Twilight 3 Eclipse Movie

The Twilight Saga Eclipse - Twilight 3 - Eclipse MovieSummit Entertainment is definitely optimistic regarding its movie adaptation of the Twilight saga written by Stephenie Meyer. The first Twilight movie in 2008 was a real jackpot. So we may understand the keen dedication of the production company to bring New Moon this 2009. Now, dear Twilight fans, fasten your seat belts because Summit is fast-tracking the movie Eclipse, aka Twilight 3: the release date of the movie Eclipse has been set for June 30, 2010!

The full trailer of Twilight 3 Eclipse:

The previous short Eclipse teaser:


More details at: Eclipse Movie Trailer

The word is that Summit is rushing with the adaptation both to compound on the success of the first movie and to lock in a deal with Stephenie Meyer before the value of the franchise skyrockets again.

Plot – Synopsis:

“As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob — knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death.”

We can bet that the movie will be titled The Twilight Saga Eclipse, following the decision made for New Moon’s title.

New Moon’s director Chris Weitz won’t be helming Twilight 3 because of conflicting schedules: he will be in post-production on New Moon at the same time that Eclipse will start shooting.

But of course Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be back for this Eclipse movie, respectively as Edward the Vampire, Bella the undecided young lady, and Jacob the newly assumed Werewolf.

What part of Eclipse would you like this Twilight 3 movie to put focus on?

Update as of April 22, 2009: Summit Entertainment has announced that Director David Slade, who once brought us the vampire movie ’30 Days of Night’, will be helming the twilight movie Eclipse. Here’s what David Slade looks like:
Director David Slade in charge of the movie Twilight 3, aka Twilight Eclipse
Do you think that David Slade is a good choice to direct the movie Eclipse?

Update 1: the first official picture of the Twilight Saga Eclipse has been released!

The Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie - Twilight 3Aren’t Bella and Edward cute together?

Update 2: the teaser poster of Twilight Eclipse:

Twilight Eclipse Movie Poster

Update 3: For the latest news about Eclipse: –> Twilight 3 Eclipse

85 Responses - “Twilight 3 Eclipse Movie”

  1. bree

    omg that’s my birthday that is so awesome!

  2. keirstin

    this is going to be so amazing it’s going to be kick ass

  3. Jamie

    My Birthday is on the 28th so this will so be a birthday thing for me! Yay. Ha and i’ll be 16 :)

  4. mckenzie

    I can’t wait! I am so excited! but it’s so far away :(

  5. joanna

    i can’t wait till that movie comes out.i think they should leave all the parts from the book. I love all the books can’t wait till all movies come out YUP I’M TWILIGHT BIGGEST FAN ! haha

  6. Danielle

    i Have to admit i’m kind of disapointed that each movie so far has had a different director it doesn’t seem right.

  7. Emma

    I agree. They should have tried to keep the same director for all the movies. Too bad they couldn’t. :(

  8. Caty

    I hope they focus on the part where they visit Bella’s mother! That is a very funny part, it also has much description! Twilight the movie was too different from the book. They need to really stick to the book this time! It would really be neat if it’s exactly like the book, a little different!

    P.S. Edward is a hottie with a body!
    He may bite me any time!

  9. Jacquelyn Harrington

    They definitely need to keep Chapter 22 (Fire and Ice) from the book in the movie. It’s one of my favorites and I think it kind of shows the weird but funny relationship between Edward and Jacob.

  10. amber Flores

    I think that the movies should have more scenes with Edward and Bella because it is so cute that they get to be together. They are the perfect couple and you need to show that in the movies. Maybe you can also show more of the time they spend together.

  11. sindy

    I can’t wait to see new moon, and the other 2.
    is better if all 4 movies have the same director…..
    but anyways i really enjoy watching twilight, so far it is very good.

  12. crissy

    i think it should all be in the movie really.. it doesn’t matter how long the movie is. why should it matter.. but the tent scene sould no matter what be in the movie….

  13. Sam

    There needs to be a lot of scenes with Edward and Bella and their special moments. They need to kiss more in the movie! I love the special moments they have in the book. Just the way Edward holds her waist, kisses her passionately, etc. It’s so cute. The movie needs to be JUST like the book. I love Eclipse :)

  14. Cryss0113

    I hope they don’t just leave everyone hanging after Eclipse!!!
    I mean c’mon… go one more up and finish it! Just go ahead with Breaking Dawn as well… I don’t think I could stand seeing Eclipse without going into Breaking Dawn! Plus I hope they don’t switch the cast for Breaking Dawn… that would so suck… I hate when sequels do that.

