Twilight New Moon Sneak Preview

Twilight 2 Movie - Twilight New Moon MovieFans of Twilight are all craving for the Movie New Moon, the movie sequel to Twilight, aka Twilight 2. Well, thanks to Entertainment Tonight fans will get a sneak peek at what’s going on the set of New Moon and will even hear from the cast. ET is already promoting this New Moon sneak preview:

Update: the full preview of New Moon by ET is available at –> Twilight 2 Sneak Preview

ET’s Exclusive Sneak Preview of Twilight New Moon

On Thursday April 23, 2009.

With interviews of the cast of New Moon!

The love triangle heats up in New Moon!

Don’t miss the full sneak preview of Twilight New Moon on ET on Thursday 23!

And by the way, a first New Moon trailer (hope it will be more than a teaser trailer) is likely be released online in early May (well at least it will be on the upcoming Twilight BluRay).

Here’s the New Moon Trailer from the MTV movie Awards 2009:

Do you like the trailer of Twilight 2?

27 Responses - “Twilight New Moon Sneak Preview”

  1. Esme Dooley

    hey what’s up i am so into twilight saga right now i dedicate two hours a day to look for things about the saga aka the best saga / series movie books every thing in the world etc.

  2. nick

    wow. get a life?

  3. stella

    hey twilight is the best i love it and NEW MOON comes out just 11 days before for my b-day can’t wait and get to take two friends from washburn school in TN

  4. missyyyyyy

    hahahah nick, yeah that is kinda sad
    but twilight is awesome;P

  5. Sara

    hey i love twilight, when i first heard about it i blew it off, as another stupid teen love story, and i went in the book store looking for twisted citadel, andit not in yet, and they had twilight and i thought may as well get something to read, and i bought the first book, didnt realise there where four of them, went back the next day and bought the second book, i jsut couldnt put them down, i bouught a new book everyday, tool. well now im on my 3rd round of reading them adn they just keep getting better, i see stuff i missed before because i rushed it, and the books are soooo much better than the movie, the movies are good, but the books are better, but also, now having watched the movie, when i read the books i picture edward an bella as the movie characters.

  6. Alma

    hey people! I’m seriously obsessed more than anyone with twilight i don’t dedicate 2 hours for twilight i go on the comp everyday more than 2 hours to see all this stuff! i am crazy and i do have a life thank you very much! i am a freaking obsessed! scr** you haters!

  7. dazzlinangel

    sara you took the words right out of my mouth lol. i totally agree with you on everything. i thought it was another boring teen movie too but my mother bugged me for days about going to see it and i took her to shut her up lol turns out i loved it more than she did. i have read all four of the books too they r much better than film cos it tells u more. i would love to know everything from edwards perspective now, that would be fab and fill in a lot of blanks too.

  8. Adrian

    I’m 26 years old. I have a wounder husband and 3 year old son. My life is the same boring life as any other middle class family. I work come home cook clean blah blah blah. Then I watched Twilight! Of course then I had to read all the books even though I had not read anything of any substance since high school. I finished all in 3 weeks. I realized that I had forgot how to dream. Just because I’m a mom and wife doesn’t mean I’m dead. The books are without a doubt amazing! The movie was nothing short of breathtaking. Let me also add that Robert Pattinson voice in his music in so… intoxicating! I can’t wait for his first album!

  9. Vanessa

    I didn’t realize how much I would like the whole vampire love story but I did. The books are great and I have a very good imagination and so I could picture every seen as I read. I can’t wait till new moon comes out.

  10. Nicole

    I love the Twilight books and I’m looking forward to see the trailers for the movie “New Moon” but it feels like it’s not coming fast enough… I guess waiting isn’t going to hurt and it’ll make it that much better!

  11. Amber

    i can’t wait to see New moon. I have read all the books twice. they’re really good. just 6 more long months before the movie New Moon. tell we get to see the movie. lol i hope it will be as good as the book..

  12. Me

    There is also Midnight Sun. It’s a partial non-edited draft. It’s only on the official Twilight site. But you can open it and download it. It’s Edward’s view.

  13. Taylor

    I cant wait till new moon comes out!! i saw the movie 18 times and read all 4 books 3 times!!

