Twilight Ballet Scene Full Clip

Twilight MovieA Twilight preview clip featuring the ballet scene was released a few weeks ago. It seems an extended version of this clip was shown at the Comic Con, i just spotted it on youtube:


Twilight is the movie adaptation of the book of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. It is a romantic vampire story!

5 Responses - “Twilight Ballet Scene Full Clip”

  1. Anonymous

    it was kind of scary but at the same moment, heroic

  2. Awesome!

    OMG…. It was so Amazing when edward came to save bella and then Alice and the others show up! IT WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. anonymous

    I love the books. I read all of them at least twice but the movie was not what I was looking for. They could have made it sooo much more better. And the actors did not acted out the parts very well. I hope the next movie is better. I did not really feel the connection they (Bella and Edward) had in the book. It was rushed. And the only person I think was casted right was Jess and Carsile.

  4. Rachel

    Ok, I have a question. When Edward has James pressed against the glass and he bites his neck what does he rip out. I have seen the movie like 5 times but I still don’t really know what he does. Please let me know…

    Wondering twilight fan..

  5. Juliana

    apparently, they put like a bunch of gross stuff there for him to bite.
    I don’t remember what exactly but you can find it somewhere on the web.