Underworld 5

Underworld 5 MovieUnderworld 5
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Directed by: Anna Foerster
Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, Tobias Menzies, Lara Pulver, Charles Dance, James Faulkner, Peter Andersson, Clementine Nicholson, Bradley James, and Daisy Head
Release Date: October 14, 2016

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  1. Joseph Lucas,II

    I want lots of Lycans and werewolves in Underworld 5. Also, there should be action figures for the movie.

    • Bryan Salazar

      @Joseph Lucas,II.: Dude, I think, Lycans and werewolves are the same thing.

      • Haley Marie

        Thats not true. Lycans can change when ever they want and a werewolf can only change on a full moon.

        • Arctikus

          Actually, in the movie series of Underworld, Werewolfs and Lycans are the same. In Underworld Rise of the Lycans, Victor refers both The Werewolfs and Lucian as Lycans. In all Underworld movies you will see different sorts of Lycans.

          As followed:

          1.Lycan: First evolution. William, the immortal man who was bitten by a wolf to become the first of the Lycans and was one of three sons of the first immortal man Alexander Corvinus. He could not turn back into his human form.
          2. Lycans: Second evolution. Turned by William after he had bitten them and killed them. These Lycans could not turn back to their human form except for when they were dead.
          3. Lycans: Third evolution. First of this kind was spawned from Lucian, who was used by the Vampire King Viktor to turn more humans into what Lucian was. This bread could only turn when there was a full moon.
          4. Lycans: Fourth evolution. Lucian was the first of this bread, although he was the one the third bread spawned from he could turn at any time of his own free will and apparently some others were to later on in the series.
          5. Lycan: Fifth evolution. In the Underworld Awakening movie ewe get to see a new Lycan, a Superlycan if you want to call it. This Bread was created through experiments of both Michael, Selene and their daughter Eve’s blood injected into Lycans. They could turn at their own free will.
          6. Lycan Hybrid: First Evolution. Michael Corvin, the descendant of Alexander Corvinus third and mortal son. He was bitten by Lucian in an attempt to get his blood to see if he was the one true descendant of the Corvinus family tree. He was not turned however because they injected some kind of repressive medicin into his body, however he still had Lycan blood in his stream and after Selene bit him he turned into a Lycan-Vampire Hybrid. Only other hybrid in the series was Marcus but the other way around, he became a Vampire-Lycan Hybrid instead due to being the first Vampire and son of Alexander Corvinus and some magic from Lycan blood. He can turn of his own free will.
          7. Lycan Hybrid: Second Evolution. Eve Corvin, born as a Hybrid of three immortal beings, her father Michael being a Lycan-Vampire Hybrid and her mother Selene being Vampire-(Human Immortal) after drinking blood from the First immortal Alexander Corvinus. This makes Eve into probably the strongest of all the breads of immortals as she has Lycan-Vampire-Human Immortal blood in her stream and is a direct descendant of Alexander Corvinus. She can turn of her own free will.

          All the first once of the different Immortal breads:

          1. Alexander Corvinus: Immortal Human (There can be only one ;P ). Dead as of Underworld Evolution.
          2. William Corvinus: First of the Lycans and son to Alexander Corvinus. Dead as of Underworld Evolution.
          3. Marcus Corvinus: First of the Vampires and son to Alexander Corvinus. Dead as of Underworld Evolution.
          4. Marcus Corvinus: First of the Vampire-Lycan Hybrids, we’ll have to see if there will be more of them later on in any new Underworld movie. Does not seem likely though.. Dead as of Underworld Evolution.
          5. Michael Corvin: First of the Lycan-Vampire Hybrids and direct descendant of Alexander Corvinus third and immortal son.
          6. Selene: First of the Vampire-Human Immortal Hybrids.
          7 Eve Corvin: First of the Lycan-Vampire-Human Immortal Hybrids and daughter of Michael Corvin and Selene.

        • dunpiel

          Well technically if any you paid attention to the movies lycans started when lucian was born and they change whenever they want. Werewolves couldnt change back to human form after they were bitten only the lycans. Rewatch the movies god.

