Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn Movie

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Movie - Twilight 4 MovieIf you’re still wondering the answer if yes: there will be a Breaking Dawn movie based on the fourth book of the Twilight saga written by Stephenie Meyer. Summit Entertainment was smart enough to lock in the rights for all the Twilight sequels and the actors have signed on for all the movies. If everything goes as smoothly as planned with the production of New Moon and Eclipse, then the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn movie should be released in 2011.

Plot – Synopsis:

Twilight 4 Movie - Breaking Dawn“Bella and Edward are finally together: following their wedding they go in honeymoon to an island off the coast of Brazil. Over there Bella, still a human, got pregnant from her husband Edward, who is a vampire.
The crossbreed child to be born is cause of concern even before her birth: the werewolves feel the child could be a threat to them (putting Jacob , and even the vampires aren’t really at ease…
During childbirth Bella loses so much blood that she is on the verge of death. But Edward must fulfill his promise to make his wife Bella into a vampire in order to save her.
Will Edward and Bella be able to save their daughter?”

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Obviously Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner will be back for the movie Twilight Break Dawn

Unfortunately, “as usual” with Summit Entertainment, it is hard to guess who could be the director of Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn. No need to worry though, because no matter what, we all know that Stephenie Meyer will act as the ultimate guardian of her masterpiece. And if need be, fans are here to help to keep things on track.

Below a video of Stephenie Meyer talking about the Breaking Dawn novel:

There are so many details and subplots in Breaking Dawn, that unfortunately a movie could not cover them all. So aside from the main plot, what do you think is absolutely necessary in the Twilight movie Breaking Dawn for it to be considered as faithful to the original source material?


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  1. madeline

    omg i love edward more than my life i am willing to do anything
    for the hotest boy/men ever hotty i do not care if he stinks i love you edward

    • Rebecca

      I know I like Bella the most and Edward a little bit. But one thing I need to ask: is there going to be a another Twilight? Because I like it so much!

  2. NT

    They could cut out much of the beginning…they could get the Guardian in there by having Charlie drive her in it to the wedding…discussion of car on the way there…
    Wedding scene could be condensed…as long as Seth Clearwater makes his appearance, and we meet the Denali clan…The honeymoon scene can be condensed, too…but their first time together, and food cravings and nauseousness have to be shown.
    The ensuing pregnancy really won’t be that much in the movie…it just took a lot longer to read the details than it would actually be to film it…the wolf pack’s resistance to the pregnancy could be down-played a bit, I think…focusing on Jacob, Seth, and Leah breaking apart for “irreconcilable differences”! LOL.
    Bella’s transformation into vampire is a must…but shouldn’t take too long…and her meeting with Charlie! Along with her connection to Rosalie. And Jacob imprinting with Renesmee and the tension between Bella and Jacob.
    Finding someone to play Renesmee…difficult…I’m thinking CGI…how else are you going to find a teeny tiny perfect little girl who has the intelligence of someone so much older? That’s going to be hard!!!
    Alice and Jasper disappearing, meeting the new vampires, and the confrontation with the Volturi, and the newfound connection between Edward and Jacob…especially when Edward says goodbye to Jacob “my brother…my son”. That was pivotal. Alice and Jasper returning with Nahuel and his story is detrimental to the story!
    And leaving the end open for Jacob and Renesmee…
    This is going to be the hardest movie of all of them! But I can’t wait to see the final part of this saga!

  3. Patsy Buenrostro

    I totally agree with all the girls in America who don’t care if Rob Pattinson stinks. Not that he does but if he did who in the freak cares? so just back of all the stupid idiotic media and press especially E! and Perrez Hilton.
    I am the #1 fan of Twilight and that’s that you can ask me all the questions you want of Twilight and I will answer them.

  4. Dyon Despondency*

    I honestly think everything is going picture perfect with everything in the twilight saga, so the movies are going to be great…all of them! People at my school think because they did so well on the Twilight movie, that New Moon isn’t going to be as good? Nahh, the director and cast members know everything what there doing so no worries at all.

  5. Keshia

    omg i was so happy when i found out about bella being pregnant.Oh my gosh a SHOCKER. And when renesemee was born it was a really good part in Breaking Dawn!

