Twilight Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Saucy Cover

Once upon a time Stephenie Meyer wrote a romantic vampire novel titled Twilight. The initial sparkle swiftly became a blockbuster gaining a broad fan support.

And now Twilight fans are going to be treated with a film adaptation of the book. Twilight is starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Look how those two form a hot couple on the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly:
(Click on the cover picture to enlarge it.)

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson form a hot couple. - TwilightTwilight

Does that mean that Twilight will be more saucy than expected? I really, really, but really hope so! That would make the movie so much more interesting!

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  1. super flyyy

    eww. that is so ugly. he had chest hair! what a turn off.

  2. super flyyy

    and he has moobs. the official looking of EC is sooooo much sexier!

  3. wendy

    Kristen stewart is a stuck up snob!!!
    and for no reason she’s ugly!!!! she should be honored to play in a movie next to robert pattinson…she needs to remember she is the CO-STAR…he’s the star!!!!

    • Heather

      I think that Robert Pattinson was/is amazing … but so is Kristen Stewart. She is so beautiful – and she played the perfect Bella. People need to quit hating just because they’re crazy obsessed w/ Robert. They were both unbelievable.

  4. Natascha

    What the frick is your guys problems? seriously!? they are just human!
    And the people who would spend their time complaining about people who are making movies for other people, just have no life at all, and should really try and get one.

  5. Kat

    So here’s the deal… Rob Pattinson is ugly, regardless… Bella talks with a stutter… They are innately human… The movie rocked, but even if it didn’t, it grossed 70 million this weekend, I don’t really think any of them are overly concerned with us!

  6. shelly

    I think ya’ll are some haters. Robert Pattinson is extremely cute, Kristen Stewart is pretty and they make a wonderful couple in the movie.

  7. Kaity

    you guys really need to back off, Rob and Kristen are perfect for the roles of Bella and Edward!!!! Get over yourselves.

  8. andi6

    i absolutely loved the movie. it was the best depiction of a book i’ve ever seen.

    i think kristen was a great bella; she looked like the vision of how i saw bella in the book, and she acted the part very well in my opinion.

    i think robert really nailed his part as edward. in the book, edward is depicted as inhumanly beautiful. and i think robert was as close as they could get to that physical description. and keep in mind that they also had to pick someone who not only resembles edward, but can also play the part as edward, and do it well.

  9. Savanna

    I really don’t like Kristen Stewart at all! And I think it’s just because I have a HUGE obsession over my dream guy(Robert)! I want to meet him so bad!!!But she is a great actress.

  10. edwardz♥4lyfe

    I like Kristen but maybe it’s because she isn’t dating my obsession Robert Pattinson. I want to meet him too! I want to get his autograph and I want to take a picture with him and a whole lot more. But that’s not the point. I really think they played the roles really well and I want to hurry up and finish Twilight because he is extremely hilarious in the book, and movie. I could imagine Robert as Edward in the story and I don’t know why or how. Maybe it’s because I saw the movie before reading the book. Well, I’m going to go read some more Twilight.

  11. my love:)

    if I could meet him I would probably make love to him and kiss him all over his body and get some pictures and I would sell them to any magazine for money

  12. Teaser Trailer

    And what if Robert Pattinson was actually gay for real like in his new movie Little Ashes?

  13. dancr grl

    I think that Kristen Stewart is on drugs or something in real life because she’s really slow and her hair is all weird and her clothes are weird, but other than that, she’s cute!

  14. twilightlover

    they both look great.. I really love the way rob acts in twilight and I also love his hair in the movie that when he’s not in the movie his hair is scattered but he really looks awesome his appeal is so strong just like a real vampire…. Kristen she’s gorgeous but in some sort of time her hair sucks its has no direction at all she didn’t care of how she looks I think it is much more great if she’s doing her hair in the movie that’s look much nice… she’s beautiful and she will become more beautiful if she will take good care of how she looks she needs to be more feminine I think she doesn’t care at all of how she looks because she has already a boyfriend that really love her… I hope to see them both!

  15. M

    twilight was so so good! I love all the books! whoever doesn’t like Robert and thinks he is ugly they must be on drugs because he is so hot. And Kirsten Stewart is also very pretty! I’m so obsessed now.

