Twiligth Eclipse Trailer

Twilight Eclipse TrailerThe release date of Twilight Eclipse has officially been set for June 30, 2010 by Summit Entertainment. Now all the fans are yearning to see the trailer of Twilight Eclipse. Not only because they are impatient to watch this third opus of the Twilight Saga, but also to inspect the work done by Director David Slade. Most fans are worrying that he may transform Eclipse into a gore movie and would ignore the wealth of emotions from the original book. So this Twilight Eclipse trailer would mean a lot to the fans.

The full trailer of Twilight 3 Eclipse:

The previous short Eclipse teaser:


Update 1: the first official movie trailer of Twilight Eclipse on March 12, 2010 in front of Remember Me!

TWILIGHT ECLIPSE sneak preview

So when is Summit going to release the trailer of Twilight Eclipse? Well, don’t ask Director David Slade, he doesn’t have a clue:

“Overwhelming question I see again and again – When is the first trailer for Eclipse? I really don’t know I am afraid.
I know they are working very hard on it. But I don’t have any idea when it will be out.”

David Slade, director of Twilight 3 Eclipse

But if Summit stick to their previous release schedules, the trailer of Twilight Eclipse is likely to be released end of March or early April 2010. But some think that a official sneak preview of Twilight Eclipse (if not the trailer itself) could air as early as in February…

Well, whatever the release date of this Eclipse trailer, you can be sure that the twilight mania will be set ablaze again! The Twilight fans will indeed rush to watch the movie trailer of Twilight Eclipse.

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  1. angel

    Kristen Prout is so beautiful :)

  2. Missy

    I can’t wait for the trailer!

  3. Tonya Oliver

    i cant wait for the movie and trailer and i love twilight series

  4. Jessi

    The suspence is killing me. I cant wait for eclipse to come out! :)