  14. laboo16

    i read all the books like a million times. i think New Moon will be great!

  15. nikki

    I love twilight. My friend was first addictive and she told me about twilight. I wasn’t into it, but i’m so glad she let me read 1 page of her book. Then i got obsessed and i read the whole book. It’s was truly amazing. Get this twilight came out on my birthday and not new moon comes out 1 day before my birthday. Which is friday, and i’m going to have a sleepover/movie party with friends. At 7 pm on nov 21 09 were gonna see new moon. Can’t wait and for tonight to watch new moon on mtv.

  16. oliva

    Omg, i totally agree with sara. when my friend told me about it and starting to talk everyday. I was like not even paying attention. Then she let me read the preface and i was like woah. It didn’t get my attention, but i started to steel this book at school that was twilight from a guy. Hehe, then my other friend let me borrow it. I was reading slow because i wasn’t into it and now all i do is talk about it. My dad can’t get me to shut up. He’s really getting irritated, but i try my best not to talk about it to much.

  17. McKenzie

    All my friends told me that Twilight was awesome 7 i kept saying it was dumb…then i watched the movie and LOVED it… then i had to read the books. It is the best series i have EVER read… Edward is like my dream guy… i LOVE him… and Jacob is my dream best friend… lol… i’m Team Switzerland!! ♥

  18. katilyn

    i love it but i need more

  19. amanda

    wow. Ya’ll have some good things to say about twilight! but i can top it! twilight to me isn’t about just some hot guy vampire love story. twilight has changed me over the course of reading Stephenie Meyers’ books. it made me realize that there is hope even when all seems to fail. Thanks twilight saga! but of course i’m glad she through in some hot guys!! :D

  20. christina

    hi i love all of the Stephen Meyer books
    I’ve read all the twilight sagas i love Breaking Dawn the best
    it is a very good book i think its is my favorite book.
    i’m really upset that someone leaked the last one so pissed but love it still.

  21. nikki

    oh my gosh while watching the mtv movie awards they showed a sneak preview to new moon… i was like omg show jacob again (with no shirt)… he was hot… and then they showed him turning into a wolf i was like ohh hezz ya… and then i was like if i knew he was gonna turn into a wolf i would have kept reading the book… but i cant wait till the movie comes out…vand one day i’m gonna meet taylor lautner aka jacob and i’m gonna say hay then he’s gonna say hay then were both gonna say hay and go on a date and fall in love… i love him… he’s super hot!

  22. Mckey

    I have read the books each 10 times. Takes me 2 days to read each one. I CANNOT WAIT TILL NEW MOON COMES OUT MAN. It is going to rock. I watched twilight at least 45 times. No freakin joke. lol. I totally agree with you people. Twilight is an awesome saga

  23. Pamela

    That was the best graphics I have ever seen. I can not wait for the movie to come out. Go graphics team.

  24. diana

    hey nick why are you hating on the twilight cast or the movies or even the books just because you can’t be fine like them for your info i have a tattoo that is the whole cast of the twilight and also i have team edweard and team jacob and what if you don’t like them well we all fans do

  25. diana

    god i just love edward and jacob so they are my two type of men for me

  26. Anasia

    Yeah I agree with everyone that are positive about Twilight. I love it. I’ve seen the New Moon Sneak Peeks and there freaking awesome. The trailer is crazy as well. It makes me dizzy, excited, shaky and most of all faint. I love Edward Cullen to death he is everything I’ve ever dreamed of. And Jacob is like a Best Friend to me just like Bella. My friends say I act to much like her. I’ve watched the movie Twilight like 73 times (Seriously I have). I know I’m crazy and most of all way more than obsessed. I have OED (Obsessive Edward Disorder) and Jacob is part of my life as well. I love Twilight forever and nothing will change that fact!! I use to like Hannah Montana now its Twilight all the way! :)

  27. Lianne

    It is impossible not to read twilight! Once you pop you can’t stop!
    The books are sooo compelling, they suck you in. But Twilight is an awesome series/saga and i can’t wait for the new installation of new moon to movie aspect of twilight! The sneak peeks just loook soo good. It’s a definite MUST SEE internationally. Twilight is the best!!
    I’m on team Jakeward..Cause i Love ’em Both!