Valkyrie Tom Cruise New Trailer

Valkyrie is starring Tom Cruise.

Check below the latest trailer of Valkyrie, upcoming movie based on a true story starring Tom Cruise as a German colonel who tried to kill Hitler:

Valkyrie Second Trailer

Plot synopsis:
“By 1944, many senior German officers knew they would lose the war and that honorable surrender was the only way out. To do so however, they will have to eliminate their greatest obstacle – Adolf Hitler. There had been several attempts on Hitler’s life but all had failed. The leaders of the conspiracy recruit the aristocratic Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, who had lost his left eye and right hand in action in North Africa, to lead their latest operation. The plan has Stauffenberg placing a bomb in the Fuhrer’s bunker, the Wolf’s Lair, and then returning to Berlin to take charge of the operation, which will include rounding up the SS and Josef Goebbels. When Hitler survives the blast, it all begins to fall apart. Based on a true story.”

Curiously the movie Valkyrie does not seem to have a wide support so far: it is because of Tom Cruise’s involvement in Scientology… Germany is afraid of Tom Cruise perverting the image of one of the rare German heroes of the Second World War.

Well, even I share their concerns about this sect in general, I still think that the movie Valkyrie is a positive thing: the story of Colonel Von Stauffenberg deserves to be known by the rest of the world!

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  1. Ronster

    One of the best SNL bits ever!! Come to think of it, what is Cruise’s next movie?

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