  6. dazzlinangel

    i personally think it would be a great idea to make breaking dawn into two movies. i think the first movie should be about the wedding, honeymoon, pregnancy and becoming a vampire. and the second part should be about the attack of the volturi. i think it would be a waste to cut out most of the book. breaking dawn is the end of the saga so the film should try and do as much of the book as possible. to try and cram all of the book into a two hour film would end it on a bad note. that is my personal opinion.

  7. Ashley

    Edward i love the movie twilight my mum thinks you’re hot
    and my friend mel thinks you’re sexy and a cutie. And i am looking forward to watching new moon me my mum watch the trailer of new moon and the other movies that you have made.

  8. Katie

    I think that since the book is already divided into 3 seperate parts, then New Moon, the movie, should be split into 3 seperate movies. This will enable justice to the book to be done on screen! The fans have to be happy, and if the movie botches the book then they will have to answer to some very upset fans. Besides, it would be a good deal for Summit because they would triple their profits! I mean who would oppose to stretch them out has much as possible…. the fans surely don’t!

  9. stormie

    all i got to say is bravo. i just finished the last book of the series. which i must say is really two novels in one really. so why can’ we have a extra long movie that we I know would sit through to watch. the who book was the only one that i read twice because it had so much emotion. finally two loves forever into eternity. why can’t she write a book now picking up six years later when nessi’s powers are grown and to see what happens. I know jacob will think of her living forever and unless he stays a shape shifter forever he will age. But the imprinting thing i think he did to save the childs life. he did not want the pack hurting the child and that was the way to protect her. give us more please Stephenie!

  10. angela

    I want more about renesmee but her and jacob can not fall in love, but if they do i will not be mad. I just can’t get enough of these books i have fallen in love and i hardly ever love to read books until now.

  11. JoJo

    I really like the wedding, isle esme, and when bella’s pregnant, I like it when she’s a new vampire too……

  12. Gnia

    I read all 4 books within a week and I do agree that they should stretch the movies. I was a little upset with Twilight though. Throughout the movie there were no mentions of the meaning for the title. I just hope that the upcoming movies does justice to the books.

  13. Essysue

    I watched twilight and read all the others in the sequel too. I believe they should turn it into a sequel like charmed. I am obsessed, literally with the whole twilight saga.

  14. jocelyn

    Robert is the best and is the cutest

  15. Princess

    I love all the books and I’m very excited they decided to make it a sequel. I just hope they stay true to the books and not change it up too much with each movie. In a way I think they can make more than just 4 movies b/c breaking dawn is the longest and it would be ashamed if they have to cut out some really great parts. Breaking dawn can be two movies, but if they have to cut it short they have to include the wedding and isle esme, jacob and rosalie going at with the jokes and the whole book of bella being a vampire. I hope stephanie meyer reconsider ending this sequel b/c I want to read more these books are ” my own personal brand of heroin” and I can’t get enough but I am happy that she is writing Midnight Sun from Edward point of view. I always wanted to know what he thought but we have to wait until she is finish writing this one

  16. Sheila Nehring

    okay so seriously I’m 27 years old and sooooo obsessed with anything robert pattinson and or twilight. I can not wait for all the movies to be released. They have to make breaking dawn and i don’t think they should separate the book into 2 movies because do you really want to hang out for another year just waiting for part 2 of bd? I cant wait, i seriously might go mental! You all think i am kidding right now about my obsession but i am not i have a robert pattinson and a twilight poster hanging in my closet and did i mention i am 27! Oh and i’ve read all 4 books like 6 times and went to the movie 12 times! omg what am i saying i am already mental! I can hardly wait for new moon to come, and seriously how much do the fans need to rally to get Stephnie Meyer (SM) to finish midnight sun and to continue writing, i mean i understand she feels wronged but it wasn’t us her fans who stole from her. We as the fans shouldn’t be punished, how much does she need to know about how much we are in love with it all before she goes on and puts her fans before her pissy party? Don’t get me wrong i love SM and thank her for her writing, but its time for her to thank us and finish midnight sun and keep going! Am i alone with feeling this way?