  15. Victoria Guiboche

    I Agree with Cryss0113 They Can’t just leave it at Eclipse. Even though it seems like everyone is getting ahead of themselves I mean New Moon hasn’t even come out yet and were talking about Eclipse (haha). But what I mean is if Twilight is such a big hit then obviously they cant stop at just one or two movies, they have to do them all or a lot of Fans will be Disappointed including myself. If Harry Potter can continue making movies then I’m sure The Twilight Saga can go on. I mean Twilight is bigger and much more exciting than Harry potter. No offense harry Potter Fans. I was on too. Another thing too, Please don’t change the cast. Different actors like come on. It changes everyhing. The emotion, the way fans see the on screen romance. Its like seeing a brand new couple again and it doesn’t seem as believing as the previous movie would. The movie was just as good as the book but it wasn’t the same as the book but it did Show a lot of the main parts of the book the interesting parts…I Loved It All..Can’t wait to see More… I praise Stephenie Meyer. Without her work or brilliant writing skills we may have never seen vampires or wolves in a different light. Excellent Author.

  16. Stephany

    Okay I get that they want to rush to try to save money, but come on be serious. You really can’t rush a project and expect it to be good. Harry Potter at least takes a year or so to film and edit a movie before it’s released. I’m thinking it will be a HUGE let down if they put in a “rush order” just to try to appease the fans. Let us wait for crying out loud! I would rather a well made movie then a movie that’s made as a means to an end. And do we really want all 4 movies to be directed by 4 different directors? If they keep pushing the Twilight Saga out like this then that is exactly what is going to happen. They could do what they did with Pirates of the Caribbean and film both movies at the same time in order to save some time, but then again that would cause the release dates to be pushed back. But again as I said before I’d rather a well done good movie then a means to an end movie…something that seems more thrown together just to give the fans what they wanted…a HUGE let down =( That’s my 2 cents about it…

  17. kathrine jean

    my birthday is november 18th so new moon will be my birthday present. very excited. and even more excited to see eclipse and breaking dawn. yay!


    i love the idea that we can still have this much fantsy in movies…. life is hard enough… thanks for that & yes i think more of edward and bella would be great i mean we have enough movies where the best guy for the girl always gets her but in this case i think that the bad, sexiest guy should get her… in this case for life… and she should become like him herself… thanks once again

  19. Kristy

    I think, if they want Eclipse to be a success, they need to return to the first director, in Twilight, and allow her to take her time. This is a very extensive book and in the theatre should run NO LESS than 3 hours… Ex. “The Lord of The Rings”.

    Give us a great movie… Who cares if Stephenie’s franchise value increases. You will receive more PROFIT in return for a great experience the audience will love!

  20. sophie8399

    the movie is so cool

  21. Sarah

    I love all the books and the movies but ill really wish they called make all the movie right after each other because i don’t like sequels that don’t have the same characters there would be know point and i wish there was a sex scene not showing it but something because in twilight the kissing scene got hot and on top of that did you know stephenie’s books all adult series she didn’t even meant to have kids read it. but i wish they hurry up with all the movie and what about midnight sun is that going to be sequel to edward’s point of view? but why didn’t they just have it in breaking dawn? or something like when they had jacob and bella point but why not instead of writing a new book she could of added it!

  22. Leslie Bass

    I will watch and buy all of the movies and sound tracks…please make all 4 movies! I have read all 4 books, I have one movie and a soundtrack…my collection is waiting for the rest! As for Midnight Sun-Stephenie, I am waiting for that to be published, too. I agree with you-I need that to complete my series, too! I have enjoyed the Twilight Saga so very much.

  23. waylo03

    I would totally watch an 8 hour eclipse movie haha

  24. Fenrir

    Edward should be cut damn he is supposed o be cool but he looks like he was hit with a shovel… Jacob is the bomb! The wolves shall overrun the vampires!

  25. Brittany

    Have you even read the books… we all know the wolves alone don’t prevail, besides that they are shape shifters… and yes Jacob is cool and yea Edward could look better but he isn’t bad… and besides it is frigging hard to make a human look like a god without animation!