  16. e.M.P

    I think that kirsten looks way too prepy to be Bella and bitchy, but otherwise she is very pretty. Rob was major hot! He looked exactly like Edward in the book!

  17. r4ch3l

    hey Wendy… have u ever read the books or seen the movie?
    Kristen Stewart plays Bella the freaking star of that movie so get your facts right first… and by the way she is f**king gorgeous!

  18. r4ch3l

    hey wendy… have u read the book or seen the movie? kristen stewart plays bella, shes tha star of the movie dumb shit… get ur information straight before u say shit… n by tha way kristen stewart is gorgeous!

  19. team jasper

    omfg u are all haters! Kristen is very pretty (aside from her nose), and Rob is so hot! the movie was great!

  20. Twilight101

    ♥♥♥I loved the movie. But when it first showed edward he wasn’t that cute. but after that it was like OME! I love his character and can’t wait till they make the next movies :) I don’t think it would’ve been as good if they had picked anyone else as him. I don’t like robert pattinson outside the movie as much as i like him being edward! But I LOVE him in that movie♥♥♥

  21. HeatherDanielle

    Robert Pattinson is handsome as his character, and also how he actually looks, haha. I just recently bought the books after seeing the movie. I thought they both acted very well, and it was a really good movie.

  22. SamLovesEdwarcCullen&BellaSwan

    Can i just say, i was actually quite angry at the comments against the pair of them.

    I’ve seen the movie and I wanted to say they were fantastic, Rob Pattinson is the perfect Edward, and the chest hair is fantastic! And Moobs? Grow up sad acts!

    And Kristen is fantastic as Bella. They are wonderful on the movie, i loved watching every second of it, and hello have you not seen the kissing scene? HOT!!

  23. shezza

    I think Robert is so fine… and he was amazing at playing Edward he has a vampire like quality to him … he can bite me anyday.
    I feel in love with this film and it was beacause it is an amazing story also Bella and Edward’s relationship caught my attention as they did such a good job of showing their feelings for each other….
    Robert Pattinson is so handsome… like I said I wouldn’t mind him biting me lol xx
    I would so like to meet him but its just a dream xxx

  24. J.

    I’ve never really been a fan of Kristen Stewart. I don’t think she is overly pretty. She is alright. Robert Pattinson is super HOT! OMY! XD
    I agree he could bite me whenever! =)
    The book is way better than the movie but it’s still good.They totally fit the part so good on them!

  25. lucy

    I think the Kristen on the cover looks like my vampire Bella :) which is pretty cool.

    love them both forever! Can’t wait for new moon

  26. amie

    I think the movie was so good… Robert made me fall in love with Edward and yes i would love to meet him to! They all played their parts so good…

  27. Megan

    I know people are gonna get so pissed from this comment. Truthfully, I didn’t like the books or the movie. I don’t know what all the fuss was about. I bought all the books, and thought the first one was very good.
    The second one, in my opinion, dragged on and on, and I almost dozed during the majority of it.
    The third one was rather okay, not great but not bad.
    The fourth one, oh boy, I thought it was downright horrible. One of the worst books I have read. Sorry, all you Twilight lovers!
    The movie was boring and poorly acted on Kristen Stewart’s part. I thought she was bland, emotionless, and just annoying. She didn’t look how I pictured Bella at all.
    I didn’t mind Rob in the movie, I thought he looked the part.
    Jacob was perfect in his role, as well.
    But I believe that the books and the movie got too much attention that they didn’t deserve. I was waiting for some type of wonderful thing to happen to help me understand why everyone loves them so much, but I was disappointed as it was just the same dull, predictable stuff over and over again.
    That is just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

  28. selena

    I LOVED the books and the movie. I liked the books better because there was more detail but I loved the movie because all the actors are so hot! I can’t wait until new moon!

  29. Lorie

    it was an advantage that i saw the movie first before i read the book… hmmm… all i can say is that the stars portrayed their roles quiet well… they did a great job and i don’t want to be disappointed with the New Moon movie…

  30. Kristen

    i love robert pattinson! kristen stewart and robert should totally date, the chemistry is there and i know they like each other…. alot! she seems really happy with rob then with her current boyfriend. just my opinion.

