Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Movie Release Date

Twilight Breaking Dawn Movie Release DateWe’ve got the release date of Breaking Dawn, the last opus of the Twilight Saga: Summit Entertainment will release twilight Breaking Dawn on November 18, 2011. No official confirmation yet that Breaking Dawn will be a two-parter, but I suspect this to be a trick to generate more buzz… I’m quite sure they will split Breaking Dawn in two films.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer

Director Bill Condon has been hired to helm Breaking Dawn. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner will of course reprise their roles as Edward, Bella and Jacob.

Are you impatient to see Renesmée, the daughter of Edward and Bella?

17 Responses - “Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Movie Release Date”

  1. maria

    aarghh i really really want to watch this movie. i don’t think that i can wait for 1 year to watch it -_- can they publish it faster? please! :(

  2. jenna

    Omg i cant wait why so long the book got me so interested so i wait on a movie that comes out in a year :o

    i cant wait

  3. Mom11.11

    OMG! Hope that’s not her wedding dress. Looks like it’s made out of trash bag’s. :-(

  4. francea

    i really love this movie. can’t wait to watch:)

  5. debbie

    Love the series wish the release date was sooner . Have read all the books at least 3 times each .

  6. alicea

    i just finishd reading the book it needs to come out already i cant take it holding everything in like this…

  7. xmna eman shah

    can’t wait ……….hope this isn’t her wedding dress :P

  8. Bucknor

    love the movie it was nice love the dress

  9. Fiona

    Reply to question wedding dress, trash bag.

    wedding dress=celebration birth of immortal.

    black dress=mourning death of mortal

  10. BELLA

    i like the dress from bella !!!!!!!!!! she is very pretty

  11. zac

    i love this movie and more because of Bella i hope i could see the second part of it :)

  12. atoosa

    i love this movie very much because it has a very beautiful love story.

  13. sbk

    Am really fond of Twilight, love the saga!

  14. yanee quizon

    cant wait to watch part 2 of this movie… super love it!! =)