Twilight Edward and Bella Character Posters

Twilight is an upcoming vampire movie, but not the usual vampire movie, there is a twist brought by Stephenie Meyer who wrote the original book: it’s a romantic vampire movie!

Twilight Movie

New Twilight character posters have been unveiled, they feature the two main characters of the movie, Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart):
(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)

Bella (Kristen Stewart) - Twilight Edward (Robert Pattinson) - Twilight
Bella and Edward in twilight

Romanticism is like flowing out of those Twilight posters! Edward looks much better on this poster than on the prevoius cover of EW!

82 Responses - “Twilight Edward and Bella Character Posters”

  1. Brittany

    AAAHHH!!! I totally love these books!
    Although, I could use a little more
    love for Jacob! Don’t get me wrong, I like
    Edward, but I LOVE Jacob. He’s sweet
    and cute and amazing… AAAHHH!!!

  2. Hannah

    I love Edward Cullen <3
    Robert Pattinson is perfect for the part.
    So Fit.
    I don’t like Jacob though.
    It goes;
    1. Edward
    2. Jasper
    3. Emmett
    4. Jacob.
    lol xx

  3. mikayla

    omg so i just think that all the guys in this book soung hott!!!! i kinda hate the book cause i wish i was in love and stuff like thaat but besides the jelously i LLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chicka

    I love Edward! He is so amazing in so many ways! Him and Bella are so perfect for each other. I want to either be a vampire or be in love with one! <3

  5. Tiffany

    i love this book it!!!!!!!! i think they are amazing and really good. I can’t wait until the movie comes out. I am going to scream when i am sitting in the movie theaters, right when the movie starts. I am going to say one more thing. I LOVE Edward and Jacob both so cute. (but edward is better)

  6. lilina

    edward is cute
    jacob is f***ing fine

  7. The Twilight Store

    I have seen the posters in person and they are HOT!

  8. Rosalita

    I F***ING LOVE JACOB!!!!!!!

  9. Dee

    OMG What are you people saying?! Edward totally beats Jacob any day!!! I HATE JACOB!

  10. Dee

    My thing goes:

  11. Dee

    Edward can beat Jacob’s butt any stinkin day

  12. Dee

    Edwards better and cuter than Jacob!
    You do not want to know how much I love Edward!
    I have 15 posters of him in my room[the cullen family as well and Bella] but mostly Edward!

  13. Dee


  14. Christy

    Honestly, I hate the fact that everyone argues over Jacob and Edward. I’m like Bella, I’m Switzerland. I cannot choose. It’s as simple as that. At first, I was all for Edward, but then he left, and I was really disappointed, which then made me obsess over Jacob. So for a while I was team Jacob, obviously, but that’s not the point. The point is that both Edward and Bella got what they each wanted AND deserved. And for Jacob, sure, it’s sad he’s not the one Bella wanted, but in they end he imprints on Renesmee. So everyone’s happy right?! Besides, Edward and Jacob are equally gorgeous, :-) !

  15. candy Shigly

    Edward is so much better than Jake! Edward is the perfect mach for bella! i wish there was more than 4 books cuz i know when they end i am gonna cry! i am on the third one!

  16. EC Luva!

    how could any one say that Jacob is hotter than Edward! Edward is the hottest thing ever! His eyes are amazing! I cant wait for the movie! i am going the day it comes out! i LOVE Edward and Bella and Alice! Jake is all right but he needs his own girl NOT Bella! Edward is such a cute name! I agree with Candy Shigly! Edward is better and HOTT! i am gonna cry so much when there is no more books

  17. I Love b.d.w.

    i am so in love with edward. he is romantic some how i thought it was sweet when he told bella he used to wathc her sleep!!! then when jacob came in the story i wanted him to be just a friend. i nearly put new moon down when edward hadnt been in it for over half the book. she was so destined to be a vampire. she was wanting it so bad i couldnt see why she would consider jacob.

  18. Dee

    All of you people r sooooo weird! Except the people who LLLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE Edward!

  19. one of those twilight ppl!

    jake(jacob) is so freaking smexy! i mean i love him! 11-21-08 things will never be the same!

  20. kirstie

    robert pattison as edward = a gorgeous man.
    taylor lautner as jacob = little boy.

    simple as that.

    and honestly, bella needs to be with someone that would always provide for her, jacob has got the mind of a little kid and is so immature. when the going gets tough he throws temper tantrums. i for one would never want a guy like that in my life. yeah so edward left, but he did it because he LOVED her, people make mistakes. jacob on the other hand makes one mistake after the other. pay attention people, he is the villian of the book. he won’t be happy until bella has nothing in her life and she is in misery. he makes me so irritated.

