Two Face

Harvey Dent is running for the post of district attorney of Gotham City.In the Dark Knight Batman (Christian Bale) does not have a rest. Not only the Joker (Heath Ledger) is putting Gotham City on fire but there is also the rise of a new crazy evil mastermind: Two Face!

Two Face is the new personality which overrides the civilized Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) when his face went into contact with some unknown chemical substance:

Harvey Dent’s encounter with the chemical marks the birth of Two Face which happened during a short stay at the hospital thanks to the help of a really special caring nurse:

Harvey DEnt is the good side of Two Face...But he has a dark side too...
The Joker pays a visit to Harvey Dent at the hospital...Two Face is born thanks to the caring nurse...

The young Two Face is more than alive and is damned ready to kick. But first he needs a drink:

Two Face in the Dark Knight.

What happened to Harvey Dent who transforms into Two face is really sad… He reminds us that in each of us there is some sleeping evil waiting to dominate…

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  1. Anonymous

    You have your facts wrong…

    it’s not that “unknown chemical” that turns him into Two Face, it’s what happens later on as a result of certain properties of the chemical.

    spoiler alert: the chemical is flammable…

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