  26. hannah

    i read all the books but i want to be in a movie like twilight new moon eclipse or breaking dawn but that will never happen but what do you think for a 14 year old girl because i love twilight:)

  27. ira

    the movies should be made of like 3 hours at least.its fun watching it but it ends so soon!
    they should never miss the fire and ice part and should concentrate more on bella and jacob love scenes. it’s really exciting to see that bella is in love with both the men in her life.

    is there any twilight bags or t-shirts available in India?

  28. Melissa

    Ok, i love the books as much as the next person but to say they need to make a three hour movie is ridiculous. I know that they need to put in more of the little stuff but it’s Hollywood! Be reasonable.

    In My opinion, they need some of the small stuff but they need to focus on how Edward leaving damages her permanently. They need to make sure that it’s obvious what’s going on.

    If you notice in Twilight, there are things that are said that someone who hadn’t read the book wouldn’t understand. I kept having to explain it to people. I hope they do better with that this time.

  29. Stephany

    Why couldn’t it be a 3 hour long movie. Honestly I wish Twilight were a little longer, and just because it’s longer doesn’t mean that it’s going to tank. Look at all the movies that are longer then 2 hours. I think it can be done and I wish it would be. There is so much happening in Eclipse that I don’t see how they are going to take out the small stuff to make it into a 2 hour movie. I mean there is a lot going on. And with breaking dawn…Yeah no way can that one be 2 hours or less.. I think I would have like Twilight much better then I already do if they wouldn’t have left so much out and made it just a tad bit longer to explain a lot of what was said so that even if you didn’t read the book you could at least have a grasp of it. I had a friend who watched it and wondered about the tension between Edward and much so that she picked up the book and read it so that she could fully understand the movie. It’s kind of sad when you have to read a book to understand the movie. But then again that may have been what they were going for who knows… I say let them make it longer…Though I could see how New Moon could be a 2 hour movie, but all the others…hmm not so much.

  30. Paige

    Ok I think it is crazy that there is a different director for each movie and cutting out parts in the from the book to put in the movie is also crazy. And I would like to see more romance from Edward and Bella. I also think there needs to be more kissing.

  31. Tina

    I just hope they show the most interesting parts like the most important parts and keep it on point with the book.

  32. Katie

    I agree that having different directors for each movie is unnerving, as a viewer. But I think that if they stay true to the books, then they will be successful. All we want to see is a visual representation of an amazing story! As can be expected, not everything from the book will be in the movie… but I think it is important to show more of the emotional journey that the characters go through. I would not mind watching a really long movie… if fans had their way it would be never ending! I think that they should break each book into 2 movies, like what is being done for the last Harry Potter movie. The story has so many small details, that are important to make up the big story. Don’t let the fans feel slighted! And I feel it is a must to make Breaking Dawn into a movie! To see it represented visually would be amazing! It’s Hollywood, they can figure out a way to do it!

  33. Heather

    Katie and everyone Y’all are all right if they can make all the potter movies they can make all the twilight movies its just fair. And I don’t think that the last 2 movies should be longer cause their are alot of stuff going on in those books. But the last one will have to be longer cause their is no way that they will be able to show everything in 2 hrs before its and end to the Twilight movies.

  34. Stacie

    I definitely think each of the movies should run for about 3 hrs so that the movies can completely tell the storylines of each character. Also, give us some passionate scenes. I have to admit I was a little let down by the couple of passionate scenes in twilight. The new movies really need to reflect the passion Bella and Edward share. I can’t wait to see New Moon, Eclipse and especially Breaking Dawn. Whats the point of making the first 3 without the fourth.

  35. makenna

    ok so i LOVE all the twilight books but it seemed like they rushed everything in the first movie… they definitely need to slow down with the rest and really go into more detail with relationships and stuff… they skipped a lot of scenes in the first movie and they cut the meadow scene short (that was my favorite part) i just don’t want to miss anything in the next movies. who cares how long the movies end up being because if you are a true twilight fan you would watch it anyway!

