Underworld 4 Movie

Underworld IV MovieThe feud between Lycans and Vampires is far from over yet, a new underworld movie is indeed being planned by Screen Gems. They’re aiming to release Underworld 4 in January 2011.

Underworld 4 Movie Trailer

We don’t know yet if Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy and Rhona Mitra (or Kate Beckinsale who played in previous Underworld movies) will be back for this fourth Underworld movie. But we may fairly bet that at least Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy will be back to reprise their roles.

Underworld 4 will jump in the 3D bandwagon: this promises gorgeous fight scenes between Lycans and Vampires in Underworld 4!

No word yet about the plot of Underworld 4 (prequel or sequel?), so feel free to make suggestions below!

13 Responses - “Underworld 4 Movie”

  1. austin

    this movie is gonna be kick-ass i didn’t really like the rise of the Lycans but the first Underworld movie and secnd were mindblowing.
    I would definitely be a LYCAN/VAMPIRE they look awesome.
    Please let KATE BECKINSALE be in this Underworld 4 movie!

  2. ashley

    Kate beckinsale the most beautiful girl in the world! She has my heart! Sorry, kick Michael Sheen out and bring her back for me! Lol!

  3. sheka

    You guys have to keep the same characters in Underworld 4, they seem to play their part extremely well. Seems like it just fits them right, ya know. I would love to see the sequel from Underworld 2 with micheal and seline

  4. Gil

    Love Underworld….Now Michael and Seleen need to have a child that will be to the ultimate hybrid…

  5. Simara

    Underworld 4 should be the beginning. Remember how the third one ended and how shows the supossed mess that Kraven cleaned covering for Viktor? They should show how Viktor and Selene were converted and what was the original deal between Kraven and Lucian. How Selene’s family was killed for making William’s prison and the memories that Kraven showed in the second one. There’s a lot of material for this!!!!!! Just bring Marcus, Viktor,Lucian,Selene and Kraven and you’ll have a hell of a movie!!!!! We’re waiting anxiously!

  6. Laura

    I loved all three movies!
    I really would love to see a continuation of the second movie but it will have to have the original cast…. Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman would have to be in it… if not it would not be the same and i doubt i would see it!

  7. Steffyweffy

    shouldn’t it start where the second movie left off? She was pregnant with the lycans baby which is why in the third movie they jumped back in time to parallel the last time a vamp was pregos with a lycan……. can’t wait!

  8. Ebony

    If another prequel is made, it would be great to have it higlight Amelia’s story but even better if they explained how Marcus and William came to be vampire/lycan. also, it must include Lucian somehow..simply love Michael Sheen.


    Keep Bill Nighy and Micheal Sheen (they’re badass!!) and bring back either (or hell, BOTH-if possible) Kate Beckinsale and Rhona Mitra-who could play a ghost!). UNDERWORLD (like RESIDENT EVIL with Mila!!! YES!!!) has created its own mythos and that’s what keeps me coming back for each movie. (Plus, they pull homages to literature in the films: #2 was definitely CAPTAIN NEMO, while #3 was a cosmic kickass version of ROMEO & JULIET!!) As for the Ultra-Hybrid Child promised in U-2, remember that Selene is NOW a “Daylight Vampire”!! There’s so much FUEL for this series (and the 3-D is only gonna amp it up some more).
    SC#%W “TWILIGHT” and the sappy wussy girls who like it: I like my VAMPIRES Aristocratic, Scientific, Mystic and able to utilize an ARMORY!! UNDERWORLD is THE Series. (‘sides, Bill Nighy will OWN Robert Patterson just by LOOKING at him. WOOF!!)

  10. Roxy

    yo i loved rise of the lycans…but i hope the next one is a sequel…

  11. Lisa

    I loved Kate Beckinsale in the original Underworld movie. I purposely missed one of the sequels because she wasn’t in it. She can truly pull it off as a main character and her action stunts always look so realistic. She is truly tops when it comes to female vampire parts..!! She’s my all-time favorite!! LOVE HER!!

  12. Nadine

    Lucian has to return in the fourth one. It was bad enough when you watch him die at the end of underworld. Then rise of the Lycans comes out and further proves how unworthy his death at the hands of Kraven (of all people) was. There definitely has to be a return for Lucian. If not as a hybrid as he had wanted to begin with, or as a lycan. Selene and Micheal should return…Viktor can stay dead as far as I’m concerned.

  13. The Brain

    Ive been following this movie ever since I did a random search one day and heard that it was in the making, another fan site said that they plan on this being an actual sequel no fing prequel or prequel to a prequel. It is suppose to be sometime after the mansion incident and the end of movie number number underworld: evolution. the short version is that a company has taken over and is producing super lycans, they are suppose to have the original cast. I know selene gets pregnant from the last movie during that love scene and has a daughter too. all I know is that someone is captured and selene has to rescue them. though given her immunity to sunlight we shall see how easy that is for her.