Twilight James Cam Gigandet

Here below a new Twilight character poster featuring Cam Gigandet as James, leader of a group of nomadic vampires who intends to kill Bella:

Twilight Character Posters

James (Cam Gigandet) - Twilight Movie

What an ugly villain for this romantic vampire movie!

6 Responses - “Twilight James Cam Gigandet”

  1. sumeyye

    I love cam soo much wen I saw the trailer I had tears in my eyes wen i saw him I really love him and wen I watched the movie i started crying lol that’s how much I love JAMES


  2. Shandy

    No he’s so handsome (cam gigandet)
    Wow but only with long hair

  3. Samantha

    HE’S SO HOT!
    I absolutely loved him in Never Back Down!
    There are so so so many scenes when he has his shirt off, :S it’s amazing. :)
    I love you cam!

  4. Kristina

    Cam Gigandet is absolutely gorgeous! We should all constantly give thanks to his mom for giving birth to him! THANK YOU MRS. GIGANDET! (You too Mr. Gigandet.)

  5. Amanda

    OMG! I LOVE CAM! (and James) HE IS SO HOT! I was sweating when he bit bella! and i cried when he died! And cam was AWESOME in Never Back Down too! I can’t wait to see him in The Unborn and Pandorum!

  6. Sara

    He is so hot in Twilight! I don’t care what people say!