Underworld 4

Underworld 4 MovieUnderworld 4
Genre: Action/Fantasy/Thriller
Directed by:
Starring: Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy
Release Date: January 21, 2011

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4 Responses - “Underworld 4”

  1. randy lubaton

    well, the movie shouldn’t begin where it left off at the end of underworld 2 because at the end of that movie the first vampire and first werewolf were killed curing all the infected making them human again, i loved underworld that why i don’t want to see it destroyed… if they’re going to make a new underworld installment then they should begin with a new story that is different from the previous ones, or at least a make another prequel, they could begin with the awakening of amelia and add some large scale vampire-lycan war of epic proportion as the climax and its ends with the story of how kraven made a deal with lucian… just to have a consistent story!

  2. blak

    I think a new sequel would rock. I am definitely psyched for Michael Sheen to come back, and I am guessing that because he injected himself with Michael’s blood in Underworld Evolution he will be able to return, but that doesn’t make him a hybrid until he gets bitten by a vampire right? Underworld 3 totally rocked, sucked that the story was already there and Sonya had to die.

  3. vincent

    I want kate beckinsale back to this new chapter of underworld , because she is better action actress than rhona mitra . besides she is more hot hahah …

  4. Netero

    Couple of points, What Marcus said was just to keep Viktor in line, Killing him had no effect on the bloodline.
    The real star of the movie was and is, Kate, she definately needs to be in it. Her Character is what got most of us started loving the series anyway, They luckily pulled off the prequel. If they did another prequel, i’d like to see what happens with Amelia’s character, she has been left in the low light.
    It should pick up where 2 left off, there is a lot of room for rebuilding the bloodlines, and fueds, Specially with a hybrid and others trying to make one too.