          • Jes

            Omg you guys are arguing about weather or not Lycans & werewolves are the same creature in Underwolrd. Here guys I found this on their Wiki site:

            -Werewolves are once normal humans who were infected by the first Werewolf or another of his victims. Unlike the second breed, called Lycans, this early breed were savage beasts incapable of thought or reason and could never take human form again, only after death.

          • Kris

            @dunpiel: Artikus, this person is right Viktor made the first lycans the “daylight guardians of the vampires” that could not be turned back to human form. Then Lucian came one that could be harnessed and that is why they shackled his kind so they could control them from turning at will. Look back at the movie. If you remember him going after Sonja in the woods and removing his shackles and changing at will and then he later had a coup with Viktor and he ran into the Woods he ran into the werewolves and had a chat with them and later in the final battle they joined forces with Lucian. They could never turn back to human form like the ones William bit. Rewatch it!

      • Natalie

        Werewolves are full blooded and can only change on the full moon. Lycans are human-werewolf hybrids that can change as they please.

      • Jomaraya Komaitha

        I dont think so! Lycans are people so they can change from human to werewolf, but werewolves are not people so they can not change people. So technically they are not the same;)

      • echoo334

        @Bryan: no werewolf can not change back on the own will lycans are evolved to change at will …watch underworld 3

    • Elders

      @Joseph Lucas,II.: I want the elders to have survived and gone underground. An epic showdown where it ends in a new more democratic covenant. Go American values. Also add libertarian values of freedom and family ties. A good message for the United States.

      • Proud Scot

        @Elders: Just for info, but America is anything BUT the centre of the universe, in fact it is a blood thirsty, resource stealing, imperialist mongrel state. The sooner you ignorant yanks realise that, the better.

  2. mrbean

    I adore this movie. :P Can’t wait to see how it goes on! =))

    • wlfgang

      Do you think that michael will be in the fifth film? And if he will be played by scott speedman because if he’s not then i am going to be mad

      • Edwin

        @darkwolfblood. actually lycans are really just a more better version of the werewolves that can change whenever they want

      • Soccerlover

        Me to I hope that the actor that plays selena is the same I also hope the the actor that plays Michael is the same person too!!!

  3. Dark blood wolf

    What I never got in Underworld rise of the lycans is that if Sonja’s baby is a hybrid, then how come it burned in the sun with her? I have created a story of this “Hidden” Hybrid as I call it and named the story The Lost Hybrid. Not really sure why but it’s all kinds of action, escaping places and building a new life for this hybrid. Named her Dia (Dee-ah) which I made short for Viridia and busy writing about her escape from the Uber-Lycan’s secret coven. She was kept a slave for months and is finally planning to escape after knowing the name of one of the Lycan boys (which I named Dauther) and stealing his gold handled dagger. Next I’m planning for Dia to find a sulky sort of town in which she finds her old friend (plainly named Nathaniel).

    • L

      Sonja’s Baby died because Michael was the first hybrid that could go into daylight, because he was the ancestor of the Corvinius, so that’s why he and Selena can go into the sunlight, and why Sonja, and her baby died.

      • Cory

        Also she was still pregnant and I assume that like a fetus of a pregnant women…if the mother dies the fetus will inevitably die as well

      • Jes

        The reason why Selene could go into the sulight & not get burned. Is cause she drank from Alexander Corvinus her self. And she became a new breed of vampire. Not a hybrid like Micheal.

      • Kris

        @L: That is not why the baby died. This was before Selene and Michael. The baby was a fetus and just died like any fetus. And Selene only could walk in daylight after drinking Alexander Corvinus’s blood if you notice at the end of evolution movie and not before but Michael could. He was the direct descendant son of Alexander and a hybrid. But Sonja baby just died had nothing to do with them.

    • Mercedes

      To those ppl talking about Sonja’s baby. You realise she wasn’t even showing yet right? There’s no way a fetus that young would have survived outside the womb, hybrid or not.

