Twilight Eclipse Movie Trailer

Twilight Eclipse Movie Trailer LeakedSome good news from Summit Entertainment confirm that the first official movie trailer of Twilight Eclipse will be shown Remember Me! Which kind off makes sense since the movie is distributed by Summit too and that the film is starring Robert Pattinson, aka Edward from the Twilight Saga.

Twilight Eclipse Trailer

“The #EclipseTrailer will play with REMEMBER ME in theatres on March 12!”

Summit Entertainment, via Twitter

“Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is reunited with the love of her life (and vampire), Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). Her life is back to the way it was before the Cullens’ left, except for one major thing. Before Edward left, Bella had not considered Jacob Black (werewolf) her best friend (Taylor Lautner), and she is in vain trying to make Edward and Jacob to make peace and be friends. She is torn between the love she feels for Edward, and the strong friendship between her and Jacob. Can she make them see sense, and can they be good too each other to keep from hurting Bella?And there’s new dangers lurking around in the corners, Seattle is stalked by massmurders beyond humanity. Who’s behind this, and what connection does it have with Bella? ”

This Twilight Eclipse trailer will for sure find its way online, so stay tuned, and go watch Remember Me as soon as you can to get to see the first official Twilight Eclipse trailer in real HD quality!

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