  17. dakota

    i think edward is the dram guy that everyone wants and i think that in the fourth book jake needs to go away just because i really don’t care for him in the books

  18. felecia raphael

    i love the twilight saga

  19. brandi

    I am 31 and also a fanatic of twilight, I even went online and found the boardgame, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen the movie… I agree with Shiela n… Stephenie Meyer should finish midnight sun, and I can’t wait for the movie Breaking Dawn to come out… So SM, PLEASE finish midnight sun!

  20. shellytx

    I must say I was disappointed in the lack of detail in the love making scenes in Breaking Dawn. The other three books got me so worked up and then… no sexual details in the last book.
    What a let down! A few more details wouldn’t have hurt. Just how did those pillows get shredded! I agree with someone who said they hope they film a rated-R movie and then edit it down to PG-13… at least please show us the Director’s cut version for the adult women in love with this series. More please!

  21. tamy

    why not make the movie long? i now alot of people wouldn’t mind seating and watching a long movie

  22. Nadine

    I may just actually be the oldest fan yet of the twilight saga @ 39 but i agree with you all it’s got me completely captivated and awestruck.I dont know if i can handle the wait until november for new moon.I thank u all for letting me in on the new book midnight sun which i didnt even know about so thanx….any idea about its release date let me know ok oh and breaking dawn should be broken up into 2 movies cause there is way to much 2 cover in 1. the wait will be so well worth it if they cover as much as possible so we dont end up dissappointed.

  23. Clarissa Roach

    I Agree with the second comment on the page and I would just like to add the emphasis on meeting all the other clans of vampires. It’s an important part into why and how Bella and her family are able to defeat the Volturi.

  24. tiffany

    I am your # 1 FAN!! I read all the books in less than a month. I CAN’T wait for the next movie!! But I like Breaking Dawn the most because Bella and Edward get married and Bella turns into a vampire after she has her baby Renesmee. I think SM should finish Midnight Sun!! These are the only books I have read all the way through and enjoyed them. I can’t get enough of the Twilight Saga. I am reading the Twilight Saga again!! I CAN’T even tell you how much I love everyone in the cast and crew! The Cullen family is the BEST family EVER!! The Cullen family are my favorite characters in the movie! I love how 3… well now 4 people in the family has special powers! Remember I am you # 1! I want to meet all of you! I want all of your autographs!! I hope you don’t cut anything out of Breaking Dawn!


  25. geavony

    i did not read the twilight saga

  26. Kristi

    I think the things to cut out should be:
    -Bella going to J Jenks/Scott (I am still confused by his name)… that could save probably 30 minutes; she didn’t need those documents anyway.
    -Make them wait a shorter time for the Volturi to come, I felt like I was never going to get to the point where actually came.
    I want them to focus on the beautiful wedding, the baby being born, Bella’s transformation, and then the victory.. of course, you need action, so that can be during the baby being born and the Volturi stand off.

    Please don’t cut out too much. If people can sit through 4 hours of pure hell with the Titanic, I know I can sit through 10 hours of Bella and Edward. I just want to see more of them!

  27. Heather

    That’s so true I would sit through all the movies if they made them longer. I think the last two should be more then 2hrs long just so we can get alot more.

  28. athena

    I agree! I read all 4 books in a week and I’m so mesmerized by the love between Bella & Edward. The 1st 3 books made me want them to get intimate and Edward is such a gentleman that he wanted to wait until they were married. I would definitely would have liked more details from their 1st time together in the beach water to the 2nd time where she begged him after it freaked him out when he bruised her all up. They have to show when Edward stabs the venom in her heart and bites her to seal the venum throughout her body. They can’t cut out the delivery or the wedding and where bella meets tanya, irina and Kate. or any of the honeymoon. I agree about J Jenks.. cut that part out or make it real quick. The introduction to all the vampires can be quicker too. I too thought it took awhile to get to the standoff – but completely understand why it would take long too. oh, I want to see bella discovering her beauty as a vampire & her first hunt leading to her birthday present of the cottage home where Edward & Bella have sex (for real) for the 1st time as a vampire.
    Please Stephanie don’t let Breaking Dawn be the last… pick up several years later with Reneseme or Nessie (lol) grown up and obviously they fall into some predicament for some action. And show the passion between Edward & Bella like it was the 1st time they met.