  31. Amy

    I don’t know why everyone is having a bitch fight about twilight. I’m obsessed with the books and thought the movie was brill. I think anyone that’s bitching about Kristen is just jealous, think ye could do a better job as Bella is it?? She’s an excellent actress and played Bellas character perfectly.Fair enough if ye don’t like the books or movie or whatever, but get over it, so it wasn’t ye’re style. ALOT of people loved it. Even guys I know think it’s great. It shows teenage love perfectly and is really romantic. I don’t like a lot of books but I don’t go on about them saying how ad they are, I just choose not to read them again! The books were great, the movie was great. What’s not to love?

    Oh and I totally agree with “Sam loves Edward Cullen & Bella Swan” Moobs? No he doesn’t, and hair on guys is nice, would you prefer if he waxed his body?? There are hardly any manly actors left in the world, they all pluck their eyebrows and wax their bodies. I say it’s sexier that he doesn’t do that!

  32. kristen

    I love twilight. I think Robert is hot, and Kristen is pretty. I kinda look like Kristen Stewart and i am dating a guy who looks a lot like Edward,not Robert.(SAME HAIR AND SAME EYES.) I am from Italy and i like twilight i like Rosalie(Nikki) and Alice(Ashley). twilight rocks i am a huge fan. All those people who hate twilight stop watching videos and commenting on it meanly, it is mean for twilight fans.

  33. Isabella

    I agree with megan, and im ashamed that my name is isabella because everyone links me to isabella swan and to be so obsessed with fantasy is really embarassing.

  34. mrs.kullen

    i think they would make a really cutte couple…. i really hope they do finally see that they are made to be together…. they would be the hottest couple in history…. :-)

  35. Robert 4 Ever!!!!!!

    Anyone who says that twilight was crap or that the actors where bad can just stop commenting on it, really if you don’t like the movie: then don’t wantch or read about it at all, its not that hard! And there is not a damn thing wrong with Robert.P, he is the best person to play Edward and I don’t think that anyone else could heve done a better job at edward if they tried, he is just Edward!

    Kristen did an awsome job at Bella and I really beleive that she is an awsome actor. I read the book befor I saw the movie and I thought that all the characters were FANTASTIC at the roles they were given (esspecially Rob). Ok it may have something to do with the fact that I am obbsessed with Robert at the moment, but I really think that he is the best person to play Edward).

    Also there is NOTHING wrong with the cover of the magazine, his chest looks awsome, his face looks awsome, she looks beautiful, and they look superb together, so It is just AWSOME. and so is Twilight.

  36. brem

    Oh my god! I love Twilight! I have to say that I’m not speak English.. I’m from Argentina.. but I wanna say something about this amazing movie!! And book of course..
    I love Kristen Stewart, she is the best! And Rob..Rob is hot.. just that.. hot.. the most hottier vampire in the world!!
    I think that Rob and Kris make a great couple..

  37. Alannah Cooper

    i think that everyone should get f***ed and leave these beautiful people alone, everyone who baggs them out has got a social problem because they wouldn’t say that to their face. and everyone who still bags them are definitely jealous, no way would you be as hot or talented as these two, let alone be picked to be on the front of a top magazine or in a movie.
    the end.

  38. kulia

    robert pattinson is so fricken hot… he’s just too gorgeous…

  39. twilihtfanatic

    Let kristen date robert! they have great chemistry…

  40. tonightwithyou

    the people who said bella is ugly, thats so wrong. Kristen is very pretty and in the book bella is not supposed to be a real stunner or anything like that
    she’s made to be quite average
    though kristen is over average

  41. hate her

    kristen stewart is the most repulsive actress I’ve ever seen she is so ugly she doesn’t deserve that role ugh! I hate her so much she has such a wide face and a fat body.

  42. nerd

    i personally think that they make a awesome couple. i also think that he is so cute.

  43. jessica

    i loved the books. but i was to happy with the movie. i thought they left to much of the important things out. and changed to much. this movie should have been 3 hours. to make it good.

