Twilight 8 Minute Clip Better Version

Twilight Cullen House

A better version of the 8 minute Twilight clip shown at the Rome Film festival has shown up online.

Here it is:


Taken down following a request by Summit Entertainment representatives.

Thanks to this better version of the clip we also have a nice of the Cullen’s house: there is no denying that vampires do know to choose a nice and romantic house near the woods!

10 Responses - “Twilight 8 Minute Clip Better Version”

  1. alyssa

    um. ya next time you do this. make everyone shut the hell up. k

  2. Louise desu Tsukiyomi

    Jasper looks high. I love Rosalie’s shoes!!!

  3. lauren kelly

    okay that was a cool trailer but i couldnt hear crap bcus everyone was yelling so next time shut everyone up.

  4. Cari

    Kay. This is bullshit.

    The movie is going to suck. They f***ed everything up from the books.

    And that is SO not what the Cullen’s house is supposed to look like.

  5. autumn gee

    shut the hell up!
    if you are smart enough to figure out
    and you would’ve done your research
    they couldnt make it like the book
    (word to word) because of the lack of
    budget! stupid stupid stupid! please get your
    facts straight before you say that this movie
    is going to suck!! people like you shouldnt
    even get the privilage to read the TWILIGHT SAGA!

    autumn gee.

  6. ashleyyy

    fuuuuhkkk edward is beautiful<3

  7. katy

    Movies are never as good as the books, but I for one still cant wait to see the movie and cant wait for the rest of the books to be made into a movie..especially the 4th…

  8. michee

    I love the movie Jacob is so sexy and so is Edword and James (mostly Jacob). I can’t wait to see the second one to see if it is as good as twilight (watched twice and I bet the second one will be better)!

  9. stephanie

    Twilight is the bom because is a great movie and I love edward and everone that’s the vampires there sooo great. edward is HOT okay sexy too. but all i wanted to say was that I CAN’T WAIT UNTILL THE REST OF THE MOVIES COMES OUT . because i am going to get it right away. i wish that can play in that movie and be the vampire to just like the cullens are i want to be reseeme the daughter of edward and bella that would be soo alsome. love ya soo much and have agreat time playing the movie I’ll bet it will be great.

  10. Gwyneth

    I am so addicted to Twilight cause i haven’t seen a vampire romance and Stephanie Meyer, has a special scene in Twilight, that’s the time she was writing the Twilight saga Called” Midnight Sun” . Twilight is born because it is a great movie made by Stephanie Meyer, The vampires, I TOTALLY LOVED: ROSALIE,EMMETT,ALICE,JASPER,EDWARD,CARLISLE, AND ESME