  29. Danielle

    Well this is awesome! I can’t believe they’re actually making Breaking Dawn a movie! I’ve been dying to know if they would. I know it’s gonna be beyond awesome! They could just make the movie like 3 hours long or something because they won’t need every single thing from the book especially the pregnancy scene that can definitely be shortened and not everything is super important though! I wonder how they’ll actually get someone to play Renesmee that’s gonna be super tricky for ’em but good luck to ’em i’m sure they’ll figure it out!

  30. cosmeqween

    I absolutely loved the series and really wish that stephenie would continue, maybe in a couple different directions, either a series of what happens with nessie growing up and being with jacob, or maybe even how the cullens and other covens were made…like how carlisle created the family and how he was created himself and the relationship with the other vampire families, I guess I just want more…and I think there’s so many directions she can go, I just hope she’s not done here…I know its crazy to say but me being 30yrs old, I think about the story so much, I myself have dreamt myself into the story…kinda spooky in a way…anyhow…I love reading her stories, I have never been a “book” type of person…but this really got me hooked…I haven’t been able to read a different story yet…I want more of this one! Please give us more stephenie!

  31. Shanice

    yea i reckon that you shouldn’t cut out any from the book it would of made Twilight a whole of a lot better if it was exactly from the book but still TWILIGHT IS THE BEST. you should definitely do everything out of the book for the movie who cares if we have to sit there for 10hrs it would definitely be worth it ..
    I am your #1 fan i have read all of the books in one week and i would read them all again and again it is depressing when i finished reading them because i didn’t want it to end it is ADDICTIVE :)
    IT IS the best book series in the world and no other books can compare to this series…

  32. jinx

    I think that if Harry Potter 7 can be broken into two movies, so can Breaking Dawn. There is so much in the book I would love to see in movie form. I really want to see Bella angrily go after Jacob (including the side comments from Edward and Emmett… so funny). I don’t want any aspect of Breaking Dawn cut to fit movie length, therefore I say break it into two movies. I’d wait for another movie if it meant seeing everything that is so great about the book.

  33. Jenna

    i think that it should be broken up into two movies then more details can be put in

  34. Julie

    I would personally(as well as everyone I had talked to sit through an 8 hour movie and pay whatever it took to get every detail of these books on the big screen. They are making plenty of money off of Twilight to have as big a movie budget as they need, and all of the fans would flock reguardless. Too much cut out is disappointing. The book was already edited, leave it alone now, screenplay the whole thing, on Eclipse NAD Breaking dawn(as well as Midnight Sun when it is released) or they could at least film extended versions with ALL of the details, then do theatrical version. It kind of makes me feel Robbed to not get the full feel of the book after reading it. And with the last two(so far) in the saga, I really think they should stick with the books and go all out full length. I also think Stephanie Meyers should continue the series, until there is nowhere left to go. Some make think that’s overdoing it, but I would like to know how all of the relationships work out, including the one with renesme and Jacob, Bella and BOTH her parents, Charlie and Sue, does Bella’s mom ever get to see Bella OR her grandchild? There is alot left to be told, and alot of people whi would give just about anything to see and read it all firsthand.

  35. Ashley

    Edward i want to see breaking dawn right are so cute in movies and so sexy.
    from ashley

  36. margaretta

    I love Edward he is the hottest guy none to man i am obsessed wit the twilight saga and i was shocked wen Bella got pregnant wit Renesmee and even more shocked wen Jacob fell in love wit Nessie the book was awesome i loved all the books

  37. b

    they should release breaking dawn in two parts, they could still film it altogether a la LOTR and then release them 6 months apart, this would give the special effects ppl more time to work on renesmee and also they’d have more time to tell the story so less to leave out.
    i really love these books so much, i’ve never read a love story like it before and everyone i know that has read them is hooked!!