  36. Gabby

    well I HATE JACOBS CHARACTER. so ill probably start screaming in the theater when he forces her to kiss him. ** the second time. ++ and plus my birthday is June 27 so I’m going to see it for my birthday. ohh yea and ++ I’m dying to see the part where Edward’s like “I don’t think we could do this on a couch” pg. 187 hah

  37. Shannon Morrissey

    Well i read the book and i feel it’s absolutely fantastic beyond words. Last night i finished the book i couldn’t even speak, i could feel the pressure on Bella but i’ve had the sames experience. I can’t wait to read the next book BREAKING DAWN i lived in London but i recently moved to Ireland so i know exactly how Bella feels and from what i read she is a Virgo and so am i. Can’t wait to see the next movie New Moon!

  38. mariahjocelyn

    do not alter the movie from the book… it changes things… more passionate scenes with bella and edward… they need to show that they are truely inlove just like in the book!

    David Slade director for Eclipse??? what does he know about teenage love stories? Where’s your resume? Summit inc. did you guys just pick up the lowest bidder? tsk tsk tsk

  39. Amanda H.

    I hope he does it the way the book is…or at least keep it close. I hope he doesn’t make look like something out of 30 Days of Night. I think he might get carried away with the Newborn part.
    I hope he doesn’t focus too much on the fight .
    This is one director I am worried about.

  40. twilight biggest fan

    I think that it is obviously weird that there are different directors but as long as Edward Cullen is in it that is ok because he is gorgeous lol x

  41. alexis

    The director should keep in mind to stay with what the book reveals and not alter it otherwise it changes the whole story all together and leaves questions in peoples minds as to why the characters act the way they do. If i hadn’t read the books, twilight would have been a mystery in some parts..for example in the movie, you wouldn’t have known why Edward left the room straight away when bella entered the room but if you read the book, you would understand why – it was because he was craving the taste of blood which wasn’t emphasized in the movie.

    I would rather a long movie with details than a short movie that has been directed poorly.

    Also, please don’t change the actors in all the series as this will really affect the whole story line.

    Just like others, i am really worried about David Slade being the director… this is not a Gothic movie… so i am hoping that he keeps that in mind when directing the Eclipse movie because i don’t think people want to see a horror movie… the twilight series does not stand for horror.

  42. PrettyFlyForATwiGuy

    I don’t know about this new director and all, but y’all should go check out some of these Eclipse trailers on Youtube because I think the people who make the movie could really learn a thing or two from some of the fans making them!

    Here are two of my favorites fan-made trailers of Eclipse:

  43. makenna

    wow, i have never been so obsessed with something in my life… Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have been showing up in my dreams ALL the time… i love the twilight series and i think people should have a little more faith in David Slade… he will probably study up on all things twilight and make the movie Eclipse how we all want it to be! if he doesn’t i will be really mad though… so yeah that’s what i think of the whole David Slade situation.

  44. twilight fan

    i am so obsessed i just started the third twilight book for the second time and i only got them about 4 months ago i finished breaking dawn in 1 week

  45. tommhale

    Twilight 3 Eclipse is like so so far away…. I’m waiting for new moon and that doesn’t come out for another 199 days! golly gosh :(
    and that director looks like he’s been partying while taking somethings he shouldn’t have :O

  46. Paige Harget

    holy crap i can’t wait to see Eclipse and New Moon, ah! why does it have to be so far away!

  47. mary

    THE TENT SCENE!! I know things like this get left out all the time. I was cracking up while I was reading it. I would really like to see that on the big screen.

  48. Alicia

    Man I can’t wait for eclipse… but so far the new moon stuff is just so crazy to wait for… I LOVE ROB!

  49. pillsburydoughgurl96

    i honestly finished the whole twilight series in 4 days

  50. Rebecca

    I can’t wait for the sequels. I saw Twilight without having read any of the books and I immediately went and bought and read them all within two weeks time.

  51. adriana

    I love all the four books of stephenie meyer! I can’t wait for to come out in the movie soon. on monday is my b-day because I love reading alot!

  52. kristin

    hey peeps its me again so we should all start a patishon that the twilight saga should be at least 2 months appart who’s with me? OMG i love ROB

  53. KAYLA

    No more changing directors!

  54. lexie

    omg i cant wait for new moon and eclipse in movie form!!! i just hope they keep the important parts from the book in it. i was really disappointed that they took out “blood type” :( I’m ready for anything you have to throw at me, summit entertainment!

    you might have to compete— i am twilights BIGGEST FAN

  55. corrie

    I just hope that he does a better job on the movie Eclipse then he did on 30 days of night! I am so looking forward to new moon my birthday is the 20th so my hubby told me that’s all i’m getting since he has to tag along lol!

