V Birth Pangs

V Season 2 Episode 6 - V S2.06 Birth PangsHere’s the trailer of “Birth Pangs”, the next episode of V Season 2:

V Season 2 Episode 7 – Birth pangs

V S2x07

We also have three clips of this new episode:

And a few pictures:

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V S2x07 Birth Pangs
“Erica, seeking revenge against Anna, heads to Hong Kong to carry out a mission to strike a lethal blow against Anna. Meanwhile, Anna learns that Tyler’s phosphorous level is too low – even after the Red Rain — and he might become useless to her; and Lisa and Diana bond, beginning to form an alliance against Anna”

Because of her ex-husband’s death Erica is now hellbent on getting rid of the Vs! She will skin them and make a Chinese soup!

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