    • Seymour

      You obviously were sleeping through the whole series, other than Alexander , Marcus , William , seline , no other vampire or lycan had Alexander corvinus’s blood ( concentrated)the rest were just by- products of William or Marcus , now since micheal was bitten by both and became a hybrid himself with his blood combination and Alexander/seline’s , seline and her daughter can walk in day light without catching fire. Sonia came from viktor so the blood line there is diluted, oh ya let’s not forget that micheal is a direct descendant of alexandercorvinus

    • brian

      In Underworld Rise of the Lycans it was the begining for the franchise but they did backwords if you were to watch the 3rd one first then 1 followed by 2 then Awakening would make sense cause the hybrid in the last one is Selene’s child and Michael’s. Nobody really paid any attention at all when the series was create they somehow did it backwards. Sonja baby was made by Lucian not Michael. Sonya and her baby were burned to death by sunlight in the Rise of the Lycans. Are all of you all on here clueless

    • whateva

      Well as seen in Underworld 4 the hybrid has to feed to restore itself, and I’m pretty sure the hybrid won’t feed of his mom’s stomach.

  4. Crystal Stewart

    I don’t like that concept how does a baby survive when sonja got burned alive. and after all these movies you would try to bring a baby back to life. When the fourth movie cut off selena and her daughter are looking for her father and micheal doesn’t even know he has a daughter you should try to make the 5th movie based upon that have a enemy like the girl that was sleeping with craveing trying to kill selena for messing up her life now that a story.

    • kirsty

      I couldn’t aggree with you more crystal that sounds like the best plot for a 5th installment i hated the way the fourth ended if they don’t make a 5th it would ruin everything you can’t end a series of films like that

    • Molly

      @Crystal Stewart: The only problem with that is Marcus killed that entire coven after he was awaken, and they mentioned it again and showed it as seen by the cameras on the guns of Alexander’s men in Evolution. So they can’t bring any of those characters back to life.

    • Kyle

      @Crystal: The baby didn’t survive

  5. Jessica

    I have to agree with crystal, about them continuing with the installment like that because you can not end a series like that. Another is that they could continue the war with having the humans creating their own hybrid and use Micheal as bait to lore out Selene and her daughter. Then when Micheal is safe or dead have a temporary truce with the other vampire and lycan clans until the threat with humans is over. Or have one of the three sides team up against the other and wipe them out.

  6. tomika

    UnderWorld V: Mom and child go looking for Michael. Mom and child get separate; Eve meets her Father, Michael. Father and child reunite and go looking for Selene.

  7. Michael S Coleman

    I agree there has to be a sequel,but next time I hope Michaels’ fighting skills improve. I want to see a plot that includes Selene and Michael fighting both vampires and lycans. I want to see Selene fight for supremacy of the vampire clan.I want to see Michael bring the lycans to heel. Mankind will need them! Let the battle begin.

  8. Amanda

    The reason the baby burned is because she was not a hybrid Sonja and Lucian were not direct descendents of Alexander Corvenis therefore the baby was not a hybrid Michael carries the hybrid gene….

  9. Paul

    UNDERWORLD V . . who cares. Tha last movie was garbage. Made zero sense and they killed off Wes Bentley way too fast. Sorry guys. I did like the franchise, but they went too far with this last one . . and now they want to make more ? ? No thanks.

    • Molly

      @Paul: Sounds like you only tuned in because you thought Wes Bentley had a big role. Lots of his movies are garbage. This may not have been the best of the series but it has set the scene for what promises to be an interesting story to say the least.

  10. wolfman

    I want to see what is in the three coffin what kind of creature will it be.

    The baby die because it was not in a human form at the time the mom die.

    • gex

      wolfman, Selene killed 2 of the elders (the one who raised her/she brought back from sleeping and the original vampire) the third elder(female) was on the train when the lycans first attacked in the first movie.

    • Abdulla

      Im pretty sure amelia was in the third circle cuz it shown an a and they talked about the elders in the first movie

      • Kris

        @Abdulla: No You are wrong if you remember they have to have 2 asleep and one awake and they were meeting Amelia and the elders at the train but kraven and Lucian took them all out and drained Amelia dry for their little experiment for pure vampire blood!! They were to awaken Marcus it was his turn but Selene awakened Viktor to get him on her side much to her dismay she found out it was him that killed her family!! Hello??? Rewatch the movie!

