Twilight New Moon Clip

Twilight New Moon MovieWatch below a first Twilight New Moon clip featuring Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart):

New Moon Clip

Bella talking to Edward:
It’s my birthday.
May I ask you omething?… Kiss me!

And don’t forget: we may expect the first movie trailer of Twilight New Moon on Sunday during the MTV Movie Awards!

5 Responses - “Twilight New Moon Clip”

  1. newmoonlover

    this is so absolutely amazing i cant stop watching this! Robert Pattinson is amazing and Kristen too! I cannot wait till new moon comes out i’ve actually met Robert and the red carpet and he looked stunning i even got his autograph i love the twilight saga:D

  2. Amy

    I think Edward is absolutely dreamy but in the other pictures of him outside of the movies he is terribly scruffy looking he should go for the Vampire look perminately….<3

  3. candelia

    I really dont like new moon novel ..coz i think triangle love is not represent the deep meaning from love story between bella and edward
    and actually I am not buying new moon novel, coz i think is so dark to read and so sad to imagine…i really dont think this movie will be greater more than twilight or having more better love chemistry…that can be touching many peoples who watch this movie

  4. Hayley Rebbecca Earl

    the books are amazing couldn’t put them down this film and the Twilight 2 movie to come will b just as amazing as the first film and the books, you can tell that from the trailer of New Moon!

  5. haseo06

    god can’t wait for this movie to be released.. it is so beauiful. this is the only book i read for so many years

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