Twilight Eclipse

Twilight 3 EclipseIt’s been announced that the third Twilight movie, The Twilight Saga Eclipse, aka Twilight 3, will film from August 17th until October 31st at Vancouver Film Studios.

More at: Eclipse Movie Trailer

Director David Slade ( who once brought 30 Days of Night) is in charge of the project which is based on script by Melissa Rosenberg.

Twilight fans are worried about David Slade directing Twilight 3, can’t understand this: ok David Slade knows a lot about Vampire movie but not so sure that he can really seize and understand all the emotions from Stephenie Meyer’s books…

Anyway, Stephenie Meyers and her fans are here to remind him that he has to do a good job with the movie Twilight 3 Eclipse.

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  1. mckenna

    i love jacob he is so sexy

  2. sarrawr

    kellan lutz is hot. :)