  21. Amber

    I am so excited about this movie. I really hope she decides to finish Midnight Sun. If you go on her website you can read what she has written so far. It is amazing!!! I couldn’t stop reading it. I am with most of the people on this. Edward is def. better than Jacob. I found myself wanting to be with someone like him. He is what every woman should want. So what if he is a vampire. He is perfect.

  22. gypsywitch

    waaaaaaaaaa………. im so excited!!! bella and edward are perfect combination!!!!!

  23. AJ

    Edward is soooooo awsome. Jake is good too but Edward is the absulute best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but she is not doing Midnight Sun and i am so sad!! I went to the midnight party for the 4th book and i finished it the same night!!
    GO EDWARD LOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. AJ



  25. kat

    i absolutely love Edward he is so cool. i think him and bella are just great to geather. i cant wait to see the movies!!!!!!!!!

  26. Mrs.Cullen




  27. carlayyy


  28. ashley

    I LOVE THIS BOOK/MOVIE!!! they were both so good; i’m speechless, about both. I can’t wait until the rest of the movies come out. EDWARD IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!<33333 =] so is Jacob! I love them both<3 my order of favorites is:
    2. Bella
    3. Alice
    4. Jacob
    5. Emmett
    6. Jasper
    7. and the rest come after.
    Well anyway i loved the movie and cant wait for the rest of them to come out. CAN’T WAIT!!! <33

  29. Monique

    Move over Bella, lol I <3 Edward!!!! haha but Emmett is also very fine ;)

  30. mary

    This movie was the best movie in the world I don’t really read and I’m always stuck to my cell phone this book has got me reading 24-7 and i hardly talk on the phone all the time.

    I love this book, I love Edward and Bella!

  31. jessica

    this movie was the BEST movie in the world!!! i cant wait till new moon comes out.
    i seriously couldnt put the book down once i had started it.
    i really do luv edward and bella together!!! they are like the modern day romeo and juliet…i wish i had someone like that…

  32. twerds. (twilight nerds)

    omg, omg, omg.
    no one gets more obessed than us three girls.
    phoebe, maddy and bec.
    were all completely in love with edward cullen.
    we wish we could marry him, we would do anything to be bella.
    no joke. anything at all.

    were not jealous of bella and edward though cause there ment to be, but bella could share him round a little bit :)

    we can not wait for the movie to come out in australia.!

    we are goping to paint our faces white to look like vampires.
    maybe “obsessed” is an understatement.
    :) much love eveyone.

  33. alondra

    I love this book!! It’s so awesome!!

    I think Edward is freaking fine!!

  34. maxinne

    my comment is that Edward and Bella are so meant for each other and they should be boyfriend and girlfriend and i totally agree that they are the cutest couple I have ever seen GO EDWARD AND BELLA YOU TWO ARW THE HOTTEST PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

  35. alayna

    i believe that although the movie was incredible, the book was better by far. BUT i do have to say….90% of the characters turned out COMPLETELY different than i had imagined. all in all though, i have to say Bella and Edward make an amazing couple in the book and the movie. And they could not have picked a more attractive Edward! :D

  36. (xoxoTwilight_Fan

    OMG! I LOVE Twlight! it absolutely changed my life! I LOVE Edward Cullen! He is so sweet, CUTE, romantic, hot, and EVERYTHING! He has the cutest accent ever! Edward and Bella are made for each other! It was sad when Edward left Bella and it got boring with Jacob. (New Moon). Its sweet when Edward protects Bella and they have a love triangle between Jacob. I go with vampires.!

    1. Edward
    2. Bella
    3. Emmett
    4. Alice
    5. Jacob
    6. Rosalie
    7. Jasper

    xoxo Much Love,!

  37. jordan

    It’s simple as this: Edward could kick Jacobs f****** a*** any day. And that’s a fact!

  38. jordan

    That’s to all of you who think Jake could take Edward.

  39. Lucy

    I love Edward! Hhe is so awsome!

  40. angel

    Edward is so hot!

  41. nicky

    hey Edward is so sexy

  42. LoveEdward

    Love Edward forever… Because he is so cute and Bella so pretty and funny… haha I love twilight… LOL I watched it four times and counting… I just LOVE… TWILIGHT I just can’t stop watching….

  43. Laura

    I pretty much LOVE Edward. I’m not kidding
    he is amazing and every time I see him it’s like BAMM!
    If i had one wish i would wish to spend the day with him because I’d like to know what it is about his sexy self but yeah i love it!
    I wanna be a vampire so we can live together forever!
    And I just started the book and seen the movie and so far everything is amazing!!