  38. Brandy

    I’m sorry to say but the book is too long to enjoy wholly as one movie. I would love a long 3 hr “Titanic” type movie but our men wouldn’t, I was surprised he stayed during Twilight. I honestly think there should be a break up into 2 movies at the point of Edward trying to save his new bride. The blood spewing out can be minimized by scene ‘cuts’ to black. Let me try to explain:

    Bella bends to try to catch the cup, we hear a crack and close up of Edwards’ horrified/surprised expression, scene cut to black screen 1 sec pause…

    Bella folds into Edwards’ arms and spews fountains of blood, scene cut to black 1 sec pause…

    Edward holding his beloved races up stairs lays her on the table there is the conversation about the placental abruption, Bella comes to and screams her line and another fountain of blood, scene cuts to black…

    Rosalie, Edward, and Jacob are trying to save them both. Rose gets thrown out, of course, and Nessie is delivered, Rose takes Nessie she after bites her dying mother and poor broken hearted Jake realizes the love is gone and leaves. He heads down stairs full of rage and sees Rose and Nessie, we hear Bella’s racing heart as Jacob imprint on her newborn halfbreed daughter and end scene on the beautiful cherubic face of Renesme and her penetrating chocolate eyes, scene fades black…

    The second movie begins the same way the nexta chapter start from Bella’s point of view and back tracks everything as a quick 2 min recap. We should be privileged to enjoy dear Bella’s newborn vampirism as we all have secretly fantasized how we would react given the same circumstances of true undying love and incredible strength and power and goes on through to the end.

    It is just a suggestion, I guess to much thinking about Twilight.

  39. Renee Skinner

    ok… I’m from australia and we only got the first movie out in 2008.
    I’ve just found out that the next one NEW MOON isn’t going to be out until november 2009.
    then i go on the website and find out that i have to wait till 2010 for ECLIPSE.
    then i have to wait until 2011 for BREAKING DAWN….
    don’t see y they cant get the movies done around the same time…
    they got all the books out at the same time..
    soo sad have to wait for 3 years to see the whole series

  40. Anna

    Why are you proposing two movies for the book 4? Make a 3 hour movie! that would be great so we won’t have to wait another six months or a year for the second part. A lot of people watch happily the lord or the rings, for ex, a 3 hour movie!
    Don’t do breaking dawn in two parts, please!

    By the way, yea Edward’s the perfect guy! but the reasons are several: Good looking, Strong, Rich, He doesn’t sleep, and! he doesn’t eat! jajaja i’m a terrible cook so, yeah, he will be my perfect guy. I’m 34, i’ve read the four books 3 or 4 times, i just love them.

  41. twilight lover

    The booked sucked. It has no plot. WTF! are you people retarded. Bella is a skank who always plays the victim. And edward is an abusive mcsparkle vampire. Jacob, the one character with redeemable qualities gets turned in a pedophile. Where is the supposed sub plot; really the whole book is marriage, sex, hellspawn, bella-vamp, and then discussion with ‘bad’ vampires. WHOOPEE! I just wasted my money on a pale dracula imitation. (minus the attractive non-abusive personality.)

  42. Brandy

    You have no right to call yourself a Twilight lover! How in the hell did you think it should end. She wanted to experience her husband as a human 1st time b/c she thought she wouldn’t feel for him all the devotion she does for years to come. Jacob never thought about sexing up a baby. If he had Edward and Bella would have shredded him. Edward just wants what’s best for his family and like and smart married man he is a sucker for his wife and ultimately gives in to her pleas. The fight at the end did you want a fight and most or ar least our favorite vampires die in the end. I personally was pleased w/ the book and would love a PG-13 or even R-rated 3 hour movie.

    I sat through Harry Potter, Transformers, Titanic, and Lords of the Rings. I sure as hell can sit through a love story that doesn’t end in tragedy. I agree I don’t want to wait 2 and 1/2 more years to finally end the saga can’t they film it all together and premire the last two in the same year maybe a few months apart. Fans would love it if they came out a week or month apart. I know I would. The only thing I would change is how buff and chiseled Edward is. I know he is suppose to be lean and svelt like a mountain lion but personally I was always attracted to buff guys. I know Jacob would be my type. It would be between Jacob and Emment if Rosalie was w/ Edward. I love everything about Edward I just would want him buffer.

    One thing I didn’t get, baby vampires. Even if their bodies never changed why would their minds continue to expand. The others vampires continued to learn and expand their knowlegde and everyone knows that childrens minds grow rapidly w/in those first 5 years and slow down after that. Edward learns 5 different languages fluently, why couldn’t the children learn to control themselves?