  11. Jacob11B

    Paul, First off the last movie was far from garbage. It made more money than any of the others. Second, “it made zero sense”, if you didn’t understand the movie I can explain the plot to you. And lastly Wes Bentley, even tho I’m a fan and he is a good actor, had a minimal role. He wasn’t even credited. His character’s death was inconsequential

  12. Joseph

    I want lots of Draculas and Werewolves. Also I want Michael to come back.

    • Kris

      @Joseph: Um this is not bram stoker’s movie Dracula this is Underworld there is no Dracula there are only vampires and lycans. Geez you think you guys would pay attention if you even mention the volturri I will scream!

  13. ryan

    I was disappointed ‘cos I was hoping to see the who’s the third elder but instead they made a story and fast forwarded it to the future. I guess, it’s still worth it though ‘cos Ms. Kate Beckinsale reprised her role as Selena.

    • xultraviolet

      Amelia, Victor, and Marcus were the 3 elders. The very first movie started with Amelia coming to wake up Marcus but she was murdered before she did so. Selene woke up Victor, because of Amelia’s murder, but she later murdered him. So end of movie one, 2 elders are dead. Moving on to the second movie. Marcus was woken up by the dead lycan on top of his tomb from the first movie. He was killed by Selene and Michael killed the brother William (the white wolf). All 3 elders are dead.

      If you are going to make comments, please pay attention to the movies.

    • Jaz

      The third Elder was Amelia. The Elders take turns being in power. At the time of the first movie, Amelia was the Elder that was awake. They were coming to wake up Marcus. Selene wakes Victor up ahead of schedule as he says in the movie and broke the cycle. Whether Amelia was to go back into slumber, I do not know. If they said so in the movie, I do not remember that little detail. As it stands, by the end of Evolution all three elders are dead. Victor and Marcus at the hands of Selene and Amelia by Lycans.

  14. Bigm00se

    hi guys I know everyone wants to know about michael. sadly am I the only one who would like to see the sequel to the prequel. I would like to see where lucius makes a pact with what’s his face and lets him cut a piece of his arm off?

    • Kris

      @Bigm00se.: I was talking to my husband about this because I’m a huge underworld fan! I watched it in this order, rise of the lycans, then underworld, underworld evolution, and underworld: awakening and I said the same thing to see the story of how Selene came to be and the demise of kraven and how he made a pact with Lucian. That is an inbetween story before underworld that id love to see also!! But would like to see what happens with Michael and Selene though and her daughter.

  15. AD

    I LOVE the Underworld series. I own the first 3 movies and have watched each over a dozen times. However, I must say I was quite disappointed by the 4th movie. I will not be buying the DVD. The storyline was not up to the same quality as the first 3, and I kept waiting to see Michael (Scott Speedman, not a look-alike), but was disappointed. I will be pissed if they get rid of Scott Speedman or Kate Beckinsale. The series wouldn’t be the same without them. Hope the storyline improves for Underworld 5.

  16. T.J

    I’m with bigmoose here… Would love to see the sequel of the prequel as well. Bill nighy really brings life to the set. They should also show how the vampires took back the power from the lycans. The 4th WAS garbage really… Its an undeniable fact, Well in comparison to the other 3.

  17. the man

    Kate is so hot. Love the accent. Need to have a fifth one. More Action have more Kate scenes.

  18. Avion

    The wait is too long

  19. fiifi

    Want to see more Kate and Michael action…think Michael is being underused and won’t mind seeing some action from their child

    • Josh

      Ive always felt they should’ve done a sequel to rise of the Lycans in which they tell Selenes original story with Kraven and victor. I’ve always thought that they shouldve told more of a twist on how the deal between Lucian and Kraven came about (skin of the tattoo on lucians arm he brought back to the coven) but that’s obviously not going to happen. I love the series though and really look forward to what they come out with next.

  20. Gabe

    I love the underworld series with a passion, so I was stoked when I heard about underworld 4. I was upset that scott speedmen wasn’t in the film and wanted to see more of him. And I desperately wanted to see lucian return but that wasn’t going to happen. I also agree that they should make a sequel to the prequel. Explain Amelia’s story more. Show seline’s origin. Explain how the vampire clan took over again, explain the pact that Lucian made more. I think that will better than a sequel Underworld 4. But hey! Maybe they will make this new number 5 work! It’s underworld! I’m sure we will all be excited for it either way lol.

