twilight film!

  162. Teaser Trailer

    The first teaser trailer of New Moon will be available in May, more details at: –> New Moon Trailer

  163. camila

    this film is the best! I love that movie! and all the actresses! especially Bella!

  164. Shaunitha

    I think the movie should be called New Moon ( the twilight saga) or something like that.
    New moon made me feel sad in some ways, like Edward leaving Bella and all. but it would be interesting to see how the movie would turn out. Though Edward is very appealing , it’s Jasper that gets to me. He’s utterly lovely and very mysterious… well he’s a vamp isn’t he..sighz.

  165. Reneka

    Oh wow they better come out with a Eclipse and a Breaking Dawn you can’t come out with two and not the other I love these books like soo much they are too awesome….The movies should be called by their book titles anything other than that and I’ll start questioning everything that happens in the movie. Twilight was a good movie but for one Vampires dont fly or repeatedly jump they just run supper fast(Edward and Bella in the woods) the van only came at her once not over and over and over again lol well other than that it was pretty accurate =]

  166. Teaser Trailer

    The Movie is officially titled The Twilight Saga NEW MOON:

    (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)
    The Twilight Saga New Moon

  167. promises

    I agree with jacob lover.
    The books would be boring with out Jacob. The vampires need an enemie or there would be no use in using the powers.
    Also either Bella or edward needed someone else to either fall in love with. Edward has already lived for ages and has repelled loads of girls that’s how we know that this isn’t some crush it’s love. Bella has to go through the same things and decide who she really loves.
    I didn’t really like new moon, not because Bella spent loads of time with Jacob but because it seemed that Bella was desperate to have a man by her side to make her happy.

  168. Rosalie

    I agree with promises the books wouldn’t be the same without jacob yet it’s edward that makes the book. Bella does need to have another love option to make the storyline interesting and of course the coven needs an enemy. New Moon isn’t particularlly my favourite book i much perfer Breaking Dawn although i’m strongly against Edward leaving him leaving and Jacob’s arriving so to speak makes a great story line.

    Team Edward all the way!!!!

  169. lexi

    i agree wit nicole dakota fanning will so totally ruin everything that goes on in twilight and she doesn’t look the part either but they need to make kristen more outgoing and i disagree with jamie robert pattinson is perfect and who else can replace them now?

  170. Mike

    Loved the movie. Going to follow up with the books- Can’t wait to be a true Twilighter… New moon. Most Definitely. I heard of the movie from a good friend of mine, before that, I’ve never heard of it >.<
    All that is going to change tomorrow, when I go and purchase the books, as I am currently unemployed…I’ll have plenty of time to get to know the characters pretty well. Can’t wait for the second movie, whether it be a sequel (which, personally given to ending, I believe it should be, more or less an HBO series…. How awesome would Thursday nights be, with a bunch of people crowding around my television, popcorn in hand, surround sound on, GLUED to the screen watching this weeks TWILIGHT! I’d die.

  171. isabella

    Hey iguess that all the books are quite interesting and thrilling….the comments given by people are also very varied….now speaking about the upcoming movie ‘new moon’ m very excited cause bella meets jacob and kind of has an attraction towards him….bella and edward are couples made in heaven type…that descended down to the earth!!! the characters of the first movie have potrayed themselves greatly…except for bella voice that becoms a little funny towards the end of the movie…edward is like a dream come true for bella…the story could have become even more interesting if edward had not gone…UNCONDITIONAL LOVE- the theme of the series of book cause bella is not scared of edward being a VAMPIRE…

  172. cliff gutierrez

    I’m so exited to watch the part 2 of twilight, the new moon. I really love Edward and Bella.

  173. katrina

    if you like twilight you’regnna love new moon, and all the others! twilight is the best movie ever. i have read every book and i’m gonna plan on seeing every one of them as well. i love twilight! edward is so cute!

  174. Tiphany

    I wish they would write one more book, I dislike when I finally get into something and then it ends.

  175. Colleen

    I am almost done with New Moon and I have read it 3 times because it is so good along with the other books.I can not wait to see what the movie New Moon will be like.I am so excited.

  176. jaime

    Why does everyone like Breaking Dawn? It’s basically all about sex at the beginning…

  177. luci

    why is every1 arguing over wa the film is called pathetic if u ask me, ye twilight 2 or new moon but come on does it really matter wa its called get a life!

  178. Amy

    Where do the Cullens get all there money from? It’s only Carlisle that works.

  179. Cata

    Amy, you would remember from the novels, that they buy stocks from the Stock Market, since Alice can foresee the future, she chooses the winners and buys/sells them, therefore, money is like sand to them. They have it by the truck loads!! One good example is Alice’s bribe to the Italian police officer as they are reaching the clock tower in New Moon!!

  180. niken

    the power of love from new moon