  44. LoveEdward

    I agree haha I love Edward alot

  45. candace_bianca

    omg Edward is so amazing! I’m on the 4th book towards the end and I love it! He’s so sexy too!

  46. vampier.stef

    I love Edward. He is so cute!
    like if I was a vampire I would??? well I would love it so much
    I’m not finished the book but I am going to
    I love twilight. So Much!
    Oh Edward Oh!

  47. new fan

    Ah! I just saw the movie and I am hooked! My sister has the first two books, I am going to read them now. I am so crazy the movie was awesome Edward is cute he also played in harry potter! He is an awesome actor. I would like to see the movie more if i could. It is like a better harry potter.

  48. Noémie

    Edward is beautiful OMG!(L)

  49. Monica

    I simply can’t describe how much I love the Twilight saga~! v< I’m simply speechless how good Stephenie Meyer wrote the books and how great the book was adapted into a movie. v< And I LOVE Edward!! <333 I’m so envious of Bella… -_- But I LOVE her too! <3 xD

  50. Alyssia

    I LOVE Edward Cullen!
    I like Jacob to but there’s something about Edward! <3

    (Read the books they’re GOOD)

  51. trixy

    I love the books: I’m almost done.
    I love Jacob in the movie: super hottie!
    But I love Edward Cullen more, I wish I had a boyfriend like him xS

  52. Radhikaa

    OMG ! EDWARD !
    He is so amazing !
    I’m so envious Of Bella !
    shush Bella… Edward is mine! ;)

  53. isabelle

    Edward is so pretty ! And it the best MOVIE !

  54. crystal

    Edward is THE HOTTEST thing/vampire ever! One of the main reasons the book is so great…
    And THE most ROMANTIC guy EVER!

  55. Shelby

    wow I’m the opposite. On my list it goes:

    1. Jacob
    2. Carlie
    3 Emmet
    4. Edward
    5. Jasper

    I prefer Jacob over Edward because if I date someone who’s perfect and I make a bunch of mistakes it would be embarrassing even if he loved me after the mistakes. If I dated someone more like Jacob then it wouldn’t be embarrassing because he’d be making mistakes as well.

    It just seems that some people on here are saying Edward’s hot because of Robert Pattinson, seriously he looks like he rolled out of bed and hasn’t taken a shower half the time.

  56. veronica

    This is how my list goes:
    14.Tanya & family

  57. Shelby

    Why don’t you like Jacob?

  58. rose klinkenborg

    you guys only think you’re twilight fans but I bet not even half of you understand what the covers of the books represent! lol

  59. rose

    so how many of you even read the books

  60. Shelby

    Dude I know what the covers mean, I’m not stupid.

  61. iTTy

    OMG…. I so love this movie… I can say I watch it ten times each day… Everything about it was so perfect and yeah… Edward and Bella so cute… lol… my bf might get so jealous of me adoring Edward that much…. Loving Bella and Edward… Amazing!

  62. twiilight =)

    I love twilight! It is very successful. I love Edward and Bella. They are very sweet. Bella is cute. I’m crazy about Edward because Edward is very handsome and likable and he is vampire. Besides he is my hero =))
    jacob… lol… :)

  63. veronica

    Unless your last name starts with Cullen I’m not interested (:
    Team Edward forever!

    Jacob is never going to be like Edward. So Jacob fans I’m sorry to say this, but he is not hot and handsome as Edward and he will never be. But, if he gets a surgery he might still be as ugly as now.

  64. laney

    I love Edward: he is the best in the book. I didn’t like Jacob because I felt like he was taking over someone else’s girl I don’t know I just didn’t like how he kept teasing Edward about leaving Bella. But I think Jacob’s way hotter than Edward in the movie and that’s what makes them equal because Jacob is hotter than Edward but in the book it explains Edward so much better. They both rock. GO YALL!

  65. Lacey

    I like Edward so much better than Jacob! I don’t think that Rob pattinson fits the part.

  66. twilightlover101

    I like Edward better than Jacob. Because Edward seems more sweet and caring and knows how to handle a girl. And Jacob can sometimes look weird espically when he is human and or werewolf. And I can not picture Jacob and Bella being more than friends Or being friends at all. THey are totally different. But Edward and Bella are like magic and can ever be apart as we saw in the movie and in the book. How they care for each other that much , and to have the guts to each other to say I LOVE YOU AND TRULLY MEAN IT IS AMAZING!

  67. LoveEdward

    I love Edward he is so cute I also love Alice she is so funny and pretty not to mention cute and for Bella she is so beautiful! Edward chose the right girl.