  21. Sydney

    Honestly I think they ruined it with the 4th one as well. I liked the first three because they were more old school with kick ass vampires and werewolves. Adding the high-tech science future crap in the mix was a fail but hopefully if they make a 5th they will fix that.
    If Selene and the girl find Mike, then maybe have to face a lycan army and bring more vampire clans together to protect the child….
    Now that would be cool. Somewhere in the mix though the lycans have to get a hold of the child so Selene and Mike have to find and save her. In the process they gotta find out why the lycans wanted her so bad in the first place. To harvest her powerful blood line, or brain wash her into a weapon of mass destruction. MWWWAAAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!

    • Kyle

      @Sydney: Remember, the advance tech actually helped out selena a lot because without all that tech she couldn’t have infiltrated there building to go take back her daughter after that stupid chief let the lycans take her Away

  22. A Random Person

    That is what they did in the fifth one, jesus yall need to pay attention.

  23. White Wolf

    I love all the movies, but Selene is starting to look old….immortals don’t age so they better hurry up and finish themI hope scott speedman comes back for five cause its not the same without him, and I miss his big blue/greenish eyes….plus he’s just plain sexy.
    I like the idea of Selene becoming queen of the vampires myself, and Michael defenantly needs to round up the Lycans and sort them out. It’d be kinda cool if he’s got memory loss or sommat though….

  24. Kate Beckinsale lover

    White wolf you’re just jealous of Kate, she doesn’t look old at all!

  25. Valex Faustinas

    For those that are saying that Sonia and Lucian’s baby was not a hybrid, you are wrong. Remember, Viktor called it an abomination and stating that Hybrid Michael was another that he will have to take care of again. The baby did not have to be a descendent of Corvinas, it just worked. To make a hybrid without pregnency, then you needed Corvinus blood to work.

    On the note about Sonia’s baby not surviving, any fetus still developing can not survive without the mother being dead. When Sonia died, the baby died with her cause it was not mature enough yet to survive that type of physical trauma, even for a hybrid.

  26. Maxaemillion

    After reading all the posts, I am glad to see so many Underworld fans. I, for one, believe they need to continue the story from U: Awakening for the next one. THEN, continue from U: RotL for the 6th installment. Everyone wants to see Selenes transformation from Viktor and many, upon many more want to learn of Amelia’s place in this series. However, getting Zita to return may be a problem. After learning of her voie being dubbed over in the flashback from U: Evolution.. She wasn’t very happy. And if anyone is to be brought back, bring Viktor (Bill Nighy) back. Charles Dance is a good actor but has been put to shame for trying to replace Viktor. By far Selene and Micheal steal the show, but Viktor and Lucian has a place.. No matter where the show or story goes. Glue his head back on and allow for Lucian to be reprised. Where ever the story goes, I’ll be right there to follow it. Underworld is by far, one, if not the only, best Vampire/Werewolf saga’s out there. Uh.. Twilight blows for those who think otherwise! :P

  27. toooshay

    make the sequel to the prequel then continue after 4 with a tv series you can do so much more love the franchise how could it ever end

  28. Wallace Rowe

    Ok so far everyone is wrong. The reason the baby died was even though it was a true hybrid it still has both blood line faults. The being able to exist in sunlight came directly from the father Alexander when he gave Selena the gift of power and the sunlight ability. Then when Selena brought Michael back to life with her blood it had Alexander’s qualitys with it. So when she and Michael had a daughter that child inherited all the qualitys of the pair.

  29. Taiyo

    I would love to see a movie about selene backstory. I would also love to see her take charge of the vampires and micheal over the lycans/werewolves. I hope they do not leave it at awaking there are so many ways to o with the series, its by far the best vampire series out because twilight is a disgrace to this genre.

  30. Leslie

    Scott Speedman better be in it!