  43. Stephanie

    I love the books and the movie. great work. I was so upset that BD was the end. I hope in some way she can continue on, I would love to know how little Reneesme turned out later on. Also to find out how close the family really became with a wolf in the mix.

  44. Cornafean1

    i loved the twilight movie, but it could of been WAY better there’s a load of stuff in the book that wasn’t in the movie, new moon is just going to be brilliant and so is eclipse and breaking dawn,breaking dawn should be made in 2 movies because so much happens in it or if not 2 movies it’d have to be about 3 hours long but all in all they’re the best movies EVA !

  45. Kaitlyn

    I want to see the wedding! I want to see Jacob come back and dance with Bella, and I most def. want to see that honeymoon! I want to see feathers everywhere! And they better not cut out the the part when she has the baby I want to see Jacob push Rosalie away from Bella… I don’t care if it’s a 4 hour movie I want it to be so much like the book I don’t want anything cut out.

  46. Nishanth Soans

    Stephanie Meyer i love you for writing such a amazing story

  47. Isabelle

    I agree the movie should not be split into 2 movies, but rather made into one 3 hour movie.
    Essential: Introduce the movie but get on to the wedding quiclky. Bella’s first time with edward on isle Esmee – the pregnancy – Bella’s lack of appetite, nauseousness, fast growth, needing to drink blood to stay alive (ironic given that Bella gets sick and lightheaded around blood, unfortunately the movie never aluded to that fact), tension between Rosalie and the rest of the Cullens, but pregnancy should not be too long. Bella’s transformation is A MUST – please don’t skip out on transformation and Bella’s awakening, new senses developed, disorientation at first, not recognizing the cullens even Bella growling at them. I agree with athena – Bella’s first hunt that leads to the cottage must be shown. Meeting the new vampires and the confrontation with the Volturi is also a must.
    Movie could be open to Jacob and Renesmee, but a book of movie about Jacob and Renesmee, I ca’t say I’d be interested since I never cared for Jacob in the first place, but that’s just my personal opinion.

  48. Kate

    Since Twilight has such a HUGE following, I think that if Lord of the Rings can put out a 3 hour movie then Twilight (Breaking Dawn) can put out a 2-3 hour movie and people will definitely come to watch it. This book has so many important things happening that you can’t just skip full parts of the book. Okay, sure condense the wedding scene a bit and the honeymoon, but you need to keep important scenes like when she got sick from the chicken and realized she was pregnant, etc. The humorous parts of Jacobs Book definitely need to be in there to show the pain and suffering he is going through b/c he loves Bella so much but can’t be with her and becoming Alpha, etc. I would definitely see this movie if it was more than 2 1/2 hours long b/c the details are so important to the characters and the end of the story.

  49. ava

    I read all 4 books in 10 days(read again and again) I’m so mesmerized by love between Bella and Edward. I can’t tell you how much I love everyone in the cast and crew. I hope you don’t cut anything out of Breaking dawn. People can sit through 4 hour or more. Thank…

  50. naree

    I love the books and the movie. Fantastic.. I never read a love story like this before.. I love very very much. and love everyone in the cast and crew.. every body great work.. And I don’t care 4 hour or 10 hour. I want breaking dawn to be so much like the book. I don’t want anything cut out please..

  51. Abi

    I think that the movie should be made long because so many people are calling themselves no. 1 fans then why should they care about sitting through a long movie.
    Lord of the Rings was about 3 and a half hours long and millions of people have watched that…
    I just know for sure that not many people are going to have the patience to wait for the second park of Breaking Dawn to come out maybe a year after the first part.
    Yesterday, I finished reading Breaking Dawn for the 6th time and I still want to read it again.
    I just think that the hardest part about making the film is going to be Renesmee and how she communicates with people. I know that however it’s done, it’s going to be brilliant just like the book