  68. Eilidh

    I think everyone i the film is pretty good, Jacob is cute but i like Edward most :) Robert! <3

  69. Doraina

    If you like Edward, then you’ll have true love and happieness. But if you like Jacob, you’ll have a very depressing life and you’ll end up being a hobo, who smells very bad and and who is very weird looking.
    If you you love Edward, then you’ll have very good dreams.
    If you love Jacob, then you’ll have very bad nightmares!!!
    Edward Kicks Jacobs F****** A**!!!!!! You feel me?
    Write back if you love Edward.
    If you love Jacob, Then WHO CARES?????? NO ONE!!!!!! (SORRY TAYLOR!!!!!! ITs NOT YOU IT’S JUST YOUR CHARACTER!!!!) I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!

  70. tilleah

    well for starters i TOTALLY agree with kirstie!!!! EDWARD is SOOOOOO much better, hotter, nicer, funnier, sweeter, sexier & romantic!!!!! i mean what more could u want????
    & im also the same as mary- i used 2 HATE reading until my sister introduced me to the series & now i LOVVVVVEEE reading!!!!
    oh and to all those people who said that Rob pattinson doesnt fit the role of edward(u should be ashamed of ur self)!!!!!!!!!( i thought rob did an AWSOME job & is super smexy) & also to all those team jacob followers, im sorry. i used to be team switzerland but now im all for EDWARD!!!!
    this is my list of most favorite to lest!
    1. EDWARD – what can i say….. ILY <3
    2. Bella- just like me
    3. Alice- funny, nice, i love her
    4. Jacob- the pups a show off
    5. Emmet- hilarious
    6. Esme- so sweet
    7. Carlisle- very handsome
    8. Jasper- he looked constipated
    9. Rosalie- she’s gorgeous!

  71. Eva

    Edward is so cute.I love him so much.He so hot.And I think Bella and him make a good match!

  72. Twilight Lover

    omg, omg, omg, omg! I cant wait for New moon to come out! I have seriously read the books at least more than ten times. I have seen the movie eight times and I am going to see it for a ninth tonight! I cant wait! I absoluly loved it. I have all the Cullen jewlery as well there so pretty. My friends love twilight as well. We even call eachother names from the book. Every time someone says twilight my hed pops up instinctivly. Twilight is the best thing that has ever happend in this world. Oh and I am totaly on team Edward. I like Jacob to but sometimes he annoys me. So glad I am not the only twilight freak! oh did you know the twilight dvd is coiming out on March 21, 2009! Thats my birth day! So guess what I am doing on my birth day. Any way so glad you enjoy twilight as much as I do!

  73. br br

    I love edward he is cute and hot and he must love bella a lot and the cullen edward just protect her for james and I loved the movie it came on my brithday that is y I like it too

  74. Bella Swan

    Edward Cullen is so hot his eyes make me crazy

  75. Vampira

    Robert Pattinson did an awesome job at representing Edward’s character, he’s the best pick for the role. The chick, on the other hand, didn’t do so well with representing Bella’s character. In the book, I really like Bella but in the movie I’m more on the “meh” side when it comes to her.
    Alice, on the other hand, was represented in the movie wonderfully, though. I totally adored her. They picked a damn good actress for her.
    Also, I think that Emmett and Jasper (the actors) are HAWT. hehe

  76. Jovana

    I am on the last book… I think it’s really good… I think I’m the only one that ain’t going crazy for Edward or Jacob…. The characters don’t really act like that and they don’t really look like that…. It’s all make-up…. Yes I like the books and the movie and I’m waiting for the rest to come out….

  77. bobby

    i love edward

  78. Melissa

    I have read the series 4 times and I love it, however i think some of the character choices could of been better. Don’t misunderstand, i think they are all great actors but i think it was put together so fast and low budget that they didn’t have time to do a real cast call. Edward was great, Alice was awesome, jasper was a good cast, rosalie….., carlisle and esme fit perfect, emmet is gorgeous, and bella could of been a bit better.

    I just hope with a bigger budget they will take the time to get it right and not change things because of the rain. Has anyone listened to the audio commentary on the DVD? You learn alot about why they changed certain things…

    And everyone needs to back off of Jacob. He’s cute in his own babyfaced way. Remember, Edward will leave and Jacob swoops in to help the damsel in distress. Then she even gets torn between them both at one point. He’s not the bad guy here, he just gets walked all over.

  79. *****brenda******

    Edward is all i day dream about

  80. ~twilightlover~

    hey these posters are awesome!

  81. dulc

    edward i love you

  82. adrian

    i think Edward is so cool! but Jacob is nice to, but i just can’t pick between him and Edward. but really i am so in love with Edward Cullen! he really did pick both the best and the silliest girl from where he came from!