  31. Evans Murithi

    can’t wait for undeworld the battle it should be a bomb more lycans and vampires

  32. craig

    First of all,I love the underworld series, they should definitely make another underworld movie. Underworld is the best vampire movies I’ve ever seen,and the hole concept of mixing the vampires and werewolves together in the same movie was an awesome idea! And I think they should put Michael in the hole movie,the hole hybrid concept of the mix of the vampires and werewolves was cool as hell, and I like Michael and Kate together,and now they have a kid,good stuff! I liked awakening,but I was mad when Michael was only in the movie for 2 min. So I really hope they make part 5 with all three of them in the whole movie,and nothing but action packed!

  33. Film Fan

    How about FEMALE LYCANS?????? or the very first story about the corvinus family and how william, and Marcus came to be, and victor becomeing a vampire who hates william who falls in love with Victors wife.

  34. The Wine Lover

    There are going to be at LEAST two more in the epic per Sony Film. This is by FAR the most intriguing & produced thriller I’ve ever watched. Kate never ages. BITCH! :) However, why has Scott Speedman, such an integral part, been written out the last two movies???? Surely, now that their daughter is in the picture, he’d come back?!?!?! Dontcha think? I really miss him in the storyline.

  35. CraigW3ir

    Why couldn’t Lucian turn to save Sonya before she was exposed to sunlight. (If he could turn at any time) He didn’t have the collar on. Therefore can only turn on full moon?
    Also if all the Lycans are male who did the Lycans breed with to multiply?

    • Vj

      @craigW3ir: They bite they multiply. Also Lucian had a broken silver knife in him so he couldn’t change until there was a full moon which strengthen him to push the blade out n change

  36. Mohammad Reaz

    I’m so impatient to see the new movie! Hope it will get released soon… I’m really waiting for this!

  37. Creed

    I can see a very nice opportunity for the next movie. The daughter of Lucian and Sonja (yes, she is alive, shoot your theory go ahead, but if you’ve seen the third Underworld, you know its true) could have a similar role as Lucian in the first Underworld, leading and fighting. Selene and Eva could found Michael, fighting for their lives.

    After the event of awakening, the war could be morei ntense than ever.

  38. Teona

    You are all so annoying!!! Can’t you just sit and wait for the next one? Do you really have to argue over something so stupid?! You have no idea what there planing on doing in the next one so can’t you all just be quiet for the time being? It’s not that hard…..and for those of you who thinks twilight s**ks your just jealous that they look better and act better then you. That being said I am exited for the next underworld!!!!

  39. pyrowolf

    Ok in the first movie Selene told Michael that a hybrid never existed because anyone who was bitten by both vampire and lycan died, Michael didn’t because he is a descendant of Corvenus and Eve is the same

  40. Yilena

    Please bring back Amelia. She was a great warrior and Elder.Lets say her body his in a secret covin, and it can be b back to life by Selene, because she has that special inmortal blood that it was given to her by Alexander.

  41. Lilly

    Kk, since I am not going to call you all stupid. On so many different levels you all don’t get these movies. So where to start? Maybe go back and watch them again. Rise of the lycans is the first movie in my eyes. That is and would have been the first hybrid, now that being said. She/he would not of been as strong as Eve. Why you ask? Her father and most of all her mother are stronger then all the others. Accept for the 3 original. On to the 2nd movie underworld. Selene and Michael were destined to be together. To have a baby and to be the only really strong ones. There would not be a movie or a story without them. LOL underworld set the tone for rise of the lycans the 3rd and the 4th movies. To answer some of the questions you all have brought up. Lycans and werewolfs are NOT the same. Werewolf’s are what comes from William, were’s can not change at well. They are cursed like him. Lycans like Lucian can change at will. Now, in the 3rd movie did anyone take a really good look at Marcus? Reason I ask, he has bat like wings. Does anyone know why? As for there father Alex, he was the only one who could stop his son’s from what they would do and what they have done. He couldn’t tho, his love for them would not let him. He knew they had to be stopped. So he gave his blood to Selene. Only after in taking his blood did she become such a badass. As for Michael, he is not nor will ever be Alex’s son. He is a descendent of his tho. He cares the ability to be a half breed in his blood. On to the child. If Selene did not have Alex’s blood Eve would not be as strong. She would have been just as strong as Lucian and Sonja child would have been.half-breed none the same, stronger only because she would be both race’s. Now that in mind, her mother is the one who passed part of Alexander power to her. She is not as strong as her. She has Alexander blood. She has 100% Eve has 50%. Only parts of the movie that even matter are the last 30mins. The other hour is just fluff. LOL next movie will be all about finding Michael and trying to end the war on them trying to make super lycans. Selene will spend the first hour running around looking for him and Michael will find out he has a child. Altho I though the live story was sweet at the start, now I just want to see her kick add and take names. The 4th movie was very disappointing. I hope the next one is better, that is if Kate Beckinsale even does the next one. Won’t be the same with out her. I hope I helped you all understand alittle more. I am more upset at the time line not adding up then I am at the last really bad movie they put out. PS I know there will be people who rip my post apart, so have it. Maybe you will go back and watch the movies in order the way they should be watched.