  44. Ashanty

    Okay to the people that think they have a chance to meet Robert…um the most i would suggest is an acting career maybe then i think… To the sweety who said ks is fat…..that just shows that you have a problem with anorexia are you serious she must weigh 120 pounds wet! Ks is not ugly but to tell the truth i thought she was a boy for half of the movie panic room(i think that was her…or probably aaron carter lmao) shes a good actress when it comes to jacob and friends of school but when it comes to edward its like attack of the blahs she needs to channel her feelings more and not act them out but be them shes lucky bella character was akward cause that what she is. In the scene where she first talks to edward she looks like she gonna throw up and in the scene of his room she was supp. To say playfully that shes not scared of him but she said it so so serious..rp is another one who needs to make his stuff look a tad bit more natural..not act but be the part..

  45. Desirae

    Hello all!
    I agree with Megan…But…..

    My opinion: (“please no stone throwing” she yelps as she enters the lion’s den of Twilight fans who are probably under that age of 20….)

    Honestly, I read the book back in 2005, when very few people had heard of it. In fact, I have read many books before they became fads, including Coraline, Blood and Chocolate and Watchmen. I have always been a book worm and I, sadly introduced it to everyone I know who has read it.

    From all of the incredible books I have read, I don’t see why Stephanie Meyer is praised and even comparable to someone like Anne Rice or J.K. Rowling.
    Truly talented writers who know the Hero’s journey, character development and how to convey that in viable and noteworthy literary form.
    She is not a great writer. Sorry. She wrote an interesting story that has been done before by more talented people. Just because the Backstreet Boys (my teenage heart-throbs) were popular didn’t mean they had much talent nor would I ever compare them to musicians like The Beatles…

    I like the book, never thought it should be a movie, and didn’t like Bella Swan in either. She is a poor character with no backbone who only perpetuates a damsel in distress; a prototype that went out with the dark ages of medieval times…..someone girls do NOT want to look up to….

    I don’t like Kristen Stewart at all. (dodges stones, crucifixs and stakes)
    I saw her in Speak, and the Messengers and saw that she applied the same character to Bella. She acted like she was always confused and kinda cracked out which is honestly bad acting. Good actors never apply the same character personality to all characters they portray, in fact good actors can convince you that they can be anyone you want them to be, man or woman.
    She said every line the same flat way and never even cracked a smile! Not once!

    People I think are a bit too afraid to admit that she is a bad actress because they are afraid they are some how putting down the character or the book which isn’t true. I’m just saying Kristen isn’t right for the part.

    I always thought someone like Emily Browning (Lemony Snickets a series of Unfortunate Events, The Uninvited) would be better for the part.
    **See below for picture reference** = ^ – ^ =

    Emily Browning

    Not only can this girl act on so many levels, portraying just the person we need for our Bella, but she looks how SM described her. Heart shaped face, young, plain yet somehow pretty.

    (Holla if she screams BELLA to you!)

    Emily is the right age too. Anyways as for looks, lets face it girls, Kristen Stewart is a train wreck. Don’t feel bad, you can admit it without putting down the book, or the character or even the movie.

    Thats not saying anything about the actress just that she would be more appropriate for different roles than our shy, timid, heart shaped face Bella.

    As for Rob, no beef with him. Thought he was good looking and carried the movie for Kristen’s poor acting. Everyone else? Perfect.

  46. Vicki

    Wow, I can’t believe the comments made about Rob’s chest hair- WTH- must be a bunch of little girls commenting? First of all, what’s the aversion to hair- we all have it. He’s a man, and men have hair on their chests- at least most of them do. Give me a man with hair any day over a man that waxes it off of his chest. If I wanted to be with a little boy, then a waxer would be perfect. He doesn’t even have that much to begin with, but I certainly wouldn’t complain about running my fingers over it. ;)

    Second, I thought he and Kristen were perfect for the parts. She is beautiful, and so is he- I can honestly say I can’t picture anyone else playing their parts. I can also say that in my long lifetime, I have yet to find another male on this earth that I find even remotely as hot as Rob. Not to mention all the talent that oozes out of every pore.