V Concordia

V Season 2 Episode 5 - V S2.05 ConcordiaHere’s the trailer of Concordia, the next episode of V Season 2:

V Season 2 Episode 5 – Concordia

And a few pictures:

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V S2x05 Concordia
“Anna uses her newest gift to mankind, ‘Concordia’, as a cover to hide an invading fleet of breeding vessels that will be used to ensure the perpetuation of Visitors for future generations. Meanwhile, Eli Cohn tries to convince Erica and the Fifth Column that the ‘Concordia’ gala is the perfect time to assassinate Anna.”

Any idea why do the Vs need to breed with other species?

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  1. tankalot

    The Visitor’s are breeding with the Human’s to ensure the survival of their race.

    • Teaser Trailer

      Why does the survival of their race imply breeding with other species? Humans don’t need to breed with their pets for mankind to go on….

  2. Jaf

    not to mention that apparently anna had no problem to get preggers with a 1000 of soldier V eggs…..

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