  56. Meredith Bledsoe

    All I know is I don’t want to lose some lovie dovie scenes. Nothing bad or anything but the Twilight movie didn’t live up to the book in those areas and I love love stories.

  57. pearl

    I think the New Moon film will be better than twilight, I have read all the book finish And so i think like that

  58. Carly Jones

    Edward needs to lose the British accent for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Edward is an American in Twilight. The British accent (his own) is less romantic. Edward is forceful and very masculine and the British accent makes him sound weak.

  59. Tammi Cushing

    Oh so can’t wait. I just finished the book and that was awesome.

  60. meranda

    I’m on team Edward and Jacob. and they are all awesome books… but if i got to choose between to be with a vampire or werewolf i would choose wolf because they are warm and more safe. just don’t get them ticked off. sorry guys if you don’t like it but Jacob is more hot and sexy than Edward.

  61. Mel

    Secondly, I feel really nervous about the job that these directors are doing on the series. “Twilight” left out Blood Typing which I loved, and changed the cafeteria scene just to show the book cover. The book version was so sexy when he wiggles his finger at her and winks. “New Moon” has been changed as well. Kristen said that they focus mainly on the love triangle, but I don’t think that really exists until Edward returns. Also, Rob said that he gets beaten up by a lot of different people (not just Jane) which means that they have added unnecessary scenes again.
    I wish the directors would stop trying to put their own mark on Stephenie’s work and accept that they need to stay as close to the books as possible. (After all, it’s not like Stephenie has made it that hard for them. The battle scene doesn’t have to be filmed, the expensive cars and motorbike don’t even get used. We don’t want action, we want all those beautiful words!) They need to be more respectful of these beloved stories, because they only have one chance to get these movies right.
    Of course in saying that, I would be overjoyed if they extended Breaking Dawn for a bit longer. Why didn’t Bella go to Dartmouth? Stephenie’s ending gave me no idea what was to become of any of the characters.

  62. xXsuicidalvampireXx

    woo ! new moon is coming in 6 months ! eclipse in a year =[ too far away, but its worth waiting. i read each book in TWO DAYS except for breaking dawn which took me 3 DAYS ! i’ve only owned the books for about a month, but i read them all atleast 13 times !
    i love edward cullen ! Er, — i really think each movie should be atleast 3 hours long, i mean i really wish that they would have put ‘Blood Typing’ in the Twilight Movie, its one of my favorite chapters ! I LOVE TWILIGHT ! ALWAYS & FOREVER !
    ‘your impossibly fast and strong.your skin is pale white and ice cold.your eyes change color, and sometimes u speak like if you are from a different time.u never eat or drink anything.and you dont go out in the sunlight. how old are you ?
    how long have u been seventeen?
    a while
    i know wat u are
    say it
    out loud
    say it
    are you afraid ?
    then ask me the most basic question; what do we eat ?
    you wont hurt me
    [[ hehe ! ]]

  63. Carly

    This is NOT the right choice for director! His main claim to fame; Hard Candy, can’t be given away at 4 bucks! Besides, he has no respect for the book.

  64. Elizabeth

    i love Robbert he is so hot!
    and Kristen is a awesome actress too!
    They rock and i love them!
    I am twilight’s biggest fan!
    I am also Robbert and Kristen’s biggest fan!
    I Love them

  65. lindzy

    i think Twilight is an Alsome i mean i watch it allthe time i wish they would all come out at once. i’m going to make my whole room Twilight .Also i love Robert pattinson he is so hot. he’s my future husband.

    i wish they would make it more vampiryish like they should have more bloodsucking scenes but other than that
    Robert Pattinson is a hottie!

  66. Edward

    OMG! It get me really depressed to think of Twilight…. It makes me sad that Vampires and Warewolves aren’t real! I wish they were real! I want an Edward or Jacob!

  67. Edward vs. Jacob

    OMG!!!! Every time i read and think of the books i get depressed. Why can’t Vampires and Werewolves be REAL?!?!? I wish i had an Edward or Jacob!!!!

    I also think its ridiculous that the directors will not stay constant for all the movies, there will be different interpretations for each, different points of views!

    I wouldn’t mind either if the movies were 3 hours long…LOL….its worth it rather than having something super short and not detalied…..the details are the things that matter!!! Especially if its like the books…. Twilight left out many details that would have made a difference…..

