Twilight New Moon Bandslam

Twilight 2 New Moon Trailer in front of BandslamLionsgate announced that a new trailer of New Moon will be shown in front of the teen movie Bandslam which hits theaters this week on August 14, 2009.

New Moon Trailer Bandslam

And a 14-second tease of the new trailer will be airing nationwide, starting Tuesday, August 11th.

You’ll be able to watch this new trailer of Twilight New Moon here as soon as available online. So stay tuned!

The tease is already available:

Update 1: Second trailer of Twilight New Moon has leaked online, first in french and now in English

Update 2: second official trailer of New Moon:

The wolf pack is like on steroid! They’re huge! This second trailer of Twilight New Moon look so much better than what we have for the first opus of the Twilight Saga. There is no denying that Director Chris Weitz was really committed to make Twilight 2 a success!

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  1. Nicki Saunderson

    OMG! WoW! New Moon!