Twilight Eclipse Seth Clearwater

Here’s a first look at Booboo Stewart as Seth Clearwater in the upcoming movie Twilight Eclipse:

Eclipse Trailer

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Full name: Seth Clearwater
Status: Werewolf
Group: Quileute Wolf Pack
Fur: Color: Sandy
Date of Birth: Unknown
Special abilities: Telepathy with the pack, delayed aging, rapid healing,
acute senses, enhanced speed and strength

He’s way more handsome than Taylor Lautner (who plays the role of Jacob)!

6 Responses - “Twilight Eclipse Seth Clearwater”

  1. Kisha

    I don’t know which to choose Edward, Seth, and Jacob? Edward, Seth, Jacob, Edward, Seth, and Jacob? oh my!

  2. Nadja

    Seriously, SETH (BooBoo Stewart) is the hottest of them all!!!!!!!

  3. camille25

    he’s just so cute!!! oh goodie!!! :D

  4. yasmine

    nauh taylor lautner is way hotter than seth

  5. Begüm

    I love booboo