  68. Jo

    New moon comes out around my birthday which is fantastic, so i know what i’ll be doing! And great news that a release date for Eclipse has been set. As much as i loved reading new moon its not as good as Twilight and Eclipse, because its mainly about Bella and Jacob. It just need alot more Edward in it !

  69. Katie

    I love the twilight saga i think it is better than harry potter my favorite book is Breaking Dawn it is so awesome I can not wait for it to come out on DVD.
    new moon was ok but it is just a little to much Jacob not enough Edward

  70. Massie

    i wished they kept the same director :(

  71. edward rox

    All of y’all who talked about Edward being hot are totally right! I don’t have internet except for on my mom’s phone, so its hard to get it, but now I do get to have a word. I agree that they shouldn’t shorten the movies, cause what’s the point if all you do is just show a summery? Twilight was very short, and it did sort of piss me off, so I hope they don’t do that again with new moon. If they do breaking dawn, though, I will be crossing my fingers that (a) the chapter “there are no words for this” will be ALL THERE! And if that happens then (b) that no teens who watch this do not have weak stomachs. Sorry, but it will just make it less entertaining if all I hear is upchucking. :( oh and even though taylor lautner is cute, jacob s*cks! I will be throwing popcorn at the screen when he is at all intimate with Bella. Oh, and I like cgi animals, so the wolves had BETTER BE GOOD!

  72. maricar

    i can’t wait for the next movie… i love it so much i love you Jacob Black…

  73. BEN

    I think that David Slade is gonna make the movie Eclipse absolutely rubbish… That’s going to make me so mad if I am correct because I am twilight mad!

  74. Vicki

    I only hope David Slade doesn’t think of following in his “30 days of night” footsteps for Eclipse. I don’t want to see blood and guts I want to feel the relationship between Edward/ Bella/Jacob! I also am not impressed with his less than stellar attitude about the book series. Seems like just a cash cow for him. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’ll be pleasantly suprised

  75. Carly Jones

    I agree. I wonder if David Slade even knows anything about romance, in the movies. Action is important, but the romance between Edward and Bella is what pulls the fans in to the movies. Guess we will see.

  76. Sue P.

    Why do they feel it necessary to have a different director for each film anyway, I haven’t quite figured that one out yet.

  77. Carly Jones

    I read something about Slade not telling this from Bella’s point of view and focusing on the relationship between the 3 characters. Bella has chosen Edward by this time, but wants Jacob as a friend. Jacob wants more. I believe the fans want more of Edward and Bella in love than a action film. The action is at the end. Slade needs to read the series before starting this movie. I am not the only fan who will be angry if he screws the romance up.

  78. Shannon

    I’m a new convert to the Twilight saga, only took me 4 days to read all 4 books, LOL. I’d really like them to include ‘Fire & Ice’ in the movie, that’s such a great scene! The story of Edward & Bella needs to stay true to the books, so i hope David doesn’t put the emphasis on the action, that’s truly ruin it.

  79. Carrie Adair

    I loved the Twilight Saga books and Twilight the movie! I don’t think they could have picked better actors and actresses to play the parts! The part that I would really love to see in the movie is from Chapter 7 “Unhappy Ending”. I love the part where Rosalie is telling Bella about her past with Royce and becoming a vampire. I would be very disappointed if this wasn’t in the movie. From the sounds of it though, where they have an actor for Royce picked out, they are planning on putting some of it in? I think that David Slade will do a great job with the movie as long as he has read the book and understands the relationships between the characters.

  80. Debbie

    David Slade did a good job on the movie 30 day and night i just hope her read the book so he can director the movie by the book and if the movie that goog i hope he will director Breaking Dawn to becaues i m a big fan of the twilight books and now the movies

  81. Hell

    What a great birthday present :D

  82. Jasmine123

    I really hope they added the part where jacob kisses bella and then bella calls edward. Thats my favourite part in the whole saga. Oh and the part after when Emmett asks “Fall down again, Bella?” I love that bit!!!

  83. Jonathan Andre

    I really like this movie because it shows true love between a mortal and a vampire I would like to work in this film to know them all well I hope they continue working hard and win many Oscars

  84. lucy13

    I am extremely excited about eclipse. I truly cant wait to see it, but its so far away. ): But i think that it will be just as good as the other two because they were both great!

  85. anjali gupta

    i love this movie so much