Twilight Clip

Edward and Bella are in love in Twilight the romantic vampire movie!

The official release of Twilight, the movie adpated from Stephenie Meyer’s book, is nearing, so the promotion of the movie is kicking into high gear. Some preview clips of twilight are now released in high quality:

Twilight Movie

Fans have not seen Twilight yet but are already craving for New Moon! Will Summit Entertainment be able to keep the Twilight flame alive till the sequel though?

6 Responses - “Twilight Clip”

  1. james

    Why does it matter? The movie is going to come out and that’s all that matters. So I think all should stop bitching about it and grow up.

  2. Alicia

    I think Edward is so freaking gorgeous that I want him so bad!

  3. Me!


  4. Me!

    I definitely will be going to see this movie multiple times!

  5. big fan....

    OMG Edward is sexy! I love you!

  6. sylvia

    here’s the thing people:
    first of all “New moon” is starting to shoot this March and is directed by Chris Weitz while they shoot new moon, the script writer is already writing “ECLIPSE” so there is time, is not like they are going to wait until NEW MOON comes out. another thing
    they are doing this because ECLIPSE is directed by someone else, so right after the characters are done with New moon they’ll start shooting ECLIPSE RIGHT AWAY…. oh and they can’t wait if yall want the same people to play their characters since the vampires can’t grow old have to stay the same. so stop giving a hard time… the new director is going to work hard to bring us the best movie. p.s: YOU ALL KNOW THAT AT THE END THE RELEASE DATES CHANGE MOST OF THE TIME, FOR CERTAIN MINORITY PROBLEMS OR SO, SO IT MIGHT NOT BE THE FINAL OFFICIAL DATE, UNTIL WE GET CLOSER TO THE DATE