  52. Lydia

    I’ve read all of the books and loved Breaking Dawn the most! It was the best in my opinion. I can’t wait for the movie because I’m dying to know if the new director can fit all of the details and main events that are a must-see. I don’t think it should be made into 2 movies. I mean I want the movie to have everything but I agree that the movie needs to be made into a 3 hr. movie. And the rating I think should be rated R. I’m like every other girl who DUH wants to see the honeymoon because come on you get to see Robert Pattinson almost entirely naked. lol I also love Jacob so when I saw the previews for New Moon with him, with short hair and that six-pack I think I was starting to drool. I feel bad about how the whole situation between him and Bella hurts him so much. I don’t blame him for not wanting to see her or talk to her ever again. I wasn’t sure when I was still reading who Bella would’ve picked in the end bc I know I would’ve been stumped! Although as the movies go on the characters change and get harder for the actors to play. Because it would be hard to go into so much depth, especially the last book bc it will be hardest to get everything all the main events exactly like the book. I think all the actors will continue to do great jobs. Although I’ve never been too sure of Kristen Stewart. I don’t think that she fully captures the character of Bella and I don’t think she’s a good actress 2 begin with. I mean I saw the picture of Breaking Dawn with Rob and Kristen and the lil girl who is gonna play Renesme. Of course Rob looks amazing and the little girl was so cute but when I saw Kristen I was like okay I thought when u transformed into a vampire you became beautiful and SM describes Bella as basically gorgeous…well uh no offense to Kristen Stewart or the people who dressed her up and did her makeup but she looks more aweful and uglier than the movie and in reality.

  53. Maddy Barnard

    Ok, this will be the hardest movie to make in the twilight saga, especially with Renesmee, but they should be able to do this. It should all be one movie and rated M, but they should have everything in the movie, I’m not quite sure how they’ll do the whole Book 1: Bella Book 2: Jacob and Book 3: Bella without splitting the movie but they should be able to. If they have everything it will make the movie a whole lot better than if they get rid of certain things.

  54. amy

    I think this needs to be a 3 hour movie just so everything gets in there and is told right

  55. Courtney

    I agree with everyone who say’s don’t do it in one movie. There is too much to try and make it into a two hour movie. I think that since the book is in three parts, there should be a movie for each part, that would make it better.

    Especially since the middle part is from Jacob’s pov, not Bella’s. It would be easier to do it in three movies just because it switches pov’s.

  56. Tee

    t be the oldest SM fan ever. I’m turning 60 this December and I’m so obsessed with her Twilight series, I’ve read each book twice and bought the movie and seen it at least eight times. I LOVE everything she does. However, I’m having trouble getting into the Host.
    Please, please have Katheryn Hardwicke direct Breaking Dawn. She did such an amazing job with Twilight and seemed to really feel the love between the characters. Go Bella and Edward. I’m a team Edward fan. Jacob is alright; but Edward is my secret crush. Oh my. I can’t wait till November when New Moon opens and then 2010 when Eclipse opens and then when Breaking Dawn opens. I’m so excited to know they are making a fourth movie. I didn’t see how they could stop at three. Go team Edward! Long live love

  57. d

    i love the vampires AND the werewolves! i love emmett the best! he’s my big teddy bear!

  58. Lisa Cluett

    I think the part you MUST include is the romantic scences with bella and edward. everyone reads the books for their love and if it turns into pg 13 with just a kiss, millions will be dissapointed. this is the last book where they finally connect and that has to be shown on film

  59. Alana

    i really agree with the fact that you barely noticed they even had sexual scenes in the last book until the next morning wen they briefly mention the head board or pillow. also i dont think that they should shorten the movie, if theyb would realised that EVERYONE is going crazy over twilight no one would mind sitting though somethin that they enjoy so much. i mean why cut it out after we are so eager to see it after readin the depth of the books. if someone could sit through like 3 hours worth of ‘lord of the rings :S’ then im sure that a movie that majority of the world have a major interest it, would not complain about the duration of the movies. if you dontlike it dont watch it really.
    coming from a MASSIVE MASSIVE supporter of twilight and the depth and emotions that twilight goes through not only gives us something to experience but shows a range of different emotions and experiences that many people have gone through wether they be female or male.
    hopefully somebody listens to me. \\
    lastly pleasee dont change the movie much from the book. we read the book and enjoyed it for a reason.


  60. Priscilla

    i hope that they dont change anything from the book it is uh-mazing.should be alike. when is the release date is it in August?

  61. sandra

    twilight is the best. but breaking dawn is far beter than twilight,its a KILLER.

