Twilight Cullen Family Clip

We’ve got our hand on a bootleg clip of the Cullen’s house scene from the rome film festival!

Enjoy below you Twilight fix:

Twilight Rome

Clips taken down….


Fans were definitely courageous, we have a second better-quality version of the clip with the Cullen family:

Twilight Cullen’s House

People seems to really enjoy the Twilight movie: we will also enjoy the full Twilight movie soon! Less than one month before the release of Twilight by now.

Update: A much better version bootleg clip of Twilight is available at:

Twilight 8 minute clip Better Version


11 Responses - “Twilight Cullen Family Clip”

  1. cait adamek

    thank you so much for this! I dont know where this clip is from but to everyone who made it possible thanks!! here in the US we’ve only seen little bits at a time which is not fair. Come on stephenie meyer, you owe more to us, your fans.

  2. kimberli

    omg i thank who ever posted this and u are the best and i agree that we should get more then just little clips of the film it is just SO unfair… love u all xxoo

  3. Lillian

    Oh my gosh, this just gets me even more excited for it to come out in America. Where was this filmed? It’s obviously not in America.

  4. nalyn

    i want the book…. im not sATISFIED by the film!!!

  5. nelia

    First of all I want to congratulate the cast of twilight especially Edward you know what it’s because they make me feel I really love the movie and I think I fall in love with Edward

  6. nelia

    Hey there I really like the movie you know i fall in love with Edward because he’s so protective to Bella when would you show the second episode???

  7. nelia

    Ha I wish I could see them personally so that i can hug Edward

  8. lilly

    OMG! I LOVE twilight and Edward he’s HOT I’m SO jealous of Bella I want to kill her but I still love her acting so I think I’ll kill her after all the Twilight movies are out. LOL, just kidding.

  9. xharyl c.

    I hope that the twilight sequel would be much better as the previous. I hope they won’t modify the story in the book because it would be another story. Robert Pattinson rocks! I wonder how do the girls who turned him down felt at this time…they should be very disappointed!

  10. geocel

    oh Edward you are so HOT… and Bella… damn your one lucky girl… love you both.. hugs and kisses to you both..

  11. kimberli

    it was film in portland oregon