Twilight Cullen House

Twilight Edward and Bella will make babies one day!

I just spotted a Twilight clip that’s been out since three month already. Can’t believe I did not catch this scene before! It is a really romantic scene between Edward and Bella. I think this scene takes place just after the Twilight clip shown at the Rome Film Festival:


Edward and Bella, Cullen’s House Scene, Twilight Movie

Bella (Kristen Stewart) does not know to dance, but she shouldn’t worry: with someone like Edward (Robert Pattinson) to guide her it will be like a dream!

7 Responses - “Twilight Cullen House”

  1. Twilight Merch & Gifts

    Thanks for sharing! I have that seen that clip many times but there has always been music instead of dialogue. It is a truly romantic scene. I can’t wait to see the entire movie!!

  2. Dee

    I always love any scene or picture of the movie!

  3. leilani

    love the movie…in love with cullen already.cant wait

  4. Mary Alice Cullen

    I too love the movie but the cullens house is BLACK AND NOT WHITE!

  5. Alice Cullen

    I think they should have gone closer to the cullen house described in the book but oh well it’s still pretty!

  6. Natasha

    Ya in the book the house is supposed to be like 100 years old … it dosnt look a hundred , but o well the movie rocks!!!!

  7. Twilight-Luvva

    i think the house suited it well, but it should have looked a bit older. Anyway, I LOVE TWILIGHT! (especially Edward)