Uptake Fear Movie Trailer

Check out the disturbing trailer of Uptake Fear (aka A Percepção do Medo), the upcoming Brazilian drama thriller movie directed by Armando Fonseca, Kapel Furman, and Gurcius Gewdner and starring Ricardo Gelli, Felipe Folgosi, Elder Fraga, Marcel Mars, Greta Antoine, and Ligia Marina

Plot synopsis:
“The film invites the viewer to break the limits of social behavior as the journey goes from real to surreal in a path of violence, blood and the metastases of reality.
Marcus is not having a good day. He never seems to have a good day. He has to smash in his rear window just to get out of his Volkswagen Beetle, having parked it too close between two other cars. He has to do all the dirty work in the office, while his spoiled rich kid colleague cooks the books for profit and shamelessly flirts with all his female co-workers. He’s attracted to his next-door neighbor who gets beaten and cheated upon by her boyfriend, but she doesn’t want to leave him. And he gets robbed at knife-point right outside his apartment building. Marcus manages to take the knife and chase away his attacker, but not before he gets stabbed in the shoulder. The incident awakens something dark in Marcus. He becomes a man with a mission, determined to set right all the injustice done to him. But ones the blood starts flowing, there’s no going back.”

The dark side of the force is strong in this film, isn’t it?

Take a look to the creepy film’s poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Uptake Fear Movie

Yep, that’s a human heart…

Am hooked by the strange trailer of Uptake Fear. Hoping the film will get an official release very soon!

The film has yet to get an official release date.

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