  42. ashley montez

    The One thing i Want is for Scott speedman To still be Playing micheal…!!!!

  43. BKS

    guys instead of debating worthlessly on topic ” difference between lycan and werewolf” let me add a few cents of wisdom.. why don’t you simply search the origin of the word “lycanthrope”.

    wolf = λύκος –> lukos
    werewolf = λυκάνθρωπος (literally wolf-man) –> lukanthropos

    from here it transformed to

    “lycanthropus” modern Latin —> to “lycanthrope” in early 17th Century to “lycanthropy” English

    “Lycan” is short form of “lycanthropy” former being used to denote a breed while the later to call the virus that causes this transformation. so in other words “lycanthropy”/”Lycan” & “werewolves” both are same…

  44. Kris

    I love the underworld series. I’ve been watching it since it came out. Kate is not anywhere near old. she is simply awesome and her role as selene is incredible. the three elders are marcus, Amelia, and victor. Sonia s baby died because a baby cannot survive out of the womb so early. The point of the 4th movie is to Introduce modern age. they couldn’t stay in the past forever. Modern times are catching up even in the movies. I love the installment of their daughter. means that the corvinus clan is there to stay. And someone mentioned about fighting humans. No. The end of the 4th movie clearly states that “though the work has changed, our enemy remains the same. the lycans will re build and will hunt for her father as they did her. but as they grow stronger, so will we the vampire coven will not only survived this world we will reclaim it.” so you see the humans will never the enemy the werewolves have been and will always be there greatest Enemy. I like the third movie but I prefer selenes story with Michael and now their daughter Eve though they never truly mention the daughters name. It could be since she was never given a name and she is the first hybrid child she is like Eve the first woman ever born. I cannot wait until the fifth movie I love the Underworld series and if it does end I will miss it. I would though like to know selenes origin and how Lucy in and Craven MaDe their truce.

  45. Robert

    I hope there will be an great underworld to watch. Underworld is the best movie ever.

  46. Lisha

    A werewolf, also known as a lycanthrope (from the Greek λυκάνθρωπος lykánthropos: λύκος, lykos, “wolf”, and ἄνθρωπος, anthrōpos, “man”), is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction (e.g. via a bite or scratch from another werewolf). Early sources for belief in lycanthropy are Petronius and Gervase of Tilbury.

  47. Anastasiya

    Theo James is a nice guy!

  48. Dar

    I was a huge fan of Underworld from the very beginning. It is one of the most original and exciting takes on the vampire/werewolf lore. That being said inconsistencies in the lore and lazy writing have ruined this once exciting series. Underworld was about the war between vampires and lycans or werewolves if you prefer. But somehow it became an ifatuation about one vampire….Selena. How did this happen? The most logical sequel to the first Underworld would have been a prequel that told the story of the Corvinus clan. Maybe its just me but Selena and Scott are the least interesting characters in the movie. What about Markus and William, the first of their line? Supposedly the most powerful werewolf and vampire, yet they were killed off in the first on screen appearance by Selena and Scott! So the three immortals that started this whole thing were killed of in one movie? And what about the origins of Viktor? Viktor was introduced as an original but he is not. He simply had the numbers in his favor to keep Markus in line. Bottom line is the affair between the director and the lead female ruined this movie. It was never about Selene…It was about Lucian, Viktor Markus, William and Alexander! Not looking forward to another Underworld movie at this point unless its a reboot!