  62. brittany

    i love breaking dawn it is the best book out of the wholle saga i hope they make it into a movie.

  63. Dana

    Keeping Breaking Dawn in one movie would be the worst possible decision that Summit could make! not only would it be horrible and give every twilight saga fan a HEART ATTACK, but it would lose lots of money. Taking the time and money to make two movies for Breaking Dawn and get all the important details would wrap up the series in a great way. I’m Someone who saw Twilight in theater seven times, i attended the midnight premiere of New Moon and already have three more dates to go see it in theater again. Making the movies portray the books as perfectly as possible would lead to a better success for the series on many levels.

  64. lol

    when will breaking dawn come out in theaters?

  65. angelicangel94

    okay so i was reading this very passionate twilight’s girl comment…. well the only thing i have to say is that you can’t help who plays who….most people like who plays Edward and bella others don’t..but for those of you who don’t, my solution is don’t watch the movies if you are that upset about it, and if you and when you watch, don’t COMPLAIN!!!!! It ain’t going to help the movie one bit…now that is cleared up i will say this…. I am happy for Robert and Kristen parts, i have to say i was a little disappointed when i heard who was playing Bella and Edward but….i got over it….see if you love the books and you picture them the way you want to then that’s, that. But the movie ain’t going to perfect as us twilight fans want it to be…
    See i have read the series 15 times and that ain’t counting individually either so i know what i am talking about….Edward in the movie is what i halfway saw in my head when i read like say the high cheek bones and the forehead the long pale fingers the height…….so don’t go ditching Edward in the movie cause it ain’t what you pictured in your mind…Bella well i pictured her looking as bella in the movie.
    I have to say this passionate twilight girl was right on how the movie was done. In twilight they cut out so many parts and did many parts wrong or made them into different scene like she said about when bell first encounters how cold he is it don’t happen in the car but in biology, and then there is the scene where the car is about to crush Bella, Edward don’t leave he stays with her but keeps as far as the tiny space allows him to be after she refuses to stay laid on the ground or how about the part about when he first takes her to the meadow?? in to the clearing?? just think about it ha ha …okay enough about that time for new moon….
    Okay new moon was good but not great some parts were wrong and some parts dead on….like when she sees jake change into a wolf…wrong but good…but they got the part when he goes into her room through the window…..
    Okay Eclipse…know i have to say they better get all the parts that are important and i mean all!!! ( even the part where jasper and Rosalie tell there story to Bella)) or the movie won’t be as fun…thats all i have got to say…for now…
    As for breaking dawn ( at last ) two movies!!!! i think everyone agrees on that…the book can’t be done into 1 movies it just ain’t possible….if they did it into 1 movie it wouldn’t be good cause we all know that they would leave the important part out and call it Breaking Dawn…. Ok so breaking dawn is a wonderful book…when they start filming the movie they can’t leave no import part out….like the part when she tells charlie that she is engaged…that is some funny stuff…and then the before car scene…the wedding…..the honeymoon..and yes even the romance part…and the pert where she finds out the she is pregnant and she tells Edward and then carlise calls ( another funny part…okay to me it was lol ) and then the part where the maid comes in ….. well you get the point…..maybe they should do 3 movies in my opinion…cause i mean think about if you want every detail t movies ain’t going to do it….

  66. lynzy

    I read all books and i thought they were awsome! Its such a great story to me, my sister and alot of other people. I wish you would continue with the twilight saga. I cant wait to see Braking Dawn next. Thank You!

  67. Hailey Drew

    I love Twilight I hope there will be more than just Breaking Dawn being the last one.

  68. DR.A

    I’m one of the fans of this series.I Love Edward and I’m waiting to see the 4th part:))

  69. Kerina singh

    i already have tickets to see breaking dawn !can’t wait for movie town to start showing it !!!

  70. santi

    Love Edward so much,can’t stop thinking about him, love the book, love the movie also (even if the a movie isn’t as detailed as the book)

  71. arielle

    make another one please

  72. Elisha

    Sorry too say i don’t really think she will be writing a new book and another movie i really want them too make a forth one when the daughter grows up and gets together with jacob like